Online Shopping and SEO: How SEO Changed The Way We Sell

Do you know that experts predict that retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.13 trillion in 2020? Such a big number! This statistic clearly shows how fast the growth rate of online shopping is. Another surprising statistic, there are 2 billion digital buyers in the world. Impressive. Isn’t it? One can easily imagine that today the majority of the worldwide population prefers online shopping as a convenient mode of buying the things they desire. This is why several offline business owners are showing their interest in going online.

But at the same time, there are an estimated 12 to 24 million e-commerce websites across the globe, and shining yours on the search engines is not an easy task. Here SEO comes to rescue.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is making a big difference nowadays, in terms of driving more web traffic and sales to your website. If you own an e-commerce website, then you shouldn’t look further than SEO. For many business owners, SEO seems like rocket science, complicated like the stock market, but that’s not true. This big term needs all your attention and a few effective strategies implemented at the right time.

A question may be tickling your mind, “Why is SEO so important for e-commerce websites?” & “How has SEO changed the way of selling products or services?” This blog post has answers to all your questions. Take a look at the three primary ways of changes in online shopping and SEO. 

Let’s jump in-

SEO is Not Dead

There is a misconception among marketers that SEO is dead. But that’s not true! It is still relevant and works well in order to attain a high position in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). SEO is back in action! Several years ago, when search engine algorithms were just started, it was super easy for marketers to rank their websites following the practices of keyword stuffing and more. But now the algorithm of search engines has changed, and keyword stuffing practices are nothing more than a history. Now the focus is more on enhancing the UX. By doing this, you can win the trust of customers and increase the value of your brand. So, the more you focus on SEO aspects, the more you can reach your targeted audience. This is the reason why online businesses are showing their interest in it. 

More Attention to Customer Education About Online Shopping & SEO

Customers always strive for information. They have an urge to know what are the benefits of the offered product or services, how it can fulfill your needs, or what makes it different from others. Such questions always tickle their mind before making a purchase. In this customer’s journey of needing something and meeting their needs, SEO has emerged as an essential part of this cycle. 

Because customers always look for reasons to buy a particular product, therefore, it is necessary to provide accurate and detailed information about it. In simple words, informative content will bring more customers to your website and hence, increase your search ranking as well. 

Quality SEO Content Impact Your Sales Technique

Imagine that you own a clothing website and offer a wide range of clothes in different styles, sizes, and designs. How do you tell your visitors and friends, neighbors, or anyone on your website about your exclusive products? Of course, yes. You have to give something worth reading. When visitors find high-quality content that they want to read, then they will check out your website for more and show it to others sharing the URL. But what do you mean by quality content? 

Quality content is

  • unique 
  • informative 
  • written for humans, not formulas, 
  • focused on adding value for the reader, 
  • based on solid research, 
  • specific to the topic

Talking about the sales, yes, that’s true. Writing quality content on your website impacts your sales technique very well. A brand known for informative content attracts more and more customers. Informative and high-quality content works best in advertising your brand that also impacts your sales. It also gives us the reason why quality content is considered as the most essential factor of SEO. 

Turn on the SEO Game for High ROI

With the constant growth in online marketing and high involvement of SEO in the process, several changes have been noticed in promoting and selling the products and services. Therefore, website owners kick off SEO practices to enjoy more and more benefits, and one of them is high ROI. 

SEO is considered as the most cost-effective method that a business can opt for gaining more exposure and better ranking in the SERPs. Besides the ranking factors, another reason why online businesses are saying yes to SEO is the high ROI (Return on Investment). Although SEO and PPC do for your business growth, SEO delivers a high ROI as compared to PPC (Pay-Per-Click). 

So, we would recommend you to be a part of the SEO game to enjoy a high ROI on your online business. Most of the people would say, PPC is the best alternative than SEO, but we want to highlight the fact that PPC will only help as long as you are paying for the campaign. So, SEO can be entitled as a long-term game for better ROI. 

Wrapping Things Up

In today’s modern world, people find e-commerce websites a convenient mode for online shopping. The presence of e-commerce websites in the digital world gives birth to the concept of SEO, which is an essential digital marketing practice, implemented to improve the site’s ranking and increase web traffic. Besides all these benefits, SEO has changed the overall ways of selling products and services. It refines the whole selling process in several ways. This blog post has described everything how SEO and online shopping works well together to maintain the site’s online presence. So, what are you waiting for? 

Start with where you are! Implement different SEO strategies in terms of bringing in more sales for your company. We hope you find this blog helpful to get answers to all your questions. 

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