WordPress Plugin Development: Ultimate Guide to Build Great Websites

Once considered a mere blogging tool has now evolved as the best open-source CMS platform. Indeed, every business is now opting for the WordPress plugin development to customise their website as per business prerequisites. 

The content management system (CMS) is now powering 40.0% of all websites on the internet. Also, WordPress has gone a long way to be considered a famous Content Management System. It empowers your business to use advanced techniques from online portals to blogs and endeavour sites. 

Creating a website is an investment of both- time and money. Every business wants to stay ahead of competitors in the era of breakneck speed. That’s why they need to coordinate with the hired company or a developer providing WordPress development services.  

To build up a great WordPress website for your business, you should comprehend the platform’s in-depth knowledge. Let’s deep dive into this, clearing the basics first-

WordPress: An Overview

Launched in 2003, WordPress is the gold standard in CMS, offering a great backend and front-end user experience. It has now gone through numerous enhancements, security upgrades, iterations, and news updates; and made considerable progress by becoming the heart of all websites.  

With WordPress, you can develop different types of websites related to eCommerce, education, blogs, events, weddings, portfolios, forums, and much more. It offers usability and adaptability to run your site quickly. It obliges your business online improvement activity with CMS facilities. WordPress enables users to build a highly customised website as per their business requirements.

There are two types of WordPress, It is a kind of website builder that creates and hosts a website for free. Most business owners use this as it has various plugins and themes to install for their website. It is a powerful platform for autonomous proprietors. They can install the tools and control the functionality of the website.  

Now that you have a fair idea of WordPress, let’s come to the topic that our blog is all about – The WordPress plugin development. The plugin is the core that makes WordPress the most loved and unique.

WordPress Plugin: An Overview

WordPress plugin is a program or software made of at least one or various functions. Plugins enable you to increase the functionality of WordPress without touching the core. It is the building block of a website that functions like an app on your smartphone. It coordinates with a WordPress web page to customise the website’s features and functions as per business needs. It can either redesign your existing features or add new ones to the website. 

WordPress plugin supports the PHP programming language, which by default connects to the website. In a plugin PHP file, all you need is a plugin Header, a few PHP functions, and hooks to attach your functions with. Developers facilitate more than 48,000 free and open-source plugins accessible in’s plugin repository. In comparison, you can even purchase a paid subscription from the WordPress premium plugin directory.

WordPress plugin is easy to switch, Convenient to use, and can replace them very quickly with the other ones anytime. It is simple to install, uninstall, and disable if not required. If your site gets slowed down by one Plugin, you can find a faster one or entirely delete it. The plugin PHP file allows site owners to exert precise control over site efficiency. In general, for improving the website’s functionality, we always want to have the fastest set of plugins possible.

Why are Businesses Opting for WordPress Plugin Development?

opting for wordPress plugin development

With plugins, it would be effortless to take the WordPress capabilities to the next level. WordPress plugin development provides a suitable means of enhancing its functionality. So, one should use plugins to increase business profits. You can expand your site’s functionality beyond what is available on the core framework with WordPress without changing any code directly.

Here are a few good reasons to create a WordPress plugin:

Free & Open-Source Software

WordPress is open-source, which is free for large communities to download. It turns out great for beginners as well as the established ones. Later on, if you wish to add on a few extra WordPress plugin services, you can opt for plans. 

It can begin at around $3 each month for the genuinely moderate shared servers and go right to up to a couple of hundred every month for those requiring high speed and execution. Everything relies upon your experience and the size of your website.

Responsive Designs

94% of all mobile and tablet search traffic comes from Google.

Google hates websites that are not mobile-friendly and ranks them lowest on the result pages. Nowadays, the main focus of every business is building a mobile-first design. With WordPress, you can establish your dream business website. All you need is to create a WordPress plugin list to leverage the most out of the platform. You don’t need to update your whole site to function on tablets and smartphones. 

Every modern WordPress theme supports a responsive design, which means that your WordPress site automatically scales to look attractive on every device. It has a mobile view option for websites that aren’t responsive. It further helps many front-end developers to select by default themes to base their designs.

SEO Optimised

It’s better to have no website at all rather than having a website without SEO. Today, everybody develops a website, keeping SEO perspective in mind. The biggest reason behind doing SEO is to get crawled on Google. 

Make sure you acquire the knowledge of SEO and its framework before getting started. And, this gets easy when you use WordPress. Yes, websites developed on WordPress are by default SEO optimised as the structure it follows is already recognised by the web crawlers.

Improved Speed

For SEO and ranking, what matters the most for a website is- Speed. In this fast-paced world, time is money. Everyone wants information in a matter of flick. Thus, no visitor would like to stay on your page if it takes more than three seconds to browse/download. 

The good thing about new WordPress updates is that they sometimes come with minor upgrades to work on their speed. Thus, it further enhances the user experience.

Enhanced Security with Bug Fixing

WordPress security should not be trifled with since it is possibly the main thing for your whole business. The WordPress source code is promptly accessible to the overall population. 

It means hackers can easily crack the code to discover vulnerabilities and take advantage. To counter this, WordPress developers are always busy concocting new forms/updates that will fix bugs and increase security. 

7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Install

must have wordpress plugins to install

Whether you are running a blogging site, eCommerce site, or any service-providing website, here are the specific must-have WordPress plugins that you can install to make your website rise and shine.


Engaging with visitors becomes easy via live chats and chatbots. It quickly encourages your visitors to convert them into leads with popups and forms. 

Yoast SEO

Creating and publishing quality content isn’t enough; optimisation is also vital to rank on SERPs and attract new visitors. The Yoast SEO plugin builds your organic traffic using simple SEO techniques.

WP Rocket

This plugin is a powerful caching solution to accelerate your website with robust features like GZIP compression, cache preloading, Google Fonts optimisation, and DNS prefetching.


You don’t have to be a coding expert to build your dream site. Elementor is a page builder to create custom pages with unique designs. Also, various templates are available which can be customised to create responsive pages with drag-and-drop features.


Create delightful and user-friendly contact forms with accessible drag-and-drop features. It even allows businesses to create forms for online, email subscriptions, payments, surveys, reviews, and much more with just a few clicks. 

Google Analytics Dashboard

Now, set up Google Analytics within the WordPress dashboard without a developer or any code required. MonsterInsights made this plugin interface with the WordPress site quickly. 


Set up custom 301 redirects with few taps and keep a check on 401 errors to improve your WordPress website’s ranking. It even reduces the no. of visitors landing on error. 

How to Work with WordPress Plugins

First, understand how the primary system of WordPress works to create WordPress plugins. They are mostly software that uses hooks to communicate the codes. WordPress offers two types of hooks: behaviour and filters. These two elements are commonly used in plugin development. To know in detail, read below:


An action by WordPress refers to a particular event that will take place at a specific time. Through activities, the features of your plugin can be added or modified. When the action is activated, the functions attached to the action will be carried out. 

There are dozens of pre-defined behaviours of plugins that come with WordPress. You may use them according to your choice.


WordPress filters are hooks that accept a single variable or several variables and then return them after modification. In short, filters allow you to adjust the user content. The application filter function is used to build WordPress filters and specifies within that function. 

By using the filter hook application, you can create your filter. The add filter function can then be used to execute it. You can then add any specific function to the filter to control and return the variable.


With plugin development, you can put shortcodes that are user-oriented bits of code. It allows developers to build custom features for visitors to their pages quickly. The editor, menus, and widgets can place shortcodes in the posts and pages, etc. A variety of WordPress plugins use shortcodes. 

WordPress plugins are handy for internal links to old blogs. With the add shortcode feature, you can build your shortcode. The first variable is your short code’s name, and the second variable is the output function. Three values are used in the output function: attributes, content, and name.


The use of WordPress widgets allows the functionality of the device through an interface in WordPress. By expanding the WP Widget class, you can build a widget. It uses object-oriented widget architecture, ensuring that the functions and values are stored in the same class entity. 

You can efficiently structure your code and link to the API with the WordPress plugin. Then you can use some of the basics, such as scripts and styles, of the development of plugins. 

Finally, the building blocks are created for WordPress plugin development like custom content types and taxonomic, admin settings, HTML content performance, widgets, and shortcode creation. 

Know About Plugin Form

Dividing the plugin into many files and directories can be simpler if you construct complex functions, and this functionality is in WordPress plugins. You have to pick the desired plugin, and after some modification, your work becomes more manageable. 

You can put this in the main plugin file and add different files for other features if your plugin focuses on one main class. You can generate the normal CSS and JavaScript directories to store the necessary plugin file to improve the back end of WordPress with customisable controls.  

In general, the goal is to balance the structure, usability, and minimalism of the architecture. If possible, you can also split your plugin into several folders, but don’t go overboard. The WordPress plugin directory or the Envato Market has a great many plugins on sale. So, you don’t have to substitute the training to code for custom plugins if you’d like to take WordPress capabilities to the next stage.

Naming your Plugin and Features

There is caution in naming the functions, classes, and modules themselves when building a WordPress plugin. If you are using your plugin to produce significant excerpts, it might be reasonable to call it “excerpts.” But these names are much too common and overlap with other plugins with similar names. 

While using WordPress plugin Development, you must change the title. Using specific prefixes is the most common approach. You can, for example, use “acme excerpt” or something that is not likely to fit the naming scheme of anyone else.

Importance of Security Plugin

If you plan to distribute your plugin, then protection is essential because you now fiddle with other people’s websites, not just your own. All security actions you take are worthy of your product, so you should keep an eye on protecting your plugin. Only look at the principal in a nutshell for now; once you understand that, you should think about implementation.

The security of your plugin depends typically on its stability. The plugin does not assist in spreading ambiguous knowledge. This security includes filtering the input of the user, escaping queries to avoid SQL injections, etc. The second part ensures the consumer is empowered to perform a specific action. 

It essentially means that it should only be possible for users to remove data (such as administrators). The aim to protect visitors implies that a hacker has not deceived visitors.

Final Thoughts

Having a significant online presence is a must for every startup or established business. But, when choosing a platform to build your website, companies often get puzzled about making the right decision. So, the easy and obvious solution to all these concerns is WordPress. It is a powerful platform to build your website, considering the cost, time, and effort in mind. It can be greatly enhanced, but it illustrates perfectly the basis for using plugins. Moreover, you can build skills that can benefit you in non-WordPress environments by studying WordPress creation trends. WordPress plugin development allows websites to be more flexible and increase functionality to stay ahead of the pack

This blog gives you a clear overview of WordPress, WordPress plugins, why WordPress websites are essential for businesses, popular plugins, and how it works. When it comes to installing great plugins to your website, it’s essential to read the information available as much as possible to make the right decision. 

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