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P.Voxx is a market-leading promotional messaging database that provides competitive
intelligence and market research necessary to succeed in the pharmaceutical market.
P.Voxx catalogs documents across primary channels of distribution, making the
marketing collateral easy to access and further analyze.


  • Handle large amounts of data with dozens of Gbs users can access at their fingertips
  • Improve data entry processing time from 4 minutes per document
  • Increase system’s speed due to simultaneous database backend operations
  • Reduce server costs by removing storage fees and processing power restrictions
  • Offer clients streamlined views of documents and data related to their custom searches

Webomaze is a great company to work with on database and web projects, whether it comes to the back end or front end. High quality of work is expected, but Webomaze delivers on time and on budget, which is not always the reality in this industry. They offer good communication and excellent project management. They are well versed in the latest technologies and if you have not thought of a thing or two, they will come back with recommendations. We have now worked with Webomaze for several years and are always impressed.

Daniel Vesely, President & COO, Voxx Analytics


  • Developed a web app with Net MVC and Microsoft SQL Server hosted on AW (Amazon Web Servers)
  • Migrated old data into a modified architecture without changing core data
  • Added features to improve data fetching for data entry users
  • Reduced cost of servers and storage requirements by 50% by using AWS servers
  • Implemented elastic search to improve search results
  • Implemented AngularJS to significantly decrease page load time

Technology stack

Cloud Server Setup

Amazon Web Server




Microsoft SQL Server
Elastic Search

Front end Technologies

Angular JS

Our Results

Basic Search Time

reduced to
1-5 seconds

Document Saving Time

reduced to 2-5 seconds
per document

Overall processing

efficiency increased
more than 60%

01 Admin Dashboard

Overall User Experience is improved by utilizing AngularJS and ChartJS with added charts and graphs to depict live, interactive data for the client. Administrators can check up-to-date team performance and statistics.

02 User Management

Achieved a scalable, customized solution using Microsoft SQL Server and redesigned architecture.

03 Subscriber Management

Significant reduction in page load times achieved by implementing AngularJS views and reengineering the Microsoft SQL Server database. Subscriber management is simple for administrators to assign access levels and manage subscribers on the subscription-based platform.

04 Document Management

A richer UI and increased page load time achieved by incorporating AngularJS, MVC, SQL Server and elastic search features. A dedicated data entry page was built with MS SQL Server and single JSON posts, ultimately increasing processing efficiency by over 60%.

05 Comprehensive Search

Manual and multi-step processing removed from the workflow by creating a comprehensive search page allowing detailed and deep searches for all data available on the backend. This feature allowed live updates, customized exported excels, save option, and alerts for changes in the database based on search criteria.

06 Subscriber Page

Load times for basic, advanced and full-text searches reduced from 10 - 40 minutes to less than 5 seconds per search by leveraging elastic search, Microsoft SQL Server, .Net MVC. This significantly transformed the search page into a more user-friendly and engaging experience for subscribers.

07 Dashboard Page

Allowed for cross-marketing by creating a page that hosts scrolling new product for subscribers with thumbnails, potential new product the subscriber might be interested in (based on past search history), recent searches lists, and recent documents viewed.

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