COVID-19: How Do eCommerce Businesses Stay Safe & Progressive?

Coronavirus is causing damage to all things around the world, people, livelihood, business, service sector, eCommerce and much more. Everyone is suffering from unbearable pain, and it affects the economy as well. For minimising the effects, the decision to work from home is taken as a preventive measure.

The mentality of buyers highly affects that leads to overstocking of some basic utilities like hand sanitiser, toilet paper, masks, and some other essentials. Except for some essentials, everything is avoided by the buyers.

All want to keep their eCommerce business safe and progressive during this critical period. Here, we are going to discuss some crucial facts about it.

Firstly, we focus on the behaviour of buyers during different stages of Coronavirus.

Consumer Behavior At Coronavirus Stages

Having details about consumer behavior will help businesses in forming a good strategy and tackle market difficulties. It is useful in running eCommerce business smoothly.

Stage 1: Initial stage of infection

  • Governments try to motivate the public and avoid panic situations
  • For maintaining the economy and smooth functioning of the country, light restrictions are applied
  • Residents start focusing on the stock of life essentials such as self-care and pantry products
  • Rapid growth in online business takes place for basic things, fast-moving consumer good, family care, groceries, and health & wellness products

In this particular stage, many new customers approach online stores.

Stage 2: Pressure on health & medical sector

Authorities take some preventive actions with the application of social distancing formula:

  • Schools, restaurants, malls, gyms, are ordered to shut down or decrease outputs for a period
  • All types of events have been cancelled
  • The mass gathering is banned

The basic agenda is to avoid mass gathering and decrease physical communication among people.

Business and service sectors that are affected:

  • Contractors and casual workers
  • Live entertainment
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hospitality

The business of luxury service industries is decreased:

  • Gifts
  • Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Travel and other luxurious items

Pressure starts building on the medical system

Usage of in-home entertainment sources increases most commonly social media networks

Social media activities have increased dramatically during this stage.

Stage 3: Lockdown and restriction on borders

  • Only the exchange of essential goods & services continues, and all other consumer spending stops.
  • Pressure increases on the health & medical sector
  • Accessories
  • Pressure increases on the health & medical sector
    • Retail shopping
    • Travel & tourism
    • Entertainment sector (events, social gatherings, cinema & TV)
  • Usage of in-home entertainment sources and social media is at the peak for spending quarantine period with family & friends

During this stage, the only eCommerce is a source of shopping.

Stage 4: Signs of decreasing infection effects

Authorities start providing relaxation in social distancing:

  • First priority is essentials like – offices, schools, service sectors, and so on.
  • After that, entertainment, retail shopping, interstate traveling, and hospitality

Public focus on getting better in-person experiences by visiting cinemas, restaurants, and become a part of events

People start showcasing their availability by organizing and sponsoring social events. Retail store owners are organizing public events for the attractive public and increasing foot traffic in the store.

Stage 5: Elimination of infection at higher rates

  • Now the confidence of buyers recovers again. But now, there is a difference in consumer behavior. The public is paying more attention to fitness and self-care.
  • Again consumer spendings come on the track and progress towards equilibrium

At this stage, the public becomes more knowledgeable and easily distinguishes the benefits of different sectors, services and options.

Things An eCommerce Business Can Do

At the end of COVID-19, everything will start becoming better. It is a good sign for all types and sizes of businesses. If we focus on the current situation of infection, then it is hard to figure out how much time a stage will take.

For keeping the eCommerce business safe and running, you need to prepare a strong strategy as per the consumer behavior. The strategy should be sustainable and effective. We have two options here, and details are mentioned below:

1. Offensive Strategy

  • Prepare your response as a business by focusing on market shifts.
  • Try to track down the changes that appear in behavior buyers online. Here, the public may start spending more time on social media; you should try to prepare a strategy accordingly to attract them.
  • Inspect and review your products & services for representing it as per the new needs of buyers.
  • Be a part of the community and give a contribution by bearing social responsibilities.

These things will help you in building a direct communication with customers and represent your business effectively.

2. Defensive Strategy

  • Cost evaluation and reduction can be a great step for the conservation of essential resources.
  • Inspect and focus on the supply chain to figure out the weak points and search for some alternative to strengthen the system.
  • Try to check out the damage that may cause to your business, suppliers, customers, and partners, if any.

A defensive strategy is useful in the recovery of business and avoids the losses that may occur due to a fall in the market.

Major Tips For Better Customer Experience During COVID-19

For running your eCommerce business perfectly during the Coronavirus crisis, you should focus on improvising the customer experience. Here are some major tips.

1. Mobile Optimization

In these conditions, the public is engaged in using mobile more. For impressing users and getting conversions, you should try to optimize the website for a better mobile experience. The website design should be light and impressive that can easily load quickly on mobile devices. It can be possible by following the compression process and decreasing load on the servers.

2. Social Media Enhancement

To target the maximum number of users, you need to enhance the visibility on social media networks. It leads to public engagement on the website. Here, you need to be creative and prepare the best & unique posts for social media optimization. With eye-catching content, you should focus on hashtags. The use of hashtags will increase the reach and target audience in several ways.

3. Make changes in subscription plans

Get leads and conversions equivalently cannot be an easy task. During the COVID-19 period, you should make some changes in service subscription models. These changes may increase the interest of the audience in the services and the number of conversions. Another way for such a task is by keeping the price of service plans similar and adding something new & more useful to make it impressive.

4. Inform the customers

Don’t forget to inform your customers about the changes you made in services. Here, it is important to strengthen the sources of communication and provide regular updates. In these cases, paid advertisements can be useful in generating more leads and connecting to some new customers.

5. Public need

In the COVID-19 crisis, loved ones are the priority by focusing on health & safety. It makes the job of eCommerce business a little bit difficult. To overcome the difficulty, you can take proper safety measures by which customers can trust and avail of your services. Taking guidance from medical professionals can be a good step.

By focusing on these details, you can get an idea of how to grow your online business during COVID-19. We and our team of skilled professionals can help you with each & every stage with quality eCommerce website design & development services. We have the best strategists who can build a work plan as per the conditions and drive the best possible results.

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