SSL Certificate – What It Is and Why Your Site Needs One?

In today’s fast-paced world, where everything can be easily accessed online, the risk of data loss or frauds also reaches on top. No matter whether you are doing online shopping or making bank payments, everyone wants their data to be secure. After all, there are a lot of hacked credit cards and online account frauds stories that also heighten up the fears of losing your credential data. Hey, relax! This is something that needs your attention and requires a necessary step to avoid falling into such extreme situations. Whenever we discuss the risk of data loss of a company or an individual, one more term also strikes our mind, and that is an SSL certificate. Many business owners ask this question, “What are SSL certificates, and do I need one?” 

If you own an online store that requires personal information like name, address, credit card numbers, etc. to avail of your services, then it is your responsibility to keep all the data of your customers safe. In such a case, an SSL certificate plays a great role as it helps in ensuring your customers trust your site. 

If you’re one of them who wants to know more about the SSL certificate, then this blog post is surely for you. Here, we have rounded up what an SSL certificate is and also mentioned ideal reasons why your website needs it. 

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate encrypts all data exchanged between a website and its visitors. With this encryption method, all the credential data of users such as password, names, address, account details, debit, or credit card details cannot be stolen or hacked by any third party. This certificate is attached to your website that carries out two major functions, including identity assurance and encryption. A certificate authority investigates the website thoroughly to know if the website is genuine or not. This whole vetting process is carried out before issuing an SSL certificate. So, you can say that an SSL certificate is a form of authentication that determines whether the website is legitimate or not.  

How does an SSL certificate work?

When the data is transferred across the internet between website and browser, this method is called HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Determining the SSL certificate is easy. A website that has an SSL certificate uses an advanced and more secure method of communication known as Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Now the question arises, how does HTTPS work? 

The whole HTTPS process works in this way-

  • When the user visits your website, then the browser instantly sends a request to the server your site is hosted on to identify itself. 
  • The server requests the answer by sending the server a file of an SSL certificate.
  • The browser checks the file of the SSL certificate. If everything seems fine, it sends an encrypted key to your web server. 
  • Next, your server decrypts the key and sends web content to the browser with a key.
  • With the help of encryption keys, data is transferred securely between the browser & the server.

Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Imagine your bank details or debit card numbers get leaked to a third party or internet users or even worse, hackers. Seems like a bad nightmare? If you want this nightmare never to come true, it is good to have an SSL certificate for your website. The below-listed points will give you an ideal reason to go for the SSL certificate Australia for your website. Wanna know? 

Check out the below-listed points to know what they are-

Improves the Speed of Your Website

Yes, that’s true! There is a misconception among people that installing SSL certificates affect the website speed performance. But this is nothing more than a few words as an HTTPS website loads faster, which also adds more points to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the website. A website that performs best in terms of speed also enhances the user experience, giving you a perfect reason to choose an SSL certificate for your website.

Ensures Website Security

No doubt, SSL certificates ensure complete website security. You might have seen a message “this website is not secure.” What does this mean? Why do users tend to close the browser on seeing such a message? Whenever such a message is displayed, you can easily conclude the point that this website is not safe for any data transfer. Here HTTPS comes into play. “S” here stands for secure, which means that website is equipped with an SSL certificate. 

But how does this certificate help in website security? A website equipped with this certificate can prevent the security breach as it provides you with secondary authentication as the PKI (public key infrastructure). This secondary authentication helps send information to the server without any data leakage from other devices on the same server. SSL is the ideal website security certificate that you should use.

Improves Search Engine Ranking of Your Website

When you offer a safe browsing platform to the user, then Google also pushes your website to rank high in SERPs. Therefore, it is recommended to install SSL certification for your website right away to enhance the search ranking on Google. 

The conversion of an HTTP website to HTTPS is super easy. All you need to follow the below-listed steps-

  • Purchase an SSL certificate from a reputed provider like SSL2BUY.
  • Install the certificate. If your website is on a shared hosting server, you need to get it done by the hosting company.
  • The next step is to convert all the HTTP links to HTTPS.
  • Then, redirect all the traffic to the revised links. It will redirect the user to the HTTPS version from your unsecured web pages of HTTP. You can also take professional help if you find this whole process difficult to carry out. 

Build a Trust Factor Among Audience

No matter what kind of website you run, whether it is a blogging site or an e-commerce one, SSL certification is a must to keep the user’s data safe. If your website is unauthorized and unsecured, then it will bring a fear of data loss in the user’s heart. It is essential to gain the trust of consumers, and you can do this when you provide a safe and secure browsing platform. When finding an HTTPS website, visitors would access your products and services. They would sense that you care for their security. This way, you can build a trust factor among your targeted audience as well as create a brand reputation in the digital world. 

Encrypt Your Sensitive Information 

When you build a secure website with HTTPS, then you can encrypt all your sensitive information. No matter whether the information is related to your credit card, bank account, address, password, or other financial information, an SSL certificate helps to keep your data safe and secure, preventing data leakage and other cyber thefts. When you offer data security, then you can easily reach your website goals and objectives as well. 


An SSL certificate is necessary for your website. With the above-listed reason, you can easily figure out why. So, if you own a website or are thinking of creating a new one for your business, then do not forget to install an SSL certificate for user’s data privacy as well as protection.

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