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How to Create Quality Backlinks for Your Website 2022


How to Create Quality Backlinks for Your Website 2022

In today’s modern world, the whole time-consuming process of buying & selling turned into a matter of a few clicks. It is because the businesses are going online, giving easy access to everyone residing anywhere. Along with such an advancement in the online world, organic & local SEO experts are also looking forward to taking your online business to a higher level.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is undoubtedly a key role in your digital marketing strategy. It helps a website owner attract more organic traffic & gain top ranking in the Google search results. It covers a few fundamental components for all businesses that work in a digital era. A few notable elements incorporate mobile-first, page speed, meta depictions, and building quality backlinks. 

Here, in this blog, we will discuss one of the SEO elements, i.e., Backlinks. Building backlinks is a cautious part as it can make or break the image of your website. Yes, suitable backlinks can grow Google ranking, brand awareness, & revenue. But, in contrast, the wrong backlinking can get your site penalised.  

Before we discuss further, let’s kick start with the basic introduction of backlinks. 

A Brief on Backlinks

Backlinks refer to the sites that link to your site to gain more organic traffic. The more the quality of the backlinks your website or authoritative website link to you, the more traffic and better ranking you’ll get.

Although there are several ranking factors, backlinks are essential for successful SEO. Google looks for your website’s backlinks to understand how your pages are connected to other site pages. It will help you be the king of the online world, competing with other online businesses if it is of high quality. 

According to SEMRush, no matter on-page factor helps your website grow by decreasing the bounce rate, but backlinks will always consider the best strategy. Thus, every online business must leverage backlinking.

No one can deny the fact that acquiring quality backlinks is not an easy task, but at the same time, we can proudly say that we have made this whole process trouble-free for you. 

Why are High-Quality Backlinks Important for Websites?

Earlier, link building aimed to write a couple of blogs/articles, submit them to an article submission site, and acquire an external link back to your site. The main focus was just on the backlink’s quality & keywords. But, this worked till the Penguin era.

Now, Search engine algorithms went through various updates & modifications over the years. They implement advanced algorithms to analyse the web page relevancy. The quality of backlinks matters the most compared to the number of backlinks. 

  • High-quality backlinks let search engines know that your webpage offers value to the website. As a result, it can boost your rankings, leading to better domain authority & conversion rate. 
  • It improves your SEO and moves you higher in SERPs while increasing your brand visibility & audience reach. 
  • It sets you up as a thought leadership & knowledgeable resource with expertise in the niche to catch the target audience’s eyeballs.  

Note: When you are mentioned as a source or quotes by a popular website via backlinks, you expose your business in front of everyone who wants to click your web pages & convert them into customers.

Top 6 Ways to Create Quality Backlinks

Top 6 Ways to Create Quality Backlinks

Here’s a complete list of ways perfect for getting authoritative sites to link to your online business. Take a look-

High-Quality Web Content is Must

The first step to create quality backlinks is to publish SEO optimised and quality content on your entire website. It is one of the effective ways to attract links. But how does your website content accomplish such magic? 

Here are some of the ways to ensure backlinks from your content:

  • Reach new goals with skyscraper content by writing content on your business niche or writing a better version than your competitors.
  • Go with high-value formats trending on Google and among audiences like listicles, how-tos, infographics, videos, & much more.
  • Keep an eye on the competitors’ content by keeping alerts to know what they are doing & what marketing strategies they are using. 

The content on your site helps the other site determine whether they want to link to you or not. The content on your website reflects your brand, and that’s the reason why one should always prefer the best content on site, including full-fledged business info to be published on the site. On the other hand, low-quality website content can lack backlinks. So, think wisely!

There are heaps of links, but not all the links have the same value. Yes, it differs. When it comes to improving the ranking of your websites, then quality backlinks play a vital role. Such links can only be generated from authoritative websites that impact search rankings compared to low-quality sites. So, while accomplishing outreach efforts, you must determine which websites are worth pursuing and bring you the desired results. 

To make sure your backlinks are of the highest quality, here are the three things that you need to consider:

  • Check the number of backlinks from top referring domains on your potential link going to the domain. Google counts every referring domain as a vote of confidence from other websites. 
  • Google HATES websites that control their backlinks to increase their rankings. Therefore, to acquire top ten positions on SERPs, make sure your backlinks are relevant to your niche and industry. In this way, you will develop trust with Google. 
  • To look at how legitimate your site is online, you must use tools like SEMrush, AHREF, BuzzSumo, SERanking and much more. Here, we will advise you to hire an experienced SEO agency to avail the best of these tools. 

When it comes to acquiring backlinks, broken links are considered a gold mine. The initial step of this strategy is to discover relevant websites related to your niche. Websites that include a resources page are prime targets. Search by using keywords, links, or resources.

You need to dig deeper to find relevant websites. Then, with the help of free valuable tools like Ahrefs’ free broken link checker or Google analytics, you can look for broken or dead links on other websites. Then, enter the page URL of the broken link to the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive) search box to check a documented version before it turns into a 404 error page.

These broken or dead links can hurt your website’s SEO resulting in a bad user experience. It pushes away your website traffic and the new potential customers coming to your pages. It, further, results in loss of revenue and brand reputation. So, after identifying the broken links, ensure to fix them with a 301 redirect. It will help the site owner improve the user experience, & you will get a natural backlink for your website. 

Reach Out to Sites Where Your Competitors Guest Post

The next smart move focuses on those guest blogging sites, which benefits your competitors a lot. By doing this, you can easily earn relevant links to your site, & in this practice, several competitor backlink checkers can be helpful.

With this tool assistance, you can run a competitor analysis to check which sites have accepted the guest posts from your competitors. You can quickly view the pages that link to your competitors, which can be all done with a single click on the website link in the report. 

After this, visit the page that includes the link. When you reach their linking pages, you can conclude that they are best for guest posting for your brand too. You can rely on the same guest posting websites to benefit your business that your competitors used.

Infographics are high in demand as they are undoubtedly effective in earning more and more backlinks. Creating infographics is one of the best ways to boost your brand awareness. It improves the website ranking on search engines. But it also works excellent in gaining valuable links. Because they are easy to understand and easily share with others in a few mouse clicks, everyone prefers this visual data perfect for different purposes.

Infographics are the ideal blend of visuals + text. Most infographics are visually engaging, with fascinating data about a specific topic that readers can quickly skim through. Infographics that become viral have these three things in common: 

  • Infographics that go viral are engaging and are designed by experts. 
  • A great infographic includes exciting facts & stats on a given topic.
  • The above two points are of no use if the infographic isn’t promoted well. Thus, social media promotion & email outreach is quite essential to create an eye-catching infographic. 

All the more significantly, great infographics can make your content turn into a web sensation, produce tons of high-quality backlinks, and improve your site’s overall SEO.

Last on our list is linking out to other relevant websites. For quite a long time, it has been recommended to give one or two external links in the body of a blog post. It shows you did some research and offers an opportunity for readers to learn more about the subject. In addition, it will help the SEO of the page to get a little boost. And, the impact is more significant if you are linking to a site with a high domain authority rating. Also, try to add one or two high-quality links to your page, & you’ll see a boost. 

This practice seems like creating a relationship with other sites in which both sides gain something. So, if you are busy in link building activities, we would suggest you link to another site, as it helps you get on their radar, and when they find your request, they will value it for sure. You can use several tools to find the best sites to add links. 

Where to Begin with Backlinking

Building backlinks is a critical component of every SEO strategy. When your content is promoted or linked to a third party website, it not only boosts your performance on search engines but even makes you an expert. In addition, a different cluster of backlinks on various sites and social media pages builds brand awareness. 

To build a robust set of backlinks, you must look for those that already exist & ensure the links are still valid. If the link isn’t right or valid, request the host from the site to fix it. Once you know that the links are correct, scope out the competition. Constant Contact offers (SEO Sydney) tool that you can use to follow the data to make this simple. 

Searching for backlinks to your competitors’ sites can assist you with figuring out what type of content is shared regularly. You may see that one topic, specifically, gets cited by different sites. Search for these trends, tailor your content around them, and then create high-quality blogs, infographics, videos, and social media posts to set yourself up as a specialist.

With an arsenal of superior backlinks, your site will remain at the top of search engines, making it effortless for customers to discover you while encouraging natural web traffic. 

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have mentioned a complete list of ways to create high-quality backlinks for your website. All the above-listed strategies revolve around creating a relationship with other websites. Whether you are a startup or an experienced website owner, you must be familiar with the ultimate backlinking process to benefit your site regarding rankings and driving maximum traffic. 

Was this post helpful? Or, struggling to create great backlinks? Feel free to write to us in the comments section below or contact us. 

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