Role Of Chatbots In E-commerce

The E-Commerce industry is growing day by day and leading to intense competition. All companies are looking for a good solution by which they can easily cut down competition and impress the customers quickly. Here, chatbots appear as the best solution. The addition of chatbots to the website is useful in sorting out the visitor’s issues quickly. It provides quick assistance to the visitors by which they can get the best online shopping experience. Here, we will discuss some major facts regarding the role of chatbots in an eCommerce store, its success, and its growth.

Chatbots – An Introduction

Chatbots are some specific bots that are designed by providing a chat-like interface to offer a source of interaction to the customers. It helps the website visitors raise their queries and deliver them to the website’s system for the best possible solutions. The use of chatbots is quite similar to a sales agent in a land-based store. Both are appointed for the assistance of customers. 

The most important thing about these automated bots, they can answer some basic questions on their own as per the artificial intelligence and information embed. It makes the chatbots essential for the eCommerce websites to improvise their customer services and increase customer satisfaction rates. 

There are two major types of chatbots used by professionals, such as – machine learning bots and rule-based bots. The machine learning bots work with the use of artificial intelligence, highly similar to a human. Along with it, these types of bots regularly learn from every interaction with different types of customers. It makes the machine learning bots the best source for handling customer’s queries via automated mediums or procedures. 

However, the rule-based chatbots are designed with the addition of a set of instructions in advance. The bots are answering the customer’s queries based on these instructions only. These bots are developed with the use of some specific flowcharts defending different possibilities and variations. It is also known as a decision tree.

Some Stats 

  • According to over 60% of online customers, they love to choose platforms with chatbots and other customer service tools. 
  • Around 75% of online customers admit that they love to get assistance within 5 minutes while shopping online, or they leave the platform. 
  • Chats provide the quickest source to connect with the customers. As per the experts, a chatbot takes around 45 seconds to begin a session. 
  • 64% of internet users are highly impressed with the 24*7 accessibility features of chatbots. 
  • Around 50% of online businesses are thinking of spending their funds more on chatbots than mobile applications.


These are some key stats and real-time facts about the importance, role, and usage of chatbots in the eCommerce industry.

Why Are Chatbots Important For An ECommerce Store?

Automated bots can be helpful in making online shopping procedures easier. It assists the customers in each and every step by which they can avoid confusion and experience multiple benefits. Here, you can get introduced to some major reasons behind its usage.

More Usage Of Messaging Platforms 

Nowadays, people love to use different types of messaging applications, like – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. It completely changes the digital preferences of internet users. Similarly, online customers are looking for online assistance in the same ways while shopping, such as – chatting sources on eCommerce websites. The usage of automated bots for chatting provides a great interaction source to the customers.

Better Experience 

All online customers are looking for platforms where they can get the best and fully personalised experiences. The usage of chatbots becomes useful in providing such an experience on every step of the complete procedure. It assists the visitors when they want by providing a solution to all queries.

Save Time Of Customers

As we share facts in stats, customers do not like to wait long for assistance. They want it within a few minutes by which they can save time and complete their purchase quickly. Here, the chatbots are the best way to assist customers and help them fulfill their requirements and place orders.

How Are Chatbots Useful In Providing Better Online Customer Service?

The online stores have to focus on multiple factors to impress the visitors and encourage them to place an order, such as – product quality, way of presentation, service quality, et. The most important thing is online customer service. All websites have to focus on improvements in the customers’ services by which they can increase the engagement and conversion rate.

Boost Up The Process

No one has lots of time to explore multiple products or engage with the irrelevant products in an eCommerce store. Everyone wants to access the collection of their desired products by which they can pick the best one quickly and save time. It can be possible only with proper assistance and complete understanding regarding products and the online store. A chatbot can provide such assistance to the buyers easily. The chatbot can provide the details of products as per the customer’s requirements or redirects them to the concerning page.

Instant Resolutions

When it comes to online stores, then the users may face multiple problems, such as – issues regarding order placement, payment failures, refunds, exchanges, order confirmations, billing, shipping details, etc. Mainly the buyers want to get an instant solution to these types of problems by getting details about their order confirmation and proceeding further.

In these situations, the chatbots offer instant customer support. It helps the customers in feeling better instead of abandoned. Sometimes, buyers face critical conditions during online purchases, and they don’t get assistance immediately when they report the issue. These things are leaving a bad impression on the buyers. With it, they start feeling abandoned where the online platform leaves them in between and do not provide any solution to help them out. With an effective automated bot, you can avoid such a bad impact.

Request Into Sales

Sometimes, customers are accessing online platforms or eCommerce stores to gather information about the products only. In these conditions, the chatbots play an important role by which you can put effort into conversions from service requests to final sales. Here, the chatbots can work by providing product details along with a link directly to the shopping cart. It can increase the engagement rate easily and the chances of conversion as well.


For many companies, customer service is priority. These companies always work on providing the best services by which they can impress the visitors and turn them into final customers. Chatbots work as the most important customer service tool for all these companies. With the help of chatbots, the company teams are capable of contacting the customers immediately and provide a top-notch customer experience.

Best Chatbot Practices

After understanding the importance of a chatbot, all eCommerce stores are looking for a perfect source to support the customers. Chatbot provides an effective source for that. There are two major ways to use a chatbot on the website, such as – building your own chatbot or taking help from third-party applications. If you plan to build your chatbot, you should take a look at the following tips.

Be Transparent

With the use of chatbots, online websites can provide their customers with the best experience as they are talking to the living human being. Mainly, the companies use these types of bots to provide assistance at initial stages quickly and gather some information about the customers and their problems. Many customers do not like to talk or interact with automated bots. In these conditions, you have to keep everything clear and transparent by pretending that the customers are interacting with a bot at that time.

Customer Privacy

Privacy is a crucial factor. All online stores have to ensure they are strict with their customer privacy policies and provide services with an effective system where they can easily protect information or data related to their customers and other related factors. It is important because while discussing the problem and searching for a perfect solution, the customers may have to share some personal or private information. Here, they are looking for proper information protection by which they can keep everything secure.

Integrated AI

All customers are having lots of expectations from the chatbots by which they can easily get solutions to the queries. Here, you have to build a chatbot that has great intelligence and the capability of providing solutions to the customers’ inquiries quickly. Along with it, you have to be focused on user-friendliness. Sometimes, the chatbots are providing solutions that are too technical for a normal person to understand. You have to avoid these conditions to provide a better experience to the customers. With it, you need to make sure your chatbot is keeping everything transparent during the process, such as – request is processing, stage of the procedure, etc.


It is a crucial element. In case your chatbot is not responsive, then the users may not be satisfied. The customers are always looking for quick solutions where they can solve the issues quickly and make things much better. The responsive chatbots always work as per the customers’ expectations and never make them wait. You have to focus on the chatbot’s workflow, operations, functions, and the options it provides. Try to feature the chatbot’s solutions with actionable options and easy to understand processes.

Situation Understanding

For all individuals, it is important to understand the complete situation quickly. All types of problems may not be handled by the chatbots because of a lack of knowledge or understanding. You should feature the chatbot with a proper understanding of the situation, which helps it to easily figure out when to refer the conversation to a human attendant for further assistance.

Final Words 

These are some key details regarding the role and usage of chatbots in eCommerce. Chatbots are not only useful in providing a good customer support service. It is also helpful in keeping yourself ahead in the competition. Better customer service also increases the website’s user-friendliness by which the chances of getting a better search engine ranking also improve.

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