11 eCommerce Website Design Tips to Improve Customer Experience

While designing an eCommerce website, what do you aim for? Of course to help customers faster & effortlessly. And, this is only possible when you design clean user interfaces (UI) for a great shopping experience. A great eCommerce website design can attract potential customers, increase brand visibility, and provide A great user experience (UX). 

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world so severely that all brick-and-mortar retail stores were initially shut down. And, now, when people realise that the pandemic is setting down deep roots for a long time, more businesses adopt digital transformation. As a result, maximum customers prefer to shop online instead of visiting the store physically. 

Shopify announced businesses moved swiftly online during the COVID pandemic, with sales up 47 percent on the platform. Also, worldwide eCommerce sales will rise to 4.88 trillion US dollars by this year, 2021. 

The Rise in eCommerce World

Pandemic has changed the customer behaviour & maximum customers are embracing online shopping for the daily necessities of life. Developing a successful eCommerce website becomes a daunting task for every startup or an established business owner. From planning to developing and designing UI, site performance to UXe, everything has to be considered. 

Developing an eCommerce website doesn’t mean just communicating with the target audience or promoting your brand. The final objective of every eCommerce business is to build an intuitive web page generating sales. Every business owner quickly settles on the decision to create an online eCommerce platform. But, what next? They stuck on how to proceed smoothly, what guidelines or ideas they need to follow for designing an eCommerce? And, to clear the air, you need to hire a professional eCommerce development partner

11 Tips for eCommerce Design to Consider 

Great eCommerce website design is all about using the right textual font, colours, images, graphics, and much more to convince buyers to make a buying decision. Isn’t your website design attracting potential customers? If not, check out these 11 eCommerce website design tips that you can follow to drive more customers, generate sales, and deliver a great customer experience.  

Mobile-First Design

79% of smartphone users have made an online purchase via mobile devices. And, the total eCommerce sale will rise approx. 54% in 2021.

It indicates mobile has outperformed desktop & is a great way to surf the online world. Therefore, it’s crucial to build a mobile-first design website that is responsive, faster, and engaging. Having a mobile-first design helps you create a smooth transition between all kinds of devices to view your website.  

Designing and prototyping your websites with a mobile-first approach ensures that your website is growing to meet any large or smart device requirements. In addition, it will provide an excellent mobile user experience with quick download speeds, easy touchscreen navigation, rich media content to keep your target audience engaged with a better customer experience. 

Correlate Design with Listed Products

When it comes to developing a thriving website, consistency plays a crucial role. By correlating your website design with your products, you can enhance your website’s overall feel and look. The eCommerce website design must resemble your website so that customers will get a clear idea of what you are selling while coming to your website. 

Here comes the role of UI/UX designs. UI design focuses on the look and feel of your website. Designers must aim at creating clean UI designs supporting the UX aspects. By hiring a professional eCommerce development partner, you will receive everything that will perfectly incline you to your website – from your colour scheme, high-quality images to text. 

A team of designers study your competitors and customer behaviour to keep your design coherent with selling. For instance, if you are selling kids’ toys, the company must provide you with a fun & colourful theme of a website, and if you are selling gadgets, your website design must be of a techy theme.

Provide Proper Product Descriptions

The sole purpose of every eCommerce site is to sell the products. Therefore, it is crucial to highlight the products on the website on “SALE” or with “Special Discounts”. While showcasing the products, it is necessary to use high-quality images with a proper description describing the product to grab users’ attention. The better quality of the picture will attract more customers. With quality pictures, your customers can quickly see how the products look. 

Moreover, for better usability, ask your eCommerce agency to develop a layout that emphasises your product on every page. It will make the job easier for your customers to find the page of shoes or accessories if they have clicked on a similar outcome. Remember! A lack of information or wrong information about any product on your website will push away customers to shop from other websites.

In addition to this, misinformation can degrade the quality of your website. For instance, if you have put the wrong size or colour, you give your customers a bad impression, and you might lose them. Unlike the physical stores, your customers can’t touch the material or examine the product. Therefore, you should give customers all the details they need like size, type, weight, colour, & much more to make buying experience convenient.

Consider Shipping Rates

Whether you offer free shipping, high/low shipping charges, extra shipping charges, any other additional tax, or a discount on the shipping charges, everything should be highlighted. It will give your site an expert and reliable look.

Customers love those eCommerce websites that charge nothing for shipping. The shipping price is one of the factors that usually decides if the customer will check out. A high shipping rate will make them think they can buy the product from a regular store. On the other hand, they will pay for the product with the low shipping cost and sit at their home while waiting for the product to arrive. Therefore, make sure to fix your shipping price at a convenient rate for both you and your customers.

Emphasise on Shopping Cart Design

Many designers often ignore the shopping design part, but believe it or not, it’s the crucial part of your eCommerce designing. A good shopping cart can empower users to add multiple items, remove products, or revise an order as efficiently as possible. While designing a shopping cart, ensure that you must include a convenient search bar, high-quality images of the functional product, and relevant reviews. Products put in the right place with right-sized graphics can be more engaging than a simple text line with a checkbox. Also, the use of floating messages can augment the adequacy of your cross-selling campaign.

When choosing an eCommerce agency, make sure they pay adequate attention to the shopping cart as it is one of the essential parts of your website. With a good shopping cart, your customers will easily add multiple items, remove products, or revise orders. For example, Sephora is the perfect example of a good shopping cart design. They have a very intuitive design, including all the necessary features like the product recommendations, order summary, and a “continue shopping” option for those who want to add/replace items.

Include Guest Checkout

Most eCommerce websites require users to register themselves before they make a purchase. No doubt, it helps keep track of orders, follow-ups, and communication, but this is not what your customers want. Customers want their transactions to be as quick and convenient as possible. 

39% of potential buyers abandon the cart because the checkout process is too complex.

No one likes to feel obligated when you ask anyone to register as they require to fill in the detailed personal information. Everyone wants to purchase from the website. By including a guest check out, a customer can quickly come to your website, scroll products, enter an email address and then be directed to the checkout process to make a purchase. Isn’t that so hassle-free? On the other hand, your brand can boost conversion rates as it removes the barrier, and more people can place an order for your website.

Ensure Easy Checkout Process

57% of visitors will abandon a shopping cart if the website is taking too long to load.

Remember, a slow website with a lazy loading checkout process leads to shopping cart abandonment. Potential customers leaving the website in frustration can kill the whole sales process. Therefore, to avoid such situations, allow customers to make an incredible purchase from your website by ensuring an easy & straightforward checkout process.

Make your checkout page configuration easy-to-navigate by making every process crystal clear. Think like a customer by asking few questions to yourself like-

  • What data do you need to process the purchase?
  • Where do they need to enter their details?
  • What are the other shipping options available & how much do they cost?
  • What to do if there’s an issue in the order, or they need to return the product?
  • When the buying process is complete, where should I direct the customer for order confirmation?

If you want customers to buy products from your website, you need to make the checkout process user-friendly & easy-to-navigate for a great buying experience.

Consider the Payment Options

Another thing to include while designing an eCommerce website is multiple payment gateways for a smooth checkout process. The more you don’t restrict your customers & offer various modes of payment, the longer your customers will stay with you. 

Many websites don’t accept any online payment like Paypal, GPay, or any other than Master or Visa cards. So, while designing your eCommerce website, make sure to include various payment modes to cater to your wide range of customers. By taking into account your customers’ payment preferences, you can quickly motivate them to make a purchase, which will boost your online sales.

Include Contact Information & Support

Assure your customers that you are 24*7 available for your customers via email, text, call, or live chat. By showing a willingness to help your customers, you can earn loyal customers and fill them with more confidence to shop from your website. 

Whenever your target audience or customer face any issue, make sure there is a professional team to help them. If you hide your contact information and other communication modes, your customers will see your website as a red flag, and they won’t shop from your website ever.

Keep your eCommerce Website Secure

Regular shops keep themselves secure by installing cameras all around their premises, putting up necessary tools, and appointing bodyguards to keep the customer safe. But how to keep them safe in online shops? All eCommerce stores are a target for a hacker, and thus you need to keep your store secure. 

Make sure you choose the right eCommerce agency to build a good website and keep up with the necessary measures to keep your website safe. One of the best ways to ensure safety is by getting an SSL to encrypt information. With an SSL certificate, you can efficiently protect your website and keep the customer’s information like phone number, address, credit cards, and email secured.

Customer Review/Feedback Option

No one will put their confidence in you until you make it social proof. By following all the above tips definitely, your customers would love to leave their feedback for you. Customers are more likely to trust the opinions of others. The more customer reviews are available on your site, the better you establish trust with potential customers, which means more sales for you. You can leverage this by adding the review option on the product page or right after the successful checkout of the order.

Including customer reviews on your site can improve your SEO rankings by producing unique & fresh content for your page. People leaving a review are likely to use the exact keywords that people searching for that product are using, essential in SEO. 

Many customers look for social proof nowadays. The product with maximum ratings & reviews is much loved. So, if your eCommerce site doesn’t have customer reviews, you’re likely to miss out on valuable business. Customer reviews establish social proof, credibility and trust in your website. It improves your business to become better by improving on the loopholes.

Final Thoughts

Designing a simple website is an easy task, but designing an eCommerce website keeping UI/UX elements in mind is a daunting task. There are lots of things to consider, from website planning to performance to customer engagement. All you need is to choose the right eCommerce designing team to make your website intuitive & easy to use to increase sales. After all, an eCommerce website is all about selling. In this blog, we have mentioned 11 eCommerce design tips to help you build an easy user interface for customers resulting in a better shopping experience. 

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