AI Digital Assistant Guide for the Marketers

Embracing AI digital assistants as a marketer undoubtedly will give you a tough time competing with others in the sector. Digital assistance can be of great help. Take Alexa as a great example. It provides the best of jams just as when the same gets demanded. Another best example is Siri, through which one can easily find the nearest Starbucks. By all means, these AI digital assistants are the ones that an individual needs to become the best of the marketer with a very small amount of effort.

Here we have put up the benefits of digital assistance and how you can use them to your advantage. Do check them out.

Benefits of using digital assistance in marketing

With almost 75% of marketers shifting to AI digital assistants in the coming years, it has become more important for you to get an idea about everything. So here’s what an AI assistance can do for you-

1.          Boost your productivity

Well, every marketer out there is bored doing those dull and repetitive tasks every day. Guess what, gone are these days as with the introduction of the right digital assistant, one won’t need to worry about anything. Just delegate your most soul-draining task to your personal assistant and relax. The best part is that there won’t be any complaints, training for recruiting required. Moreover, you will have their free time to focus on the bigger picture and enhance your creativity.

2.          Automate your workflow and growth

The secret behind most of the marketer’s success is automation. A study showed that almost 80% of the executives agree with the fact that an automation process can save you up to 360 hours yearly. To tweak the marketing strategies better and get the desired results, automated work is always considered best.

To stay in the genius zone, the AI digital assistant is the ideal technology to take the help of. It simply puts the growth to run effectively without much asked for, a simple autopilot mode.

3.          Personalize your marketing strategy

We know almost 60% of content marketers are struggling with personalization. But the presence of the AI digital assistant, such struggle gets reduced. Artificial intelligence will help you eliminate unnecessary stuff and help focus on individuals rather than general groups.

With simple personalization of the marketing strategies, one can assure to take complete advantage of the present consumers (79%), who will surely engage with the brand, if one assures the interactions to be tailor-made for them.

4.          Help create better content fast

No doubt, good quality content is the key to attract new leads and build trust with your consumers. However, we are all aware of the fact that it does not just consume time but also resources. But with the presence of the right digital assistant, the processes get speed up, well-scaled, and get a high optimization, with the workflow of content marketing.

The use of AI for the creation of content, it is completely new. The big brands out there in the world are already using it strategically, and for sure, it can therefore be derived that this is quite a successful trick.

5.          Boost your SEO in very less time

Marketers usually spend hours creating content but still get zero search traffic. With AI digital assistance, one can easily know what went wrong and how the SEO strategies can be streamlined better. Just with a few clicks, you will be able to see how your content should be and what keywords must be included to bring your content in the top searches of Google.

Moreover, AI can even optimize your existing post and can improve your search. You are likely to receive all the suggestions on improving your content and what type of keywords to enhance your Google ranking.

Digital Assistant tools- Top Marketers Choice

Herein discussed below are the top choices of marketeers regarding the top digital assistant for automating the marketing workflow.

1.          Email marketing

  • Automizy– It can help you test and optimize your emails to improve the open rate by 34 %.
  • Cortex– It uses machine learning to optimize its automation for better and results continuously. The subject lines get well-refined with time. So, just make sure to come up with a proper time agreement to send the emails and make sure that the engagement data can be used to create the best campaigns.
  • Drift– It is a great email marketing tool that will automate your inbox and deliver targeted messages to specific users. It is the best personal assistant you can get to manage your marketing and sales inbox.

2.          Social media

  • Hubspot– The tool has got robust CRM powered by AI, which will automatically create a post based upon the link’s metadata.
  • Meet Cortex- For what the audience wishes to see, this particular tool helps create such social media content. After analyzing your competitors, it will provide you with taste preferences, show you how to stay ahead of competitors, and much more.
  • NetBase– The tool is well-known for using machine learning to take social listening ahead, better. One also gets real-time insight into the customers’ reaction and their sentiments regarding the brand using this tool.
  • Zoomph– This tool will measure the audience’s behavior and enhance your social media platform, which will automatically track the market’s latest trends and boost engagement and increase brand awareness.

3.          Content creation

  • Acrolinx– This tool can efficiently read your content. It analyses how you communicate, aligns your content according to the guidelines, and analyzes the brand’s performance to improve your content.
  • AI-Writer– One headline, using the tool, will be able to create a completely SEO friendly blog.
  • Atomic Reach– The tool analyses your content and efficiently takes out the guesswork by rewriting the content in a style preferred by your targeted audience.

4. SEO

  • Text Optimizer– It is a holy grail for content marketers. Using AI, this tool analyses your web page and text to see how well it is optimized for specific keywords. Using the results, you can quickly identify the most targeted keywords that can take your page to a good Google ranking.
  • Market Muse– This tool streamlines content for various niches. It will make you know about the search terms you have induced to fill your content gaps. It is so effective that some marketers have already seen a 30% growth in lead from the organic search.
  • WordLift– It can understand your page an AI-powered SEO tool that automates internal linking and helps the search engine keep visitors for a longer duration on your website by providing relevant content recommendations.

Key Takeaways-

AI digital assistants are not here to replace; instead, it reduces your workload. With effective use of the tool, you can put your all focus on strategizing, working on your creativity, and innovating your content to reach the targeted audience. Moreover, with AI, you can predict the buyer’s journey far more accurately.

All in all, their digital assistance is a game-changer for marketers that can effectively outlast and outplay their competitors. However, one needs to be very attentive while using a digital assistant. Webomaze is always there to help marketers find the right digital assistants for their niche. In fact, our professionals work so closely with our clients that we can come up with a personalized solution for your website. No doubt, with the help and guidance you will receive from our team, you are going to get the hang of digital assistance in no time.

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