Magento V/s Shopify – Which One Is Suitable For ECommerce Development?

Do you want to expand the business online? By developing an eCommerce website, you can proceed to achieve such an objective easily. For developing an impressive and effective website, everyone has to choose the best eCommerce development agency. Along with it, they have to decide something like – selection of development platform, type of online store, and so on.   

ECommerce Development – An Introduction 

ECommerce development is all about building the best online store by focusing on the requirements of the business and the target audience. It can be possible by focusing on lots of things like – deep market research and analytics, competitor and audience analysis, and much more. It will help you in getting a perfect source for presenting the services and products in an attractive manner.

Some Stats:

According to Oberlo, more than 63% of individuals love to shop online. Due to it, the eCommerce industry is growing rapidly. According to some studies, the estimated eCommerce sales in the year 2020 will be $4.2 trillion. On the basis of such predictions, for the year 2023, it will be $6.4 trillion.

These things will help you in understanding the importance of having an online store for the business future and expansion. It will be useful in keeping the audience engaged and connect with them directly. Consequently, you can increase the reach and approach customers in an impressive manner.

Why Do You Need A Development Platform?

Building an eCommerce website cannot be a cakewalk. It can be done by the professionals by considering deep research and analytics. With it, they have to choose a perfect platform for such a task. The selection of a platform will help you in creating a fully-featured and functional online store. Due to it, the business owners need to make such a decision carefully.

While making this particular decision, the interested ones need to be focused on some essentials like – fast, reliable, lots of features, good for SEO, functionalities, and so on. Generally, there are two major options available Magento & Shopify. Many people are confused and come with different types of queries, what exactly does Shopify do, how to develop an eCommerce website on Magento, and so on.

Differentiate Major Options – Magento & Shopify

Magento and Shopify appear as two options and it is very difficult to pick one of these. Both platforms are best on their own and serve with several benefits. To eliminate the confusion and come up with the best decision, you can differentiate both on different bases. Here, you will get complete data to differentiate the platforms and proceed with the eCommerce development process. 

Benefits & Drawbacks 

Firstly, we begin differences by discussing the benefits and drawbacks separately of using both platforms. It will help you in getting a little overview of their usage and services.

Magento Benefits 

  • Community with lots of users and experienced professionals
  • Availability of customisation features
  • A big collection of themes
  • Good customer support
  • Free to use platform

Magento Drawbacks 

  • Not suitable for beginners
  • May be expensive for some
  • Time-consuming 

Shopify Benefits 

  • Availability of several impressive and responsive themes
  • An easy to use eCommerce website builder
  • Add lots of functionalities to the website
  • Highly effective customer support
  • Different types of payment gateways
  • A big community available

Shopify Drawbacks 

  • Majority of themes are paid
  • Integration of other applications with the store is complicated
  • Fee system applicable on all transactions 

Easy To Use

Choosing a platform cannot be easy for anyone. Mainly the final decision and some other things are completely based on the requirements and related factors. Along with it, you have to keep one thing in mind, brand image. An online store should be impressive by which it becomes easier to maintain brand image and keep things perfect.

In case, you are going to compare both Shopify and Magento on the basis of usage difficulty, then you can find out Shopify easier one. While using this particular platform, you have to work with drag and drop features only. As a result, you can easily create and customise the website just by moving some elements only.

If you are going to choose Magento, then you have to get assistance from web development skills. Magento development is completely based on coding and programming knowledge.  


Here, you can find Magento difficult to use as compared to Shopify. On the other hand, it also offers flexibility in developing a website as per the requirements. 

Availability Of Themes

The appearance of a website depends on the theme you choose. With it, you have to make sure that you want to use a pre-designed theme or create a new & unique one. When you search for pre-designed themes on both platforms, then you can get lots of options there.

While choosing a theme, you have to check out some basic factors like – user experience, responsiveness, mobile-friendly, and so on. All these things are useful in building a perfect website by which you can easily achieve the business goals. Both platforms are offering all types of themes that can be used for creating different types of websites regarding various industries.

Along with it, you have to be focused on lots of elements like – free or paid. You can find free and paid themes on Magento and Shopify websites. If you focus on the paid ones, then you can see a big range.


Free themes are available on both sources but there you may face the absence of some features. Due to this particular issue, sometimes, store owners pick the option of paid themes only. In case you pay attention to the average price of paid themes, then you can find out the Shopify cheaper rather than Magento. 

Tools For Sales 

Developing an eCommerce website is not all about increasing visibility and spreading awareness. Boosting business sales is one of the biggest objectives for website owners. Increase online sales need lots of effort and the use of marketing knowledge. With it, the experts have to get assistance from different types of online tools.

Both Magento & Shopify are providing different types of sources for such a task. One by one we are going to get introduced to both. Magento tools are –

Multi-channel selling – it will be useful in increasing efficiency and boosting the lead generation & conversion rates. By accessing such a tool, you can easily connect the eCommerce website with Facebook, eBay, and Instagram for increasing sales quickly.

Checkout page customisation – by using this particular tool, you are capable of creating a specific and highly impressive check out the page for providing a good experience to the customers.

Abandoned cart recovery – using the tool will help you in gathering information about the visitors who abandoned the car and don’t complete the checkout process.

Tag prices easily – with the use of such a tool, you don’t need to bother about price-fixing or other elements. You have to set up standards and the system will calculate the price by own.

Now let’s discuss some sales tools by Shopify. It has two similar tools as the Magento ones and these are abandoned cart recovery and multi-channel selling. Except for these are –

Digital product trade – owners of the Shopify store are able to offer services with both types of products physical and digital. It helps in fulfilling all requirements of customers.

Shipping – in the case of an online business, shipping appears as a big challenge. Shopify provides services along with partnerships with some courier service providers.


If you access Shopify eCommerce development services, then you can experience the usage of numerous sales tools. It makes Shopify better than Magento. 

Marketing Assistance 

For bringing lots of traffic to the website and generate leads, you have to be focused on marketing. It is the only way by which you can get connected with the audience and present your business in a perfect manner. It becomes important to choose a development platform with marketing assistance. It will be useful in advertising and promoting the business.

Magento is available with lots of marketing tools by which the business owners are capable of making lots of things easier and better. It can assist you in checking out several elements such as – remarketing, running email campaigns, and so on.

In the case of the Shopify, you can get numerous marketing tools with third-party integration accessibility. It helps you in connecting your website with such kind of tools with ease. Here, you are capable of connecting a website with social media platforms as well for boosting the advertisement campaigns.


Here, you can find both platforms perfect for marketing purposes. If you are interested in choosing one, then you can figure out Shopify a better one with a little difference.

Payment Integrations & Charges 

Payment gateways are going to be one of the biggest challenges while developing an eCommerce store. All store owners need to add different types of payment options by which they can provide all possible ways to the visitors for completing the check out process. Here, everyone needs to get assistance from third party payment integrations.

If you are going to pick the Magento eCommerce development option, then you can see more than 150 payment gateways as an option. It means you are capable of covering a huge variety of payment sources that allows you to satisfy the customers with ease.

In the case of Shopify, things are going to be changed a little bit. Here, you have the option of Shopify’s own payment system. Along with it, you can see more than 100 third-party payment integration or gateways. If you are going to accept payment via Shopify Payments, then you don’t need to pay a single penny. In the case of third-party sources, the store owner is liable for paying a specific transaction fee.  


After paying attention to such data, you can easily figure out that Magento can be considered as the good one here. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

When it comes to increase traffic on the website and improvise online visibility, then you have to avail of SEO services. Search engine optimisation is the best source for keeping the website ranked and holding the top-notch position in the search results.

It is the biggest reason that’s why you have to make sure you are going to build an SEO-friendly website. In case you don’t have an SEO-friendly website, then you cannot get ranked and may face issues regarding traffic and conversions.

With Magento and Shopify both, you can easily build an SEO-friendly eCommerce website. In the case of Magento, you can find out several customisation related features. All these features are useful in optimising the website perfectly. While working on Shopify, you have to consider lots of research to learn things and figure out perfect that may consume lots of time as well.


If you are paying attention to the SEO factors, then you can find out the Magento much better as compared to Shopify.

Customer Support

During the process of eCommerce development, you may face different types of issues or confusion creating factors. To get rid of such a situation, everyone needs the assistance of experts and makes things better. It can be possible with the help of good customer support only.

The Magento users have a great option for a big user community. In the community, you can find out the world’s best eCommerce developers with years of experience and lots of knowledge. By accessing such a community, you can get solutions to all types of problems or issues. With it, you can get a complete step by step guide for a better understanding.

The Shopify users have customer support options in the form of a community forum, 24*7 technical support (call and live chat), social media support, video tutorials, help center, email support, advanced assistance, and some others.


Here, you can find out the Magento support services much effective with the best system and reliable sources. 

Final Words 

By focusing on the complete information, you can get introduced to both platforms deeply. Here, you can know for what purposes you can use them or how it can be useful. It will help you in choosing a suitable one quickly. In case of preventing some technical mistakes, you should consider the eCommerce development expert’s assistance. An expert can analyse all factors deeply such as – target audience, business, services, requirements, and so on. On the basis of such an analysis, an expert prefers the best one.

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