Top 10 Marketing Certification Courses that are Worth Your Time and Money

Market certifications cannot replace the need for the experience, but they are a great way to enhance the skill sets and strengthen the professional image of a person. Having a certification in a specific area gives a signal to recruiters and hiring managers that the person applying for a job has got specific skills they are looking for in a certain rule.

However, you need to remember that not all certifications are equal, meaning some of them will be worth giving your time while the others will be worth your money. So here are the top 10 most popular marketing certifications that are sought after on the market, and even some of them might pull you a higher salary.

Top 10 Certification Programs

1.          Bing Ads Accredited Professional

The course is a complete package consisting of 100 questions, which mainly focuses on search engine marketing. The course can be completed according to the convenience of the candidate meaning he is free to decide the time and pace of the course. 

It is a one year course after which the candidates who pass the exam successfully become a program member, which brings them access to an official Accredited professional badge, printable certificate, and much more.

2.          Pragmatic Marketing Certification

The certification program includes six different courses, each of them offering different certifications upon completion. The candidate has the option to either attend in-person classes or can take them online. In fact, many business firms pay their employees to attend classes and acquire the required knowledge to excel.

No doubt, it is a costly and time-consuming certification program if your company doesn’t pay the bill, but in the end, it will be much more profitable and can be associated with a 5.6 % boost in your salary.

3.          Google AdWords Certification

To get the certification, you need to clear two certification exams, the first being the AdWords fundamental exam. In contrast, for the second, you can choose between display advertising, search advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising for shopping advertising.

The exams are free of cost, the study material, and the entire program is online. All you have to do is create a free Google partner account to take the examination.

This certification program has been around for a while and is associated with the 2% increase in the paycheck.

4.          Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The certification is entirely focused on expanding and developing the Google analytic skills of the candidate. Google offers free online classes in Google Analytics platform principles and digital analytics fundamentals and various study guides. Just like Google AdWords certification, you need to get a Google partner account to take the examination.

Google Analytics is a largely acceptable skill for market research in recent times, and the pay scale associated with this certification is found to boost 1.2% in salary.

5.          Hubspot Inbound Certification

The certification program includes 12 classes demanding 5 hours from the candidates. The program covers major areas of blogging, SEO, lead nurturing, reporting, landing pages, and conversion analysis. 

It is found that this certification is associated with a 2.4 % downfall in salary, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a job or higher pay. It just means that you have to be around for a while as this certification is the most popular and is commonly found in the market.

6.          Certified Trade Show Marketer Certification

The certification requires the candidate to attend in-person classes. There are a total of 23 sessions and five electives where you will walk away with the portfolio, demonstrating the knowledge you have gained while working on real-life projects.

The certification program has been designed to meet everyone’s needs, from seasoned veterans to recent graduates. However, the cost of the certification differs based on the course you have chosen. Also, it is found that the certification does not report higher salaries; in fact, they are 2.8 % lower on average.

7.          Hubspot Email Marketing Certification

The certification is completely based on lifecycle marketing trends, email design, segmentation, analytics, deliverability, and optimisation. All the major topics are covered under the course that consists of nine classes taking up to 4 hours of the candidate’s time. Email marketing certification has been widely accepted in various fields. To exceed, you need to showcase your willingness to work in the industry and your uniqueness with your portfolio.

8.          Facebook Blueprint Certification

It is among the highest searched certification programs. The program is a package of two courses- Certified Buying Professional and Facebook Certified Planning Professional. The first one focuses on planning Facebook campaigns by optimising reach and frequency and how to target the audience in the best way to maximise the impact. The latter demonstrates how to improve efficiency in a certain area of data mining and reporting KPIs.

See the demand for this certification course, it is for sure that it will bring you a good salary.

9.          Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

The certification program monthly gets a search volume of more than 3,000. It covers the major concepts related to social media marketing. To complete the certification program, you will have to give an online exam consisting of  60 questions. Well, there are free online courses offered by Hootsuite to encourage the candidates for the certification course. The certification course is not as popular as Google or Facebook but it is definitely worth giving a shot.

10.        Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

This certification program has seen a monthly search of 9,120. It is best suited for content creators. The certification covers the major areas of building a valuable and scalable content library while sharing the best practices to deploy a successful content strategy.

The best part is the course is free of cost, and there is no reason for content marketers to leave this amazing opportunity.

Key Takeaways-

The final decision to choose a certification completely lies in the interest and willingness of a person. However, one can benefit a lot by having a conversation with an expert. You can always get in touch with Webomaze marketing experts to know about their job, required skills, and others. We have always supported and encouraged new talents and have appreciated their work.

We hope that the blog post has cleared everything about the top 10 trending market certification courses. For any further details, feel free to get in touch with our professionals.

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