Website User Experience – Why & How is it Important in Design

Believe it or not, a website is the heart of every online business that consistently drives traffic from all your marketing efforts. In addition, a website is likely to be the first interaction a customer will have with any online brand. Therefore, a website user experience can define the type of relationship you have with a customer.

Whether a visitor converts to a lead/sale, becomes a loyal or recurrent customer, or never returns to the brand – it depends on how you present your website. Thus, you must invest in & plan on keeping your website up-to-date and giving your visitors the best possible experience.

It takes visitors just 0.05 seconds or, says 50 milliseconds, to form an initial feeling of a website design.

Almost 38% of people will quit engaging with a website if they find the content and design unattractive.

So, by now, it must be clear to you that website user experience (UX) decides whether a website floats, sinks, or takes off. For your information, a Google algorithm update is soon rolling out by the end of May, launching new ranking signals explicitly related to UX.

To avail the best user experience for your website, we’ll study in this blog about UX, why and how it is essential in designing. Keep reading…

User Experience – An Introduction 

User experience (UX) is a vital part of an effective inbound marketing strategy. Regardless of whether you’re developing a new site, reviving a current one, or redesigning, it’s imperative to consider UX as a feature of your web strategy. 

UX portrays every interaction your user has with your website for products and services. It’s not just about the product or service, yet the experience of buying and using it. A better user experience means it is easy to use, enjoyable, helpful or meets a particular requirement. 70% of CEOs currently see user experience (UX) as a competitive edge, helping to attract, convert, & retain customers. Indeed, for every $1 invested in UX, brands can see an average of $100 consequently – an ROI of 9,900%.

Elements Influencing Website User Experience

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Numerous elements impact user experience, which thus can make or break your business. They are: 

Value —  Does your content/product/service make customer’s time spent on the site valuable? Is it unique or original enough to fulfil the customer’s needs?

Usability — Is your website easy to access?

Usefulness — Does your site fulfil users’ necessities?

Desirable — Does your brand hit an emotional chord with a customer? Like websites must use images, infographics, audio/videos, or any other method to summon their feelings. 

Findable — Is your site easy to navigate or locate onsite and offsite? 

Accessible — Can users access your website with disabilities?

Credible — Does your brand, content, identity, or service build the trust and loyalty of the user?

Why is the Website User Experience Important?

The significance of user experience truly comes through when you plan to design and optimise a website that focuses on the audience. If you create a website that appears ugly, hard to access, & doesn’t help visitors achieve their goals, they’ll start feeling baffled and irate by leaving the website. Keep in mind that you are simply burning through the user’s time by designing an awful website. 

On the other hand, UX is all about creating a digital interface that works precisely the way your visitor expects. The interactions are well-designed & intuitive so that users don’t even have to think. They just open, read, scroll, and otherwise interact until they reach the conversion. In short, that’s what UX web design is.

When it comes to website designing, always consider every visitor as your potential customer. In this way, you should be sure that your website shows every element and offers the level of interaction that will keep the visitors continually coming back in search of more.

Here are different ideas to consider as you plan your website for a better user experience.

Customer Loyalty

Don’t let your customers go into the arms of your competitors by offering them bad user experiences on your website. If your website wows your audience, you’ll begin to breed loyalty with just the first few site interactions. The longer you engage users on your website with best UX practices, the more loyal your customers will become. Thus, representing an ideal scenario for long term business success.

Return on Investment & Conversion Rates

Your business achievement isn’t a simple estimation in dollars. However, improved UX can make your buyer’s journey more streamlined and shorten the time from lead to sale. It thus enhances the quality of your leads. Meaning, only those with substantial interest will continue the conversion, and you’re bound to experience more return business from happy and satisfied customers.


If your UX is being used to enhance a business intranet, for instance, keeping the processes proficient helps employees keep up the most significant levels of productivity. But, even website visitors will like having the option to achieve more in less time. For example, the faster you transform leads into sales in eCommerce, the more chances you’ll have of earning more sales every day.

Customer Satisfaction

As we mentioned above, always consider your website visitors as your potential customers looking for an effective & easy solution for their problem. When your website can offer them what they want or look for in a fast and intuitive way, they’ll be bound to remain with you, linger on you, and be your recurrent customers.

How Is Website User Experience Important?

For effective web designing, you need to do thorough UX research and invest in the UX design process. A good UX design is user-oriented & objective-based. With great UX, here’s how your website will stand out among competitors.

Boost Website Traffic 

Everyone wants to increase traffic on the website. It is the only way that will be useful in generating leads and increasing conversion rates. You should try to operate a fully optimised website with a good user experience for such a task. It leaves the best impression on the users. As a result, they love to revisit your website. 

If you are hiring a quality designer and developer, they can provide an eye-catching and pleasing design. On these websites, visitors love to explore more pages and gather information as much as possible. 

Mobile-Friendly UI

The mobile interface of a website plays the most significant role. On the internet, the majority of searches take place with the usage of mobile devices. Therefore, it becomes crucial for website owners to design a mobile-friendly interface and provide the best user experience to mobile users. 

Over 60% of Google searches occur on mobile devices, so mobile website UX should be your top priority. Using AMP pages can significantly improve loading times on mobile devices with cache-optimized results. Google recommends the AMP Page Experience Guide as a way for AMP developers to analyse and enhance mobile page performance.

Increase Business Leads 

Earning profit is the first and vital objective of all businesses. All business owners spend money on promotions and marketing only for generating leads. Lead generation will help them in approaching sales and conversions. To get these results, you must focus on website designing and its elements. 

A designer who knows your industry and business type can design an appropriate website. A good design can fulfil the visitor’s requirements by which they can get the required information in no time. 

Increase Customer Engagement 

Business and website reputation entirely depends on the response of visitors. If visitors are spending a long time on the website and end their sessions by subscribing to something like – contact form, newsletter, buying services plan, placing queries, and so on, it is an achievement. These types of results occur with a better website user experience only. 

A user-friendly website leads to customer engagement, by which credibility increases. It builds trust among the audience and provides quality results in the future. 

Be Different from Competitors 

The website’s design is the only element that can differentiate you from the competitors. Therefore, you should hire professional designers and developers who can analyse competitor’s websites first and create a unique one. If you think of making an eCommerce platform, you need to be specific and design that highlights and describes all your products perfectly. 

Boost Website Usability 

The usability of a site depends on the information that you are sharing. Meaning, the factor of usability entirely depends on the behaviour of visitors. In case visitors do not spend time on the website and leave the pages quickly. It even increases the bounce rate and becomes a reason for some adverse effects. On the other hand, if the visitors get a user-friendly interface, they like to use your website to acquire available information. Therefore, it also increases the chances of their return. 

Regional Audience 

It is essential to focus on the requirements or desires of the targeted audience. For example, suppose you want to run a website targeting an audience of a specific region only. In that case, you should try to add some specific elements related to that particular area. It helps in providing the best interface as the audience expects and receives desired outcomes. 

Use Appealing Graphics 

The design should be appealing to grab the individuals’ attention quickly and encourage them to perform some actions. The addition of eye-catching graphics can make things easier here. Highly skilled designers know how to create such graphics and place them ideally on the website. 

Final Thoughts

Having a website provides an excellent source for working on increasing online visibility and sales. It helps in achieving business goals quickly by targeting more audiences. You can set targeted areas or as per your business efficiency. All these things will provide beneficial results only if you have a well-designed website.

A good website with a rich user experience can engage and attract visitors to become customers by availing of the services. This Blog will ultimately help you understand why and how user experience is vital in developing a website. Also, you have to hire the leading website design & development company to leverage the quality services and achieve desired objectives. 

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