Things to Keep in Mind Before Designing an eCommerce Website

An eCommerce setup can be complicated. Right from its planning stage to its designing a lot goes into the process of coming up with that user-friendly eCommerce website. From the performance of the website to user engagement, everything has to be considered. This is why planning a simple website and planning an eCommerce site varies greatly and comes with their own challenges. eCommerce websites are not only meant to interact and promote your brand online but also for the users to shop. And this is why you need to choose the right eCommerce. The agency can make an easily accessible and intuitive website to increase your sales. With improper or no sales, the website will be useless.

So, when you have decided to build an eCommerce site, you must be wondering what guidelines or ideas you can use for designing your eCommerce website? Well, first and foremost, you need to choose the right eCommerce agency to develop an eCommerce website for your business. In addition to this, here are the things one must remember while designing an eCommerce website.

Top 10 Things to Consider while Designing an eCommerce Website

Complement your Design with your products

The key to making a website successful is consistency. By complimenting your website design with your products, you can enhance the overall feel and look of your website. Moreover, choose the right eCommerce agency to design a website for you. With professional help, you will receive everything from your color scheme, images to text that will perfectly incline to your website. For instance, if you are selling toys, the company will provide you with a fun and colorful website, while if you are selling gadgets, your website design will be modern and techy.

Provide Proper Product Descriptions

The sole purpose of your eCommerce site to sell your products, and therefore it is essential to highlight the products on the website. While showcasing the items, it is necessary to use high-quality images that can grab the attention of users. In fact, the larger the picture will be, the better it will attract the customers. With the quality pictures, your customers can quickly see how the products actually look real.

Moreover, for better usability, ask your eCommerce agency to come up with a layout that emphasizes your product on every page. This will make the job easier for your customers to find the page of shoes or accessories if they have clicked on a similar item. A lack of information on your website will make your customers leave and shop from other websites.

In addition to this, misinformation can degrade the quality of your website. For instance, if you have put the wrong size or color, you are giving your customers a bad impression, and you lose them. Therefore, it is essential to describe the products clearly and correctly. Unlike the regular stores, your customers can’t touch the material or examine the items; therefore, you should give your customers all the details they need to picture the item in their head. Detailed information of size, type, weight, color, cut, thickness, and fit and all the other necessary information will make their purchasing experience a lot more convenient.

Consider Shipping Rates

Consumers love those eCommerce websites that charge nothing for shipping. In fact, it’s the shipping price, which usually decides if the customer will check out. A high shipping rate will make them think they can buy the product from a regular store, while with the low shipping cost, they will think to pay for the product and sit at their home while waiting for the item to arrive. Therefore, make sure to fix your shipping price at a convenient rate for both you and your consumers.

Emphasise on Shopping Cart Design

When you are choosing an eCommerce agency, make sure they pay adequate attention to shopping carts as it is one of the essential parts of your website. With a good shopping cart, your consumers will easily be able to add multiple items, remove products, or revise orders. So, make sure your shopping cart includes a search bar and good quality pictures of the suggested products.

Include Guest Checkout

Most of the eCommerce websites require the user to register themselves before they make a purchase. No doubt, it helps keep track of orders, follow-ups, and communication, but this is not what your customers want. Customers want their transactions to be as quick and convenient as possible.

No one likes to feel obligated when you ask them to register. All they want from the website is to make a purchase. By including a guest check out, you can boost your conversion rates as it removes the barrier of registering or signing up and so more and more people can place an order for my website.

Ensure Easy Checkout Process

Aside from the guest checkout option for fast and convenient transactions, an eCommerce should provide an easy checkout process. In fact, the easier the process will be, the more motivated your customers will be to make purchases from a website. So, it is better to avoid creating numerous pages for the checkout. Instead, try making the checkout process as short as possible. The key is to choose the right eCommerce agency to design your website with an accessible checkout page.

Consider the Payment Options

A lot of websites don’t accept Paypal or online payments other than Master or Visa cards. So, while designing your eCommerce website, make sure to include various payment modes to cater to your wide range of customers. By taking into account your customers’ payment preferences, you can easily motivate them to make a purchase, which in turn will boost your sales.

Include Contact Information and Support

Assure your customers that you are simply an email, text, call, or live chat away. By showing a willingness to help your customers, you can earn loyal customers and fill them with more confidence to shop from your website. Whenever they face any issue, make sure there is a professional to help them. If you hide your contact information and other communication modes, your customers will see your website as a red flag, and they won’t shop from your website.

Keep your eCommerce Website Secured

Regular shops keep themselves secure by installing cameras all around their premises, put up necessary tools, and appoints bodyguards to keep the customer safe. But how to keep them safe in online shops? All eCommerce stores are a target for a hacker, and thus you need to keep your store safe and secure. Therefore, make sure to choose the right eCommerce agency that can not only build a good website but can keep up with the necessary measures to keep your website is safe. One of the best ways to ensure safety is by getting an SSL to encrypt information. With an SSL certificate, you can efficiently protect your website and keep the customer’s information like phone number, address, credit cards, and email secured.

Make it Social Proof

Without any evidence to prove successful purchase from your website, no one will put their confidence in you. In case you are struggling to get good reviews to make sure that customers can review your website easily. It can be done by bringing the review option on the product page or right after the successful checkout of the order.

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