Blogger Versus WordPress- Which Will Be The Better Option?

In the clash of Blogger versus WordPress, what might be the ideal option for your website? Yeah, it is a confusing process & to figure out what’s right for the business, we’ve created this blog for you!

The past few years have seen a massive explosion in the popularity of website development, and more people are affirming their spots on the internet. But, as we always said, developing a website is not just enough. When it comes to improving the performance of your website, content is a crucial factor. The quality of web content decides how well it can engage both -audience and search engines. There are many content formats involved behind every website’s success, and one such is Blogging. 

Blogging is considered the best form of inbound marketing, where a brand can engage with customers by publishing quality and relevant content. Blogging is unfathomably powerful because, unlike social media channels or reviews, it’s content that brands create, distribute, and own. 

The 2021 Statistics Showing the Power of Blogging

  • Roughly 7.5 million blog posts are made each day. 
  • 77% of internet users read blogs. 
  • A regular blog post includes Approx. 2500 words. 
  • 53.3% of bloggers are somewhere in the age group of 21 and 35. 
  • Seven-minute reads grab the maximum attention of the target audience.
  • Adding a blog section to your website can generate traffic by as much as 434%. 
  • The Huffington Post’s blogs are doing well with a yearly pay of $500 million. 


There’s no doubt that blogs offer an ongoing opportunity to drive in traffic & engage customers. However, what blogging platform is precisely right for your business? Do you want to pick WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, or Wix? 

Indeed, to suggest, Blogger and WordPress are two of the essential choices to develop your website copy, along with great tools and features. Moreover, both allow starting blogging at the initial stage without any investment. But, what makes them different comparatively? Here in this article, we will explain everything about Blogger and WordPress to make the best decision. 

A Brief on Blogger 

Blogger platform is a free platform for those who need to start their own blog with a free Blogspot domain. It was launched in 1999 but then acquired by Google in 2003. You can rest assured that the website blog is hosted on the Google service and will be taking care of everything.

Blogger offers you various features to select like multiple themes, formats, customisation, embed video, images or any kind of link. Though Blogger is a free service, it has many limitations, like, on one subdomain, only 100 blog posts can get published. However, you won’t require much technical knowledge to start a blog. Blogspot is suitable for people who are new to the field and want to write posts and publish for others.

A Brief on WordPress

In 2004, WordPress was blogging-focused, and now it has outgrown that label. It holds all the features that make it a powerful yet accessible blogging platform. With WordPress, anyone can get the opportunity to download and install the domain name. It is referred to as the fully-fledged content management system because of its ability to create blogs and websites. It is also the most popular solution, powering over 30 per cent of the whole internet.

The main advantage of WordPress is the customisation of anything & everything of your choice. Professionals with no technical background can use WordPress without learning any coding language. A graphical user interface powers it & leads to developing a website blog within a few minutes.

Why Blogger?

  • Blogger comes with the requirements of the Google account. All you need is to enter a few details & it creates an entirely effortless setup to run a simple blog. 
  • You can straight away go ahead with the idea of building your new blog. You can even choose from various themes and the layout to make the blog appealing to readers’ eyes.
  • You have to suggest the title & make a choice of the URL. You can see that it has the end as unless you are willing to pay for the custom domain. 
  • It allows you to access even the simple dashboard to help blog creation and add pages to it. 
  • You can see and respond to the comments while also performing the other essential block-related task. Whatever you are adding or changing content, you can get every update on the live site.

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is the fully-featured set form for all types of the website & has a price list for more features or extensions.
  • It gives you the opportunity of building any website with various beautiful designs, powerful features, & the freedom of making anything that you want. 
  • Once the website development completes, you can easily install and set up the WordPress site. If you’re looking for a portable WordPress host, you can find plenty of hosting cases for the same with the ease of creating & editing the settings of blog pages.
  • Not only this, you can even use the themes for the alteration of the layout & engaging web design.
  • There are options for downloading & installing the plugins to add more features to the blog. It also features the functionality for helping you rank better in the search engines.

Pros and Cons of Blogger Vs. WordPress

Pros of Blogger

  • It is quick and easy to use to create a blog in minutes. 
  • You get the ability to learn how to create the content and use other primary features right there.
  • You won’t be needing the hosting plan that will also make it the 100% free solution. 
  • There are also options for personalising the blog.

Cons of Blogger

  • The functionality proves to be quite basic, and you can’t do much beyond whatever is already available.
  • There are options for customising the appearance of the blog and its features. However, they are very restricted.
  • You won’t be getting full access to the content because it is all sitting on the services of Google.

Pros of WordPress

  • If you want more features and functionalities, then it is better to go ahead with WordPress. It comes with a quick and painless procedure that holds a quality host.
  • The platform is beginner-friendly and is also effortless to learn.
  • You’ll also get thousands of customisation options available in the form of plugins and themes. Not only this, even you can enjoy SEO benefits on the same platform. 
  • It enables the shaping of the site into whatever you want.
  • It is also a perfect fit for more advanced users who want to make simple additions to the custom code and the complex features of the blog.

Cons of WordPress

  • Starting with WordPress typically requires a smaller monetary investment.
  • There are opportunities for finding free WordPress hosting, but it is not recommended to apply for a serious site.
  • It will also make you spend more on ensuring that the site performance is going well and is entirely secure.

How to Choose Between Blogger vs. WordPress

To conclude, both Blogger & WordPress platforms are free to use at some point in time. However, to enjoy more features & enhance your website as compared to your competitors, you need to choose a premium version. 

To get started, Blogger won’t allow you to pay a penny & get worried about hosting or any other technical considerations. Blogger is an incredible option for those who want to create a hobby blogging for free. However, it is restrictive with no option to customise blogs or add more features you’ll require, but WordPress will for sure.

WordPress is perfectly designed for those who want to mark their presence on a larger website – such as a business site, a store, or a portfolio. Initially, you can start free of cost, and once your blogging is established, you can pay accordingly. WordPress can be somewhat more costly to set up due to the hosting and domain costs. However, it offers extra premium tools, enabling businesses to upgrade their website’s functionality.

All you need is to think about what purpose you are blogging. Is it just out of passion or with a business motive? This way, you’ll be able to decide on your own.  

Final Thoughts

Settling on Blogger and WordPress platforms is no biggie. Though, both platforms are great when it comes to starting a personal hobby blog. But, to conclude-

Blogger is a hobby blogging platform & valuable to those who need to create a blog and stay fully up-to-date. But, its restrictive blogging nature brings plenty of limitations. However, when we talk about business, where everyone is on a hoard to get ahead of one another, which platform should they pick? Leading companies choose WordPress when transforming your blog into an online store or informative business site. It allows you to experience blogging with thousands of plugins and themes, & it will always be under your control. It, ultimately, leads to enhancing the website, generating traffic, and improving your ROI.

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