How Can Augmented Reality Benefit The E-Commerce Industry?

New technologies are regularly working on improvements in the eCommerce industry. By using new and advanced technology, the business owners are capable of increasing the user experience and increasing the chances of conversions. If we talk about the latest trends, then augmented reality appears at the top. 

It brings lots of changes in the eCommerce industry by facilitating the customers and service providers as well. Some companies are denying such facts completely. The following stats will help you in understanding the importance of augmented reality in eCommerce. 

  • Around 73% of mobile users get highly satisfied with AR shopping experiences 
  • 78% online shoppers love to consider AR technology rather than videos for checking out products online
  • According to 63% online buyers, AR helps them in getting better online shopping experience 
  • 61% of users mainly prefer eCommerce websites with AR technology only

In case you are running an online store, then you have to be focused on these stats and try to feature your store with augmented reality. It will deliver lots of benefits and increase the business growth rate. 

Benefits Of Augmented Reality In ECommerce

#1 Give A Try To Customers 

If you are going to shop online, then you really miss one thing and it is related to the product try. Due to such an element, some buyers may not trust the online sources or face confusion, whether they are going to buy a suitable product or not. With AR technology, this particular barrier is completely eliminated. 

It will help them in checking the product perfectly. Consequently, they can know how it looks when you get it in reality and put it in the desired place. Here, the buyers will get an experience highly similar to the local market where they visit and buy the products. 

#2 Boost Brand Popularity 

AR technology is not adopted by all companies. Adding such technology to your store and offer the visitors something different will bring exposure to your brand and store. It will help you in building a reputation and a good image in the online marketplace. The availability of such an important technology will attract online shoppers or shopaholics to access your services. 

#3 Showcase Your Concern About Customers 

People love to choose the platforms that think about their customers and their comfort. The use of augmented reality technology becomes a major source to showcase the concern. It will help you in presenting how much you think about the customers and dedicated you are to provide them the best user experience. 

#4 Make Your Products Premium 

For getting conversions and increasing sales, you have to be focused on the products first. In case your visitors don’t get that your products are money worthy or premium, then you cannot get orders. With augmented reality technology, it is going to be possible to present the products perfectly. 

Testing products with the use of technology will increase satisfaction and trust factors. As a result, the chances of getting orders are increasing gradually. 

#5 Make The Products Memorable 

All stores like to build their products and identity perfectly by which they can grab the attention of the buyers and create a buzz in the market. Now the question appears on, how it is going to be possible. You can make such a thing possible only by focusing on some additional features and benefits. Augmented reality can benefit your business in such a manner easily. It is the only way by which you can make the products memorable among buyers and increase its popularity with the sales rate. 

#6 Good To Impress Mobile Users

The biggest benefit of featuring an online store with augmented reality is the satisfaction of mobile users. Attracting and impressing mobile users will help you by making things easier and much better. With mobile devices, potential customers can easily analyse the products and check out the suitability. 

It allows the customers to test some new combinations and avail lots of benefits. All these things are useful in providing real-time experience to the buyers. You can hire the best eCommerce development company that can easily feature your online store with AR technology and keep it perfect from the user point of view. 

#7 Avoid Post Purchase Risks 

The biggest fear that stays in the mind of online buyers is the post-purchase risk. Due to such risky elements, they always think of how it is going to appear in reality. It creates barriers while making a final decision and placing an order of the product. In these conditions, augmented reality helps them in avoiding such risks and test the products in real life. 

#8 No Language Related Issues

As per the previous eCommerce technology or way of serving, the visitors have to read long descriptions to gather complete information about the product. Sometimes, it may create some language barriers and due to it, some visitors may not understand the descriptions. It leads to higher abandonment rates. 

With the augmented reality technology it can be eliminated quickly. Now, no one needs to read any kind of long descriptions. They can integrate the real-world surroundings to the mobile screen and test the product and its appearance with ease. 

#9 Increase Customer Engagement 

In the case of the eCommerce platforms, all companies are trying to keep the customers engaged as much as they can. For customer engagement related elements, you have to add some creative and impressive elements to the store that can make the shopping procedure comfortable. As per the stats we discussed above, many online buyers love to access shopping platforms with AR only. The addition of such technology to the store will help you in increasing the customer engagement rate quickly. 

#10 Save Time 

Augmented reality provides a big opportunity for your customers to test the products quickly. In case anyone is visiting the local market and testing all products, then he/she needs to spend lots of time. It leads to frustration among shoppers many times. If you are providing the advanced technology feature at the store, then the visitors can do such testing quickly and save lots of time with ease. 

Final Saying 

These are some major benefits that you can access and provide to your audience with an AR online store. To experience it, you have to avail of the best eCommerce development services. At Webomaze, we are serving with the team of professionals who are trained in developing the best eCommerce platforms with the integration of advanced technologies by paying attention to the users’ comfort.

Benefit of AR in ecommerce
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