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Top 10 Digital Marketing Certification Courses to Level Up Your Skills


Top 10 Digital Marketing Certification Courses to Level Up Your Skills

Digital marketing will reach $146 billion by 2023, growing at a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) Forrester Report.

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, digital marketing is the lone business continually transforming with new digital marketing trends. Hence, it is a great idea to kickstart or advance your career in the digital marketing industry. All the marketers, executives and professionals must stay updated with trends to stay ahead of others.

But, how do you advance your career? Or how to upgrade the skills? Well, you need to get trained or specialised by picking up a few of the courses. Having a certificate in a particular field gives employers, recruiters, or any hiring authorities a sign that the person searching for the job holds what specialty. Yet, not all certifications are worth it, meaning some will be just good for the money, and a few will be for the time. So, how to rectify it?

A good course will offer you the fundamental abilities to turn you into an effective digital marketer. We have got a list of the best digital marketing courses (paid & free) that you can avail of to level up your skills. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Certification Programs That are Worth Your Time and Money

1. Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Like the Google Partners certification given by Google, Bing Ads has an accredited professional certification to upgrade your abilities and skills in digital marketing. With the use of Bing Ads daily, the experts always stay up-to-date with trends.

The Bing Ads Accredited Professional Program gives free accreditation to enhance your knowledge of managing & improving a Bing Ads campaign. Microsoft Bing Ads certification tells you how to augment your ROI when advertising on the platform.

How to Become Bing Ads Accredited Certified?

The course is a complete package that comprises 100 questions, which centres around search engine marketing. It requires 90 minutes to finish the assignment. You can spend the course at the applicant’s comfort, which means they are allowed to choose the time and speed of the course. 

To finish the endorsement program, take the free courses at your speed to get ready for the test. You have infinite time to complete the test, & you need to acquire a score of 80% or higher to pass. During the test, you can highlight the complex queries to check at the end of the exam. Don’t panic if you fail to clear; there’s a retake option.  

How to Get Started?

Once you clear the exam, you will receive the Bing ads certification for one year. You successfully become a program member plus access the printable certificate, Accredited professional badge and much more for a year. The advantages of receiving access boost your brand recognition.

Cost: FREE

2. Pragmatic Marketing Certification

Pragmatic Marketing certification is considered the absolute standard in the product world. Product & data professionals prefer getting certified under Pragmatic than any other. And they have proudly issued more than 180,000 certifications worldwide.

Most companies look for and require Pragmatic certifications whenever hiring for product or data experts. It implies procuring your Pragmatic affirmations is everything you can manage for your profession. 

How to Become Pragmatic Marketing Certified?

The certification includes six unique courses, where each one offers different certificates on completion. The person can either go for face to face classes or take them online. Numerous business firms pay their representatives to go to classes and acquire the necessary information to dominate. 

Presumably, it is an expensive and tedious certification program if your organisation doesn’t take care of the bill; however, it will be significantly more beneficial and can offer a 5.6 % boost in your salary.

How to Get Started?

To get certified, you need to register on their website for the course and start your excursion as a certified product marketer. 

Cost: $1195

3. Google AdWords Certification

Digital marketing isn’t just about placing a banner ad on a website. It is so much more than that. Google AdWords has a powerful impact on organisations that want to boost their ROI for digital marketing. 

The Google Ads certification helps people to exhibit their knowledge from a broader angle. The certificate is legitimate for one year. This certification gives you a 2% increment in the salary. 

How to become Google AdWords certified?

This certification is offered by Google delivering a professional accreditation to the candidate. So, whosoever do this certification, considered as a skilled professional with an understanding of Google Advertisements. 

To get certified, you need to clear two certification exams, the AdWords fundamental exam. In contrast, you can choose between display advertising, search advertising, video advertising, and mobile advertising for shopping advertising for the second.

How to get started?

To start with, sign up as a Google Partner to learn more about Google Ads certification.  You need to create a free Google partner account and use Google Adwords to study their completely free learning material. Once you have done your studying thing and are ready to take the assessment, you can hit the button. If you didn’t clear, you can retake the exam right after seven days if you fail the first attempt.

Cost: Free

4. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The certification entirely focuses on expanding and developing the Google analytic skills of the candidate. Google offers free online classes in Google Analytics platform principles, digital analytics fundamentals, and various study guides.

Google Analytics is considered one of the best tools that every marketer want to leverage. It offers you options like reporting and data visualisation to analyse website traffic. It is easy to use for startups as well as established businesses. Google Analytics Individual Qualification course helps in market research analysis and allows you to get a hike of 1.2% in salary. 

How to become Google Analytics certified?

Actually, like Google AdWords certification, this too needs to get a Google partner account to take the assessment. It’s not that tough! You can go through the study material & take the exam for free. If you are unable to pass the exam, you can retake it in seven days. 

How to get started?

When you become Google Analytics certified, you will be viable at using Google Analytics within your organisation.   You can help other people to use this effective tool.  

Cost: Free

5. Hubspot Inbound Certification

Another certification that can blow your digital marketing career is the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification. HubSpot Academy offers this course. It will assist you in understanding the best practices, strategies of inbound marketing.

This certification is associated with a 2.4 % downfall in salary, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a job or higher pay. It just means that you have to be around for a while as this certification is the most popular and is commonly available in the digital market.

How to Become HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified?

The HubSpot inbound marketing certification is excellent for all inbound professionals and digital marketers. The certificate tells you how to engage the visitors, convert leads into sales and delight them to become repeat customers.  

It’s a five-hour course covering everything about inbound marketing techniques to draw in the target audience to your site to stay. It covers social media marketing, content creation, converting & nurturing leads, and substantially more. By learning about the basics and techniques of inbound marketing, you can build a unique inbound marketing strategy for your as well as your client’s business. 

How to get started?

All you need is to create a free account to register. Then, clicking on the certification program, you will find 8 lessons, 34 videos, 8 quizzes. The program covers blogging, SEO, lead nurturing, landing pages, reporting, and conversion analysis. You can move on at your own pace, and after every class, there’s a quiz that prepares you for the final examination right after the end of all classes.

Cost: Free

6. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

The content was, is & will be the king of the digital world. And, content marketing is the central pillar of an effective digital marketing strategy. Turning out to be HubSpot content marketing certified is a great way to strive for your profession and business.  

Nowadays, all marketers should have communication & writing skills. It would be great to understand how to build scalable & repeatable processes to execute their content marketing strategies. Every month, the search volume of this certification is approx. 9,120. Thus, it’s appropriate for content creators & there’s no reason for content marketers to leave it.

How to Become HubSpot Content Marketing Certified?

The certification comprises a 6 hours 20 minutes course with 12 exercises, 56 videos, and 11 quizzes. It covers content marketing strategies, including content ideation, content promotion, content repurposing, storytelling, content creation framework, and analysis.

By proceeding ahead with every video lecture, you find a small quiz in the end. Once you clear it, you move on to the next. And, once all 12 exercises are over, there’s a final quiz. It’s not compulsory to go through the course on the same day; you can move with your comfort. 

How to get started?

Create an account on HubSpot and click on the HubSpot Content Marketing certification. The certification has 14 lessons covering the significant areas of building an essential and adaptable content library while sharing the best procedure to deploy an effective content strategy.

Once you get certified, you’ll acquire the in-depth knowledge & valuable skills needed to become a successful content marketer.

Cost: Free

7. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification

Few businesses believe that Email marketing is dead. But, believe us, it’s not! It could be a viable method to enhance your customer base if you do it correctly. That makes this course an extraordinary asset to figure out how to get exact outcomes from your email marketing. 

HubSpot Email Marketing Certification is popular among marketers of various fields. To exceed, you need to showcase your willingness and uniqueness with a portfolio to work in the industry. This Certification course shows aspiring marketers how to produce an email marketing technique that will help develop their profession and business. 

How to Become HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified?

The certification establishes lifecycle marketing trends, email design, segmentation, analytics, deliverability, and optimisation. The whole course comprises 27 videos, 9 exercises, and 9 tests resulting in a presentable certificate upon completion. A person needs to spend a total of four hours on this course.

By the end of the course, you can structure an email marketing strategy that works for people and furnishes you with the data you need. 

How to get started?

Once you have acquired your email marketing certification through courses in subjects ranging from contact management to email deliverability and much more, you can create a human and helpful email marketing strategy.

Cost: Free

8. Facebook Blueprint Certification

It is one of the highest searched certification programs in demand & for sure will bring a good salary in hand. Facebook advertising is a powerful route for your businesses to reach the target audience & drive awareness. 

To make yourself different in digital marketing, you can turn into a Facebook certified proficient. Facebook’s Blueprint Certification recognises you as an advanced-level capability with Facebook’s products and services.

How to Become Facebook Blueprint Certified?

The certification comprises two courses- 

  • Certified Buying Professional: It focuses on planning Facebook campaigns by optimising reach and frequency and how to target the audience in the best way to maximise the impact.
  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional: It demonstrates how to improve efficiency in a particular area of data mining and report KPIs. 

To take any of the exams, you need to plan a proctored test online. Though you have to pass only one exam to get Facebook Blueprint certification, you should take a test to hold your status each year. The exams are challenging and need preparation as well as experience.

The certification is valid for two years. And, to refresh the course, you need to take a two-hour class, including 20 questions every year.

How to get started?

To get started with the certification, you acquire a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional digital badge to share on social media platforms. It is proof that you fall in advanced-level competency in the digital advertising industry. Now you have a complete understanding of Facebook ads – from building a marketing strategy to implementing it and analysing the outcomes.

Cost: $150 per exam

9. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification

For your information, the search volume of this certification is more than 3,000. It covers the critical ideas related to social media marketing. This certification isn’t popular like Facebook or Google, yet it is unquestionably worth trying out. 

From the introduction to the strategic planning process to advance social media techniques, Hootsuite offers all types of social media marketing training. The certification helps you understand how to build and grow the social media channel of any digital marketing business. 

How to Become Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification?

It includes different lessons like interactive textual and video-based lessons, with quizzes and a final qualifying exam. Also, it gives you relaxation to view the course content anytime you want and proceed or give the exam at your comfort.

To complete the certification program, you should take an online test consisting of 60 quizzes. Indeed, there are free online courses by Hootsuite to energise the candidates for the certification course.

How to get started?

When you go through the 60-question online test, your confirmation won’t ever lapse. You will get identification in the form of a badge to flaunt your professional expertise on your website or other social media platforms. 

Cost: $99- $400 as per courses you pick.

10. Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer

It is the premier content marketing certification given online. You likewise have the chance to be listed in the Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer registry on their site and become qualified for ace level preparation. 

Assemble your copywriting abilities and develop yourself as an expert content marketer. The course, in the end, provides an opportunity to earn the Copyblogger Certified badge, which is a recognised thing for many individuals or industries to be a great copywriter. 

How to Become a Copyblogger Certified?

This course is available to new and experienced duplicate/content essayists. It contains a four-week online course intended to make you a phenomenal author /writer who can execute a content strategy. It incorporates elite Q&A sessions eventually, on which the entire affirmation depends. 

You become confirmed by turning in your content samples to be audited by proficient writers by finishing the course. Once endorsed, you get your confirmation that it doesn’t ever expire. 

How to Get Started?

To enrol for the Copyblogger Certification Program, you need to submit your email address to notify when signups open, usually open twice a year.

Cost: $495

Key Takeaways

The final decision to choose a certification depends on the interest and willingness of a person. However, one can benefit a lot by having a conversation with an expert. You can always get in touch with Webomaze marketing experts to know about their job, required skills, and others. We have always supported and encouraged new talents and have appreciated their work.

We hope that the blog post has cleared everything about the top trending market certification courses. For any further details, feel free to get in touch with our professionals.

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