Why Is SEO Important For Startups?

For every entrepreneur, Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of building a successful startup. According to experts, many startup founders neglect this low cost and highly rewarding business strategy.

Search engine optimisation is one of the powerful tools for any startup, and it does not affect the budget as well. Running a startup is a big dream, and people work very hard to create a product. SEO can be an integral part of your game plan. Search engine optimisation will not drain the budget and will remain a major source of targeted traffic. Search engine optimisation is not only about gaining organic traffic, but it is also about understanding and trusting your audience and other things as well. 

SEO can be tricky for any business. With a startup, you need to make the impact fast, get things moving, and you need to start building tractions before the funds run out. Hiring SEO experts can be beneficial. But there are also some SEO shortcuts that you can take advantage of. 

Here are some points which will state why SEO is well worth for your business – 

Better visibility of a website

Running a startup business means that the only people who know about your business will be the people who are typing your web address in the Google search box which includes you and your team members. If you want others to see your project, then you have to invest in the paid advertisement, or you should start up with product page SEO, which will help your rank high in search results. Once search engine optimisation yields results, then you can easily make it to the top ten websites. It will also increase and improve your website visibility, and organically the audience will be able to check and discover your website. 

The number of visitors you will receive will depend on your business type, the keyword you rank for, and the SERP position where the higher ranking is equal to higher visibility. Your website visibility will grow more as you move upward in the ranking ladder; more and more people will pick you up in the search over other websites.

Enhance the trust of the users

When a website starts to rank high for a keyword, users and audience begin to trust you the brand. Audience and users believe that when your website ranks higher in SERPs is more credible. Google now favors those websites which demonstrate higher in EAT – expertise, authority, and in trustworthiness.

Therefore, when the audience spots the website at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) while searching for the content, it will enhance the brand trust. This indicates they will be more eager and keen to check your website when they see your brand on the web or in SERP. 

Target traffic which last

Once your website ranks in the top ten and Google decides that your website is worth staying there in the top, you can easily rely on the steady flow of organic traffic. This organic traffic can last for some months or even for a few years. The traffic will not go anywhere, unlike the traffic which you get from the paid advertising campaigns. This is one of the main reasons for all the startup companies to pick up search engine optimisation over other acquisitions. 

One more important reason to choose SEO is the quality of traffic that it brings. Ranking higher for a keyword will bring more traffic, which can easily convert into buyers. You only need to provide the audience what they are looking for. The audience comes to the search engine with some search intent; it can be they want the best makeup product or some tips that can help them solve their problems. If your website can fulfill the users’ requirements, you will get more interesting leads that can help you go deep in your marketing funnel and easily turn leads into a customer. 

Local business visitors

Startups that do their businesses locally require attracting more and more visitors for their business rather than for their website; they can easily take advantage of Search Engine Results Pages. Research is an important component that customers prefer to do online. According to recent research, 80% of Phone users search online for the product before buying it. People run for local search to choose a clinic, restaurant, club, or mall. Around 90% of users mainly click on the first-page results when they run a local search. This means you need to rank higher so that the users can spot you. 

To make Google know about your business, you should start by creating a Google My Business profile. Google My Business will have all the essential information that your audience may need, such as your contact details, reviews from the customers, office timings, photos of the store, and links to your website. It is important to fill in all the details that can motivate the audience to visit your website—for instance, adding the photos of your restaurant’s menu or the list of the services your clinic offers can make a big change in the visitor list.  A complete profile with positive users’ reviews can help you to rank higher in the local searches. 

Budget allocation

One more important reason to do Search engine optimisation is that your money is spent well. SEO is mainly associated with the expenses of hiring an SEO specialist and getting the important tools for the work. Attracting users with paid advertisements can cost much more. Opting for Search Engine optimisation is a great way to save your budget to invest more in your product and website development. 

Data creates a customer persona

To meet customer intent, one should know and understand the needs of the customers. But this is not the case with the startups as they need to get acquainted with the audience. Keyword research is one of the important SEO strategies which can help the startup to get some insights. This will also help you to learn what customers are looking for on Google. You only need to do meaningful keyword research. 

One more important thing one should do is always Google analytics code in your website – this will allow you to track the useful information, including the age, gender, and location of the audience who have visited your website. For startups and companies who don’t want to spend on large ads campaigns, Search engine optimisation  is the greatest way to build your brand. You should opt for the best SEO company to provide you with the best results in less time.

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