What Is WordPress? – A Complete Guide Of The World’s Best CMS

Having a good website is the first requirement for all businesses these days. For a website, an individual needs to focus on website design & development, content management system, marketing & promotions, and maintenance.
When it comes to CMS, then WordPress is leading the industry. Today, we are going to discuss some factors about WordPress and figure out what makes it the world’s best content management system (CMS).

WordPress – An Introduction

WordPress is known as the best source for creating and running your own blog or complete website successfully. As per the recent stats, more than 20% of websites are powered by WordPress worldwide. The use of this particular platform is completely free. The users are capable of making changes in the websites as they want. With the services of a professional WordPress developer Melbourne, you can create an impressive website for achieving your business goals. 

What Is CMS?

As we know, designing and development of a website is a daunting task. It needs programming knowledge and skills for adding different types of effects and elements. With the assistance of a content management system like WordPress, the hurdle can be overcome. The use of CMS will eliminate the requirement of programming skills. Users have different types of tools of the content management system for getting desired results. 

In other words, you can say that it makes the task of website development easier where you do not need to write codes. 

Difference Between And

Mainly people are getting confused between and They consider both ones similar. In reality, both domains are providing different services. Here, you can figure out the details.

It is known as the self-hosted WordPress. Its services are completely free and you can install WordPress software on the device. By installing software on your web host, you can create your own website without any kind of copyright issue.

It is launched for earning profit with some paid services. powers the functionality and services of Using it is simpler. While talking about flexibility, then it is lacking a little bit from a self-hosted point of view. 

These things will help you in understanding a major difference. Whenever individuals use the term “WordPress”, then they represent 

Features – Major Reason Behind Popularity Of WordPress Worldwide

Common Features

  • Simple and easy to understand interface

It is a highly simple content management system that you can understand easily. You can create & maintain the website and update content without facing barriers. The simplicity of interface and platform saves lots of time for users. 

  • Highly flexible 

WordPress is not all about creating and managing blogs. It can be used for several purposes and achieving all types of online business goals. With the help of a huge number of themes and plugins, your website can be the most impressive one. Moreover, it allows you to build your own application. 

  • Easy to publish content 

For website maintenance, you need to update it regularly by adding some new posts or updating existing pages. It makes the task of creating and publishing the content much easier. You are able to insert media files for increasing effectiveness. By clicking on a single button, you can make posts & pages live and be working on the web.

  • Tools to publish content

To publish content flawlessly, there are some specific tools provided by the software. These tools will allow you to save posts as drafts, check out revisions or edits you made, and schedule publication of posts like fixing date & time. With it, you can use some advanced features such as – private or public posts and keeping posts & pages password protected. 

  • User management 

Some users get help from some professionals for completing all types of tasks. Here, they need to provide access to others. The availability of user management features will help you in applying some restrictions and provide access as per the requirements only. It helps in keeping privacy and managing work as well. 

  • Media management

The use of media makes the content and website attractive. With WordPress, the users are able to add media as much they can. For managing all media files and making some changes, there is a specific media library available. If you are interested in making some editing in images, then you can see some editing tools. The addition of an impressive image will help you in delivering a message perfectly. 

  • Full standards compliance 

It will help you in creating a website with full compatibility. It means you do not worry about the accessibility of the website. Your website is easily accessible on all types of browsers as per today’s technology. Along with it, you should not worry about the upcoming browsers’ generation. 

  • A huge variety of themes 

The impressiveness of a website depends on the selection of themes and some other elements. Here, you will get lots of options in the form of themes. All themes are categorised as per the type of website. You can easily search for it according to the requirements. In case you do not like the existing themes or facing any trouble, then you can upload your own theme. No one can stop you here from giving an effective and eye-catching look to the website. 

  • Plugins

WordPress never disappoints the users, for creating a fully functional website with lots of features, the users have the option of plugins. With the addition of plugins, you can add all desired functionalities to the website and make things easier like – fine-tune controls for SEO, calendars, forms, spam protection, forums, complex galleries, social networking, and social media widgets. 

  • Comment section 

If you are planning for a blogging website, then you need to make it interactive. With the addition of a comment section, it can be possible. It will allow the readers to present their views after checking out the posts. Consequently, you can build a good connection channel. It provides a better user experience. By using comment tools, you can start forum discussion and be able to moderate it where you want. 

  • SEO with ease 

For promotions and some other purposes, search engine optimisation services are highly important. WordPress provides specific plugins that can make your task completion easier and get full control over the website’s SEO. 

  • Different languages 

The software is designed with a user-friendly interface. All users may not understand a single or common language. For avoiding this particular issue, it is available with the option of over 70 languages. You can set up the language interface as you want. 

  • Installation & upgrades 

Mostly, the individuals are facing barriers when it comes to installation & upgrades. It happens due to the lack of knowledge. In the case of WordPress, these things are not going to happen. This particular content management system is easy to understand and perform all types of activities easily. 

  • Own your data 

While using it for creating and managing the website, no one can interrupt you and access your data. Complete access to all these things is controlled by only you. You have the right to make decisions, who can access your data, content, and other stuff. If you allow others, then they can. It helps you in keeping things safe and secure. 

  • Feel free

WordPress Melbourne provides complete freedom to the users. You can create, operate, and update your website as you want. No one will instruct or restrict you while using the software and its features. You have complete freedom for using WordPress, making changes, access distribution, and all. It helps you in chasing the goals quickly with full protection. 

  • Community 

It is the most popular and highly content management system. For keeping the users satisfied and troubleshooting their issues, it provides a good support channel. To get rid of the issues, you can raise a question through a support forum. After that, a professional volunteer will be assigned for your assistance and provide a perfect solution to the issues. 

Developer features 

  • Build a custom type of content 

WordPress is a fully-featured platform with default content types. In case you want something more and different, then you can choose the option of a custom content type. All you need to do is, add some lines of codes as per your requirements. It will help you in working in your own direction according to the requirements and objectives. 

  • Application framework 

The majority of users know WordPress as the source of website design and development only. It is beyond your thoughts. It also provides assistance in the development of an application. To build a good website, it has lots of features like user management,  translations, HTTP requests, URL routing, database, and so on. 

  • Custom theme development 

As we know, the platform is full of themes and associated elements. If you want something different, then you are able to choose the option of custom development of themes. You are able to design & develop a theme as you want and upload it to WordPress for further website procedures. 

  • Plugin system

Plugins are useful in making the website more functional and provide a better experience to the visitors. For making sure success in the business, you can develop your own plugin with WordPress for fulfilling the website’s requirements. 

These are some major features that you can use while availing of the WordPress services. 

How Can WordPress Be Used?

In the beginning, WordPress was only a blogging platform where users create their own blogs and share the information. Now it is completely changed, you can use it for designing and managing different types of websites. Here are some examples:

Business sites 

For showcasing your business and services, a well-designed website is required. With the help of a good WordPress Designer, you can create the best business website. Here, you can share all relevant details about business such as – future updates, news, branding, building online presence, and sharing contact details. It makes the business more visible and profitable. 

Community hubs

Some individuals are interested in creating community websites for targeting a specific niche and group of audience. To achieve the goal, you can prepare forums, knowledge bases, wikis, fan sites, and some other community creating websites. 

eCommerce platform

Do you want to run your own online store? WordPress will help you in designing & developing the best eCommerce website with lots of features and functionalities. In order to add commerce based functions to the website, you can use the WooCommerce plugin. 

News website

If you are interested in running news providing websites, then blogging part of WordPress will help you. It can be used for creating article submission and newscasting websites. The reason behind it is the availability of features. Blogging section will provide all required features for news sites. 

Affiliate marketing website 

There are several solutions and options available for creating own affiliate marketing websites or monetizing them. 


A professional always wants to increase online presence and visibility by showcasing the skills, achievements, work, and previous projects. By creating an impressive portfolio website with WordPress will help you in completing it perfectly. 

These are some major options available for you to create an effective website. You can visit and explore numerous other features on the platform. For creating the most impressive website, you should get help from the WordPress design and development professionals. 

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