How VR And AR Technologies Affect Web Design?

Technology is evolving day by day. Every day something revolutionary and unique strikes the whole world. Regular technological developments offer the best and unique solutions to different types of problems. Virtual reality and augmented reality are two major aspects of technology these days.
Both are influencing the online world by facilitating users with some new features and lots of benefits. The biggest thing about both technologies is, both are improving the user experience. All companies and website owners are trying to enhance their online sources with AR & VR technologies. Let’s discuss AR & VR one by one.

Augmented Reality – An Overview 

Augmented reality is a technology that helps in combining virtual and real-world experiences. The use of such technology helps you in projecting virtual elements in the real world and in real-time. It assists in creating a completely different and artificial environment by which you can understand how virtual things look in reality or how they combine with real objects. 

Mainly the augmented reality technology is used by the eCommerce industry. Some online business platforms add AR as an advanced and unique feature to their stores. They try to deliver a better experience to users by satisfying their requirements and make a final decision. 

Real Stats

  • More than 61% of online buyers love to shop online with an AR-based platform. 
  • More than 63% of online buyers admit that they get a better experience with AR while shopping online. 
  • More than 45% of online buyers mention, they save time due to augmented reality technology. 

These are some key stats about the popularity of augmented reality technology among online shoppers. You can understand how the addition of AR can be useful in the growth of your online business

Virtual Reality – An Overview 

Virtual reality is a technology that provides a unique experience to the users via eyes and ears. It creates a different virtual world, where you can perform various types of tasks while traveling in real-time. In other words, you can consider it as the recreation of real-life situations but computer-generated. 

For experiencing virtual reality technology, the users need to use some specific sources like wear a headset for covering eyes to present all visuals. VR technology is highly used in the gaming and media industry. 

To create this kind of content for correlating the virtual and the real world, VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is used. 

Real Stats

  • 40.5% of the market shares of virtual reality are in hold of the entertainment media and the gaming industry. 
  • The expectations of the virtual reality market globally by the year 2023 are $34 billion. 
  • The revenue estimations of the virtual reality gaming industry for 2020 are $22.9 Billion. 

These are some major stats by which you can understand the domination of virtual reality. 

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality And Web Design 

If we talk about web design, then the most crucial factor is the website’s UX/UI. Everyone has to keep their web design approach user-friendly for a friendly interface and a better user experience. 

The use of both augmented reality and virtual reality technologies can increase the website’s user experience. For this task, the interested ones need to hire the best web design company. All companies don’t have web designers with AR and VR aid. 

There are several websites available on the internet, featuring AR and VR technology. Websites from different fields adopt these unique solutions. Some examples are – 

Use In Medical And Healthcare

In case you focus on the medical and healthcare industry, then you can find the usage of virtual reality for kicking stress out. Mainly VR technology is based on eye-tracking. It creates and presents some specific visuals by which you can get peace mentally and easily deal with depression, phobia, or other traumatic stress disorder. 

Augmented reality technology provides a big aid to medical students for better learning, understanding, and getting trained in real-life scenarios. It’s an effective way for doctors or to connect with patients. 

The use of these technologies makes the health diagnosis much better and effective than before. The professionals can easily figure out all possible risks of surgery and evaluate everything efficiently. 

Use In Fashion 

Some cosmetic product brands feature their websites with AR technology. In this manner, they offer a perfect way for their users and customers to test different types of products and their results. It helps the buyers in getting suitable cosmetic products only. 

Most of the eCommerce platforms are also offering such a feature for testing things. For example:

  • You access an online store for buying shoes, and the platform has AR features. Here, you can use the feature to measure foot size and determine how shoes appear when you wear it. 
  • If you are trying to buy some items for the house’s interior like a sofa set, then you can use AR for figuring out how the sofa set looks with your current interior. 

These things increase the comfort level for the buyers and help them in making the right decisions without a single mistake. You can buy products online without any future risk of size or compatibility issues. 

Other Uses 

Apart from all of these, virtual reality is used in several other places, like – the army, theatres, etc. In theaters, the companies are using VR technology to provide visual experiences to the audience. It can completely change the way of watching movies and enjoying the entertaining aspects. 

With it, the army is using virtual reality programs for training purposes. Mainly they are creating different types of situations to train the soldiers in the best possible ways and keep them ready for all types of missions or problems. 

By focusing on these factors, you can understand how augmented reality and virtual reality brings changes in the web design requirements. Mainly it turns the web design requests into application ones like – web progressive applications. Based on such influence of AR and VR technologies, we can consider both the future of the IT industry.

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