Boost Your Online Sales With Product Page SEO – 10 Major Tips


Boost Your Online Sales With Product Page SEO – 10 Major Tips

In case of the online business or eCommerce, everyone wants to sell their products as more as they can. For the online business success, SEO services are appearing as the best option by which you can dominate the organic traffic and search results. Similarly, the online store owners have to get assistance from product page SEO for promotions and making things better.

Product Page SEO – An Overview

When it comes to implement some specific SEO tactics or SEO Agency Sydney strategies by targeting a specific page of the product, then it can be considered as the product page SEO. For such a task, the interested ones need to perform all types of search engine techniques and practices such as –

After completing both types of activities and maintaining a proper consistency, you can get the product pages ranked. It can be useful in impressing the audience easily and drive the best results quickly.

Key Tips For Product Page SEO

Product page SEO can deliver lots of benefits and it happens only when you are going to hire the best SEO experts and run the procedure perfectly. Here, you will get some major tips.

URL Optimisation

URL optimisation is the most important step to take. While creating the product page URL, you have to take care of lots of things such as – total characters, URL nature, and so on. You have to make sure, it is easy to read and rememberable. In case you don’t have a perfect URL, then you may face some issues from the search engine end.

Search engine bots are checking the web pages by focusing on lots of things and rank the pages that are good from the human point of view. You should not exceed the character limit of a URL 2083 characters. Along with it, you should try to keep it simple by which humans can easily remember it. With all these things, you should avoid the use of underscores and consider dashes for separating the words.

One more thing that you should keep in mind while optimising the URL is, don’t use articles or single words in URL. It will increase the character limits only and decrease the SEO-friendliness.

Product Title Optimisation

Now it’s time for the product title. It is another important element from both SEO and audience point of view. The product title is going to appear in the search results. You can also consider it as the Meta title. While creating such a title, you need to follow a specific limit of 60 characters. In case your title is exceeding such limit, then it cannot be considered as good for online success.

Title with more than 60 characters starts breaking down. Due to it, your title is not going to appear perfect in the search results and that may lead to a bad impact on the visitors and search engines. With it, you should try to add your main keyword to the title carefully.

H1 Tag

H1 tag is completely similar to the product or Meta title. In the case of the H1, you are not bonded with any kind of limits. You should try to make it attractive and informative as you can. For such a task, you should also try to add the main focus phrase and an attractive feature of the product to the H1 as well. It will grab the attention of visitors and search engine bots quickly.

Meta Description

You have to provide a unique description of the page to the search engines. The ranking of your product page highly depends on such a description. While working on such a description, you have to be focused on the character limit and it is 160 characters. In case you are going to exceed such a limit, then it may lead to lots of issues.

You are required to such a limit smartly by which you can easily describe the product and page perfectly. In case you are not able to do so, then it becomes difficult to impress the audience easily and get organic traffic from the search results.

  • Product’s name
  • Keywords
  • Features and characteristics of the product
  • Special services associated with a product like – discount or free shipping

These are some major elements that you should not forget to include in the Meta description.

Content Optimisation

Content optimisation is going to be the biggest thing when it comes to SEO and promotes things online. There is not any kind of limit applied for adding content on a page. With it, you have to take care of some major factors such as –

  • Content should be unique
  • It should contain proper keyword count
  • Content should be formatted perfectly
  • Use of keywords in the headings
  • It should include complete information about the product
  • Content should be easy to understand and SEO & user-friendly

In case you are going to write content by keeping all these things in mind, then you are capable of getting better SEO results and easily get your product page ranked on the internet. During all these things, you have to take care of one thing, please avoid the keyword stuffing. It is not good according to the search engine algorithms and guidelines.

Image Optimisation

When it comes to the product page SEO, then images are becoming highly crucial. It does not matter what kind of product you are dealing with. You have to add some quality images related to it. The addition of images will help visitors or buyers to figure out how it looks like.

For such a task, you should capture images from different angles, and don’t forget to get the assistance of a professional photographer here. A professional is capable of capturing the image perfectly and describe all elements with ease. With it, you should be focused on the optimisation part.

In reality, search engines are not capable of reading the content available in the images. Here, you have to mention alternative text carefully. Search engine bots are going to understand images by reading the ALT text. You should describe the image perfectly by adding alternative text and image description.

Add Videos

The addition of videos on the product pages is going to be a great task. It is useful in fulfilling the requirements of all types of visitors. Sometimes, the visitors don’t love to read a lengthy content and check out different types of images. Here, they believe in watching a fully featured video that contains complete information about the product and some other related factors.

To impress and get connected with this particular kind of audience, you should try to create and upload some product videos on the pages. When you are going to add a video, then you should try to avoid its direct upload. Uploading such content directly may create issues like website servers become heavier and perform slowly.

In case you use a third-party source for such a thing, then you will get lots of benefits. By embedding URL from that particular source you can display a video on your website. It will lead to lots of benefits and help you to keep the website running perfectly.

Open Graph Meta Tags

Many individuals are not aware of the open graph Meta tags. These ones can be considered as similar to the normal Meta tags. The major difference between both sources is, normal Meta tags are going to be displayed in the search engine results. The open graph Meta tags are displayed when you are going to share a link on social media platforms.

Open Graph Meta tags are not going to lead any impact on the SEO results. When it comes to the audience and deliver the right information, then you can find it highly beneficial. Most commonly open graph Meta tags are going to be set for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Product Reviews And Ratings

Sharing product reviews and ratings on the product pages can be a great technique. Reviews are going to be useful in gaining the trust of the buyers and increase the website credibility. It is the source by which you can make sure that the buyers will understand the usage and importance of a product.

You should display reviews and ratings of previous buyers on the product page. Along with it, you should try to provide a feature of leaving reviews and ratings for new customers as well. Try to add some attractive elements and encouraging content, by which they love to do so and you will get proper feedback regarding your services and product quality.


It can be a great way for grabbing the attention of buyers to other products as well. Here, you have to add some internal links to the product pages. On the basis of these internal links, you are capable of showcasing more products.

This particular thing is also useful in increasing conversion rates as well. When it comes to mention these types of products, then you have to focus on the choice of customers. You should display the related product categories only in that case you can match up with the buyers’ tastes and requirements.

Final words

These are some tips by which you can understand the importance of product page SEO and perform the practices perfectly. In case you don’t have knowledge regarding SEO or related factors, then it is good to hire the SEO services. Webomaze is a complete digital marketing and IT company where you can find a solution to all types of problems. We have the best team of SEO professionals who can work on your project carefully and get it ranked in no time. Our professionals are also specialized in local SEO as well by which you can spread your business awareness locally easily and quickly. 

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