Mobile App Development – A Way to Swiftly Grow Your Business

Whether you are running a B2B or B2C business in today’s time, an online presence is necessary. Spreading business awareness in the internet world can help acquire the audience’s trust and increase lead generation. In such a competitive scenario, mobile app development addresses your market value and reputation.

“By 2023, mobile apps are expected to deliver around 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads & in-app advertising.” – Statista

It’s crystal clear that the app market has become very aggressive. There might be more than thousands of apps similar to your niche, and everyone is trying their best to stay ahead of each other. In that way, no matter what goals you want to achieve, what matters the most is a unique app idea. 

As a business owner, you don’t want to miss essential leads and digital marketing strategies. Do you want to gain new customers, boost sales, and be on the top of the cut-throat competition? Then, you are in the right place. Here you can dig into mobile app development, its benefits, and the various mobile app development platforms.

An Overview: Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the formation of software planned to run on mobile devices. The software can be preinstalled on the device, downloaded from a mobile app store for Android and iOS. The programming and markup languages used for software development incorporates HTML5, C#, Java, and  Swift.

From retail, eCommerce, healthcare, insurance to any service providing company, anyone can opt for mobile app development to stay pertinent, responsive, and successful. In this way, organisations can meet user (customer, partners, or employees) expectations in real-time.

The two most prominent mobile app platforms are iOS from Apple and Android from Google. Smartphones and Tablets from Apple come preloaded with basic applications, including a full internet browser and the Apple App Store. Android gadgets come preloaded with similar apps, and you can install more using the Google Play Store. 

Multiple Types of Mobile App Development 

The various kinds of platforms that app developers develop include:

multiple types of mobile app development

Native Apps

Native app development includes platform-specific programming languages, software development kits, and OS providers’ development conditions. If you plan to develop an app for iOS and Android, then there will be a separate development process for both platforms with a different technology stack.

Cross-Platform Apps 

This mobile app can run on multiple platforms and is an excellent alternative to native development. It resolves the challenges and issues of app development for each platform. This idea permits the delivery of applications across various stages simultaneously with programming languages and tools offered by Google and Apple. 

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid application development is considered a form of cross-platform. In this development approach, the core of the app is built by leveraging standard web technologies and tools like CSS, HTML5. When it comes to developing a mobile app, CSS, HTML5 follows a write-once-run-anywhere approach. Apps developed in this framework are viable with various platforms and require very few changes to guarantee full functionality on each operating system. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are not mobile applications but have similar functions and appear like any other native app. They are web applications that are versatile and user-friendly interface for mobile users. PWAs work without a standard browser and can be installed on the home screen of any mobile/desktop device. The good thing about progressive apps is that they are responsive and connect independently.

Mobile App Development Process You Need to Follow

If your app development fails to move ahead of the competitors, you will go outdated.  With approximately more than 2 million apps available in Apple’s App and 5 million in Google Play Store, it’s essential to run through the mobile app development process.

mobile app development process

To move ahead with building an app for your business, here are the six key steps that you need to follow:

1. Ideate

We all know that everything begins with an idea. Before starting with development, businesses need to form a hypothesis. You need to thoroughly research your market and the target audience when brainstorming for app development.

  1. Market Research

Here is what you will find while doing extensive market research: 

  • Those who compete with you 
  • Their unique selling point (USP)
  • The technology stack or technique they are utilising 
  • Their qualities and shortcomings 
  • What their customers are saying about them on social media or online surveys 

The more you study your competitors, the better you will discover what they are best at and what efforts you need to make to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Explore Your Target Audience

Getting such essential data about your competitors will work in support of your business. Based on research, you’ll have the option to explore well about your target audience by answering a few questions to yourself: 

  • Do you know what the primary goal of your app is?
  • Is there a difference between the app or website or online platform?
  • Who is your primary target audience? 
  • What effective solutions are you going to provide?
  • What features are you providing, and how are they helpful for users?
  • Do your competitors have comparative applications?

2. Design

Once the brainstorming session is over with market research and the target audience, the next is the design part. You need to take care of both –

  • User experience (UX), where you need to build intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly design elements. 
  • User interface (UI), where you need to build your application’s look and feel to engage the target audience.  

The main objective of a mobile application design is to deliver a consistent and effortless user experience with a cleaned look. The achievement of a mobile application is resolved depending on how well users are adopting and profiting from the app’s features. 

3. Development

Development is the very next conceptual stage once the ideation thing starts acquiring maturity. Build a prototype that effectively conveys your app idea to users by validating presumptions and functionalities. Likewise, you need to deal with three things: 

  • Back-end/server technology
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Mobile app front-end

At the development stage, you’ll write the code for your application, build up the code, and start preliminary testing.

4. Testing

While building a mobile application, various bugs enter your app, and the core functionality isn’t tested. The more you wait for the app development process to get over, the risky and costly it becomes to fix the bugs. So, during the development cycle, quality assurance (QA) tests are crucial.

Here’s the list you need to check to ensure comprehensive QA testing of your app; 

  • Security testing
  • Functional testing
  • User experience testing
  • Performance testing
  • Device & platform testing

By testing your application, you’ll determine its quality, any kind of glitches, and what needs improvement. 

5. Launch

Once your application is without bugs and all set to expose to the outer world, you can launch it on marketplaces like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

After introducing your application to the marketplaces, you have to monitor the app’s usage via Google Analytics platforms and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for estimating your app’s success. Also, check crash reports or other user-reported issues.

6. Marketing

If there is anything that intensely influences the success of your app, it is your marketing strategy. You need to have a legitimate approach to intensify and advertise your application. Develop a marketing strategy that engages user’s interest, allows them to download your app, and gives feedback on how you can improve user engagement.

How can you do this? By outreaching the potential audience, pre-launching efforts, creating an engaging PR, and online visibility. Your endeavors will pay off over the long run if you start branding your app early. It will expose your app in front of your potential users before it getting released.

Is Having a Mobile Application Beneficial for Business?

Some companies do not have a solid financial background or base by which they have to inspect various things first before spending a single penny. Mainly these types of conditions are faced by small businesses. Everyone wants to know; it is beneficial to invest money in developing a mobile application. Here, you can understand all the crucial factors. 

Customer Loyalty 

When it comes to making things better for a business, earning customer loyalty is the most crucial element. Everyone has to make sure they are getting loyal customers by which they can expand the business consistently. Now the question appears of how to earn someone’s trust. 

If we talk about online businesses, then there are numerous fake sources available. Due to this particular factor, many people don’t believe in all platforms or online business when dealing first. Here, they all are looking for a trusted source where they can feel secure. If you are going to represent your business and services with a mobile application, it can quickly become a source for earning customer’s trust. 

It is one of the biggest reasons and benefits you should keep in mind while deciding on mobile app development for your business. 

Generate More Sales, More Revenue

All businesses have an objective of generating leads & sales by which they can boost the return on investment (ROI). To increase the sales volume, you have to focus on impressing the customers and motivate them to buy your products/services. With an impressive mobile application, it can become much easier for everyone. 

In today’s era, everyone is relying on digital sources only. Some businesses are still focusing on traditional methods such as – advertising via conventional sources, working on offline methods, etc. If you are interested in increasing sales quickly, then you should try to develop a mobile application as a medium. 

The mobile application will help present your services and products effectively. Here, you can think of developing a good shopping cart, display products impressively, and much more. 

Increase Efficiency 

Every business is trying to host numerous customers at a single time. It is possible only with the help of effective and efficient sources. The mobile application is going to be that particular source for your business. In case you do not have a functional mobile app, you may lack in impressing and hosting lots of customers. 

Here, you can say, with an application, you can quickly increase the company’s efficiency. It is the most effective way to make many development-related things better. With the use of a mobile application, you can efficiently handle operations. 

Decrease Operational Cost 

If you focus on the business’s operation cost, you have to check out lots of things. All companies want to reduce the business’s operational cost by increasing the profit ratio. In case you are relying on digital sources like mobile applications instead of offline sources, you can decrease the operating cost. 

It means you are capable of increasing the profit of your business. For such a thing, ensure that you have a practical and attractive mobile application. It can be possible by hiring the best mobile app development company. 

Easy Accessibility 

Mainly the customers love to buy products or services from sources they can easily access. With the help of a mobile application, you can provide an easy to access source to your audience. It provides an effective way for everyone to deal and connect with ease. 

No Boundary Restrictions 

When it comes to working with traditional methods, everyone faces problems related to boundaries. Offline or traditional marketing or business promotion methods have some specific limitations. All these limits are leaving a significant impact on the business. 

If you are working on business marketing and promotions with a mobile application, you don’t have to face such issues. By developing a mobile application once, you can extend your reach as per the requirements. You can serve the customers in other countries. 

Increase Customer Return Rate 

In the case of the online marketplace, all businesses focus on the customer return rate. If the customers do not return, it becomes difficult for the business owners to generate lots of new leads every day. It is not suitable for business growth and building a good reputation in the market. The customers like to return to their previous shopping store or platform if they only had a good experience. 

Easy accessibility is the most significant factor in providing the best shopping experiences. With easy access and an impressive mobile application, you can impress the customers and encourage them to revisit your store. 

Brand Awareness 

Business success is not a cakewalk that you can achieve with some basic promotions. It needs lots of effort and some specific arrangements. The most crucial factor is brand awareness that can help you in creating a separate identity. You can achieve such an objective with some effective online sources, such as – a website and application. 

By leveraging great mobile app development services, you can focus on proper promotions. It is the only way that can help in establishing your business name as a reputed brand. 

Why Choose Webomaze for Mobile App Development?

Dominos, Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, and much more are successful brands on iPhone and Android apps. But what about your business app? Is your business running great on mobile applications? Is it gaining online visibility? Then, this is the right time because it’s NOW or NEVER.

Here, everyone needs a good IT company that offers effective digital marketing solutions. Webomaze is known as the best digital marketing, application development, and web design company in Melbourne. We follow the motto- “we deliver what you crave for”. With years of experience, our skilled mobile app developers create highly optimised mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS platforms. We seamlessly connect with clients and target audiences to deliver digital marketing solutions as per your business prerequisite, resulting in generating leads and growing sales. 

Final Words 

The mobile app will increase your market reach and improve leads more than ever because more than 87% of people invest their time on mobile apps than on the web. 

In the digitalisation era, businesses must stay updated with the latest tools & technologies to enhance their business with great ROI. Turning to the mobile app is not enough until you know how to leverage them. All these mentioned above factors can help you understand many things regarding mobile application requirements in the business industry. While working on mobile app development, you should focus on load time, features, social media integrations, UX/UI, payment gateways, user feedback, simplicity balance, etc. These features and functionalities can make your application unique and perfect to attract users. 

Need Help? You can contact us whenever you want. We would love to assist you and sort out your problems.

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