Company Overview

Struggling to rank #1 on Google? Meet Webomaze.

We’re 100% SEO focus company.
We exist to get you results.

Our methods have a consistent track record of success.

  • Because we have experience over a decade 10+ Years in SEO industry
  • Because we have helped 10,000+ small & medium business over the world
  • Because we have a huge team of expertise 100+ Employees

Our Vision

At Webomaze, our vision is to redefine the digital landscape by fostering a world where businesses of all sizes and sectors thrive online. We envision a future where SEO is not just a tactic, but an integral part of every brand's story, seamlessly connecting businesses with their ideal audiences. Through continuous innovation, commitment to sustainable growth, and the pursuit of excellence, we aim to be the global leaders in transformative SEO solutions, shaping the way industries engage, interact, and evolve in the digital age.


Our Mission


Our mission at Webomaze is to empower small and medium businesses to reach their full digital potential by driving organic growth, enhancing online visibility, and building lasting brand authority. Through cutting-edge SEO strategies, data-driven insights, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to position our clients at the forefront of their industries, ensuring they are not just found, but remembered. Making the digital world accessible and profitable for all, one optimized webpage at a time.

Core Values


Client-Centric Approach:

At the heart of everything we do lies our unwavering commitment to you. We prioritize your needs, objectives, and aspirations, ensuring every strategy is tailored to deliver results that matter most to you.


Client Success as Our Success:

We believe that our growth is intrinsically linked to our clients' success. By aligning our goals with theirs, we create symbiotic relationships that drive mutual growth and prosperity.


Client Trust & Partnership:

Building long-term, trusting relationships with our clients is paramount. We view each project not as a transaction, but as a partnership, working hand in hand to achieve digital excellence.


Uncompromised Quality Results:

We are uncompromising in our pursuit of quality. Every solution we offer, every strategy we employ, is rooted in best practices, ensuring we deliver results that not only meet but exceed industry standards.


Transparent Operations:

We believe in the power of transparency. By keeping our clients informed every step of the way, we ensure they are always in the loop, fostering trust and collaborative decision-making.


Continuous Learning & Adaptation:

The search engine landscape is ever-evolving, and so are we. Committed to staying at the forefront of SEO innovations, we are passionate about continuous learning, ensuring our strategies are always fresh, relevant, and impactful for small and medium businesses.

Meet the Leadership Team


Ravi Sharma

Chief Executive Officer

In the heart of Melbourne, Australia, a tale of unwavering determination unfolds. Ravi Sharma, the man behind the success, took his first step as the Co-founder & CEO of Webomaze with a dream that was far more profound than just ranking websites.

With each client's story, Ravi felt a deeper connection. He envisioned a world where small & medium businesses weren't just surviving, but thriving. Under his guidance, Webomaze didn't just achieve stellar metrics, like propelling businesses to a staggering 1,243.48% surge in traffic. No, it was more than that. It was about the spark in a business owner's eyes, seeing their venture secure its first organic leads and then hundreds more, all because of the SEO magic Ravi and his team spun.

More About Ravi



COO & UX Designer

Vinika Garg, the radiant co-founder and COO of Webomaze. Often hailed as Melbourne's SEO maestro. For almost 10 years, Vinika has been helping small and medium businesses find their way online. Vinika also leads the project operations, and is responsible to lead delivery, design and development team. She understands the nuances of the online landscape, and she leverages this knowledge to help businesses not only establish but flourish online. Her strategies are both intuitive and data-driven, merging the best of both worlds to create results that resonate.

More About Vinika

Choose us if you

  • Prioritize tangible ROI
  • Seek only top-tier partnerships
  • Cherish peace of mind
  • Refuse to settle for less.

This is how it works



Understand your unique needs and goals.



Analyze your current online presence and identify opportunities.



Strategize a tailored approach for optimal outcomes.



Implement our comprehensive SEO strategies.



Monitor, measure, and celebrate the tangible outcomes.


Proof That We Deliver Real Results

Here's real proof, not just talk. In a cutthroat industry,
we’ve achieved the unthinkable:

Case Study #1 Duration: 8 months

  • 52.86% organic traffic
  • 7.12K impressions
  • 10 keywords rank
  • 1525 Phone calls
Their words, not ours Their professionalism, smooth communication, and prompt responses impressed us every time.

Case Study #2 Duration: 11 months

  • 161.71% organic traffic
  • 183,000 impressions
  • 25 keywords rank
  • 1525 Phone calls
Their words, not ours The vendor team precisely understood our goals and aspirations and acted accordingly.

Case Study #3 Duration: 12 months

  • 1,243.48% organic traffic
  • 268,000 impressions
  • 3 keywords rank
  • 1825 Phone calls
Their words, not ours They were innovative and collaborative, helping us reduce our spending and wrap up the project on time.

You Are Not The First To Work With Us

There are over 10,000+ businesses all over the world that have worked with us and were spellbound.

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