Blogger Versus WordPress- Which Will Be The Better Option?

A blogger that is also referred to as Blogspot is the service from Google. It works for enabling blog creation for publishing the post. You can directly start with the blog creation in the few minutes without the utilisation of much technical knowledge. WordPress, on the contrary, is somewhat the content management system that is built for the creation of blogs and websites. It works in the form of the standalone application that is also referred to as the WordPress theme.


Blogger is the online service from Google which gives the opportunity of starting a free blog. In case you’re searching for the source for your first blog creation without any investment, it is the key to success. Consequently, you can rest assured that the website blog is hosted on the Google service and will be taking care of everything. You won’t require much technical knowledge for starting a blog. Blogspot is suitable for the people who are new to the field and want to write posts and publish for others.


WordPress, on the other hand, is the free open-source software with which anyone can get the opportunity of downloading and installing on the domain name. It is referred to as the content management system because of its ability to create blogs and websites. The major advantage you will be getting with this system is the customisation of anything and everything of your choice. Even professionals with no technical background can use WordPress without the requirement of learning any coding language. WordPress leads to the development of a website blog within a few minutes. It is powered by the graphical user interface. However, it does not provide much greater platforms for bloggers.

Why blogger?

Blogger, as the name suggests, makes it completely effortless to set up and starts running with the simple blog. You will be required to enter only a few details for the same. The free profile comes with the requirements of the Google account. After this, you can straight away go ahead with the idea of building your new blog. You can also choose from a variety of themes as well as the layout to make the blog appealing and catchy to the eyes of readers.

You have to just suggest the title and make a choice of the URL. You can see that it has the end as unless you are willing to pay for the custom domain. It allows you to access even the simple dashboard helps in blog creation and adding pages to it. You can also see and respond to the comments while also performing the other basic block related task. Whatever you are doing like adding or changing, you can get every update on the live site.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the fully-featured set form for all types of the website. You will get beautiful designs, powerful features, as well as the freedom of building anything that you want. It is free and has a price list at the same time. It also gives you the opportunity of building any type of website. The platform began as a blogging platform and is now suitable in terms of choosing the hosting plan. You can go ahead with the choosing of the domain name.

After that, you can easily install and set up the WordPress site. In case you’re looking for a portable WordPress host, you can also find plenty of hosting cases for the same. It will give the ease of creating blog pages while also editing the settings. Not only this, you can even use the themes for the alteration of the layout and appealing web design. There are also options for downloading and installing the plugins to add more features to the blog. It also features the functionality for helping you rank better in the search engines.

Pros and cons



  • It is quick and simple to use. So, you can create the blog in minutes. 
  • You get the ability to learn how to create the content and use other primary features right there.
  • You won’t be needing the hosting plan that will also make it the 100%  free solution. 
  • There are also options for personalising the blog.


  • The functionality proves to be quite basic and you can’t do much beyond whatever is already available.
  • There are options for customising the appearance of the blog and features. However, they are very restricted.
  • You won’t be getting the full access to the content because it is all sitting on the services of Google.



  • If you want more features and functionalities than a blogger, then it is better to go ahead with the blog with WordPress. It comes to the quick and painless procedure and also holds the quality host.
  • The platform is beginner-friendly and is also effortless to learn.
  • You’ll also get the thousands of customisation options, available in the form of the plugins and themes. Not only this, even you can enjoy SEO benefits on the same platform. 
  • It enables the shaping of the site into whatever you want.
  • It is also a perfect fit for more advanced users who want to make simple additions of the custom code and the complex features to the blog.


  • Starting with the WordPress typically requires a smaller monetary investment.
  • There are opportunities for finding the free WordPress hosting but it is not recommended in case you are applying for a serious site.
  • It will also make you spend more on ensuring that the site performance is going well and is completely secure.

A final word- which to choose?

Blogger and WordPress are very different from each other due to certain features. Blogger is useful for the ones who have the necessity for creating the blog and having it fully up to date. It becomes quite a simple hobby blogging platform. It’s worth noting that the restrictive blogging nature gives plenty of constraints. Therefore, when it comes to blogger vs WordPress, we will always recommend Blogger for most people who are creating a new blog. The start-up costs are also quite less and setup is fast. Again, WordPress becomes a very good option for the one who wants to build a basic block. It will give for the expansion of the website with the addition of the new features. Choosing the platform for the new blog isn’t always a simple matter. 

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