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5 Things for Digital Marketers to Increase Online Sales in 2021


5 Things for Digital Marketers to Increase Online Sales in 2021

As you know, COVID-19 has forced many businesses to embrace digital transformation. Every big or small business has realised the importance of being digital & adapting swiftly. For sure, every company brainstorms a lot on how to increase online sales. And, to keep up with this, only a few businesses invest in the latest digital marketing trends & opportunities originating from digitisation. 

A staggering 120 million online customers, with a CAGR of 28%, online customers are expected to reach approximately 200 million by 2025.

The research conducted by Monetate says, “loyal customers are worth 5x more than their first-time counterparts.”

An increase in online sales has strengthened many brick-and-mortar stores to fetch a handful of new customers & set remarkable sales records. Here in this blog, we will explain how you can soar high above your bottom line and stay ahead of your competitors.

5 Ways to Increase Online Sales of Your Business

Increasing sales and revenue is an integral part of every business. Maximum traffic isn’t that important; what matters is the traffic that leads to conversion. To make your website drive sales, here are the ways that you need to look:  

Determine your Sales Goals

Determine your Sales Goals

10-20% of salespeople missing goals means they might face some problem. But, if maximum salespeople are missing the goals means the problem is in your goal strategy”. 

The very first thing after developing a website is identifying the goals of your business. You need to focus on some level of growth based on specific strategies lined up with your revenue goal. Initially, to get your first sale, you must set the baseline to target the potential customers and leads for the future. Here are the three things that you consider to foster an effective business strategy for sales:

Conduct market research: With this, you understand the target market segments- their problems, needs, or buying behaviour- to develop an effective goal strategy. Market research helps you know your market by gathering data through research, interviews, & the target audience. Also, it collects data records on markets, trends, and sales.

Create buyer personas: After doing market research, you get a fair idea of the target audience. This insight helps you create a buyer persona that includes demographic, age group, niche, or category. By creating a buyer persona, you’ll develop customer-centric content to target your ideal customer. It helps you focus on addressing customer’s priorities, needs and pain points.  

Outline your marketing strategy: Based on market research & buyer persona, you need to define your marketing strategy clearly. Marketing strategy presents the overall goal, plans it accordingly and executes to transform your ideas into reality. It outlines the particular activities to achieve & gain organic traffic resulting in better ROI.

Focus on Clear Brand Messaging

Focus on Clear Brand Messaging

Brand messaging refers to the basic value proposition conveyed via content (text, video, image) to the users. It helps users understand your brand’s product/service and inspires them to make a buying decision. The more elaborated your message is, the more predictable your branding will be. It will lead to brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Here are a few of the best practices of brand messaging to increase online sales:

Create sales copy: It is imperative as it convinces the customers to buy your product or service. Create sales copy in the form of paragraphs, listicles, or overlay it on an image. The best sales copy always aims at what your end customers want and how they can benefit from your product/service. 

Include videos on landing pages: We all know the power of visual content is more memorable than text, images or infographics. To allow Google to crawl your website, you must include an explainer video (90 seconds) on your landing page. It is resulting in increasing the lead conversion rate. 

Explains your value proposition: An incredible value proposition advances the exact worth of your products or services. Your product/service must be capable of tackling customer’s issues, what particular benefits it will offer, and why customers should buy from you. 

Utilising Voice of Customer

Utilising Voice of Customer

Recently Gartner discovered that gathering customer feedback can boost upselling and cross-selling success rates by 15% to 20%.

The voice of the customer is a market surveying method that adjusts the sales copy according to the customer’s preference. Meaning, the sales copy includes a message targeting the customer’s needs, expectations, pain points, etc. Develop a sales page where you can convert or paraphrase any customer’s reactions explaining the purpose of your service page. 

Maximum online businesses include paid ads & PPC for a broad reach as well as finding new customers. However, make sure that the language you use in campaigns should be user-centric to affect conversion rates enormously. 

Here are the approaches to drive more sales via voice of customer (VOC);

  • Collect data related to the target audience or customers with the help of surveys & research.
  • Analyse the responses from the customers, whether it’s positive or negative, to uncover the commonalities and customer expectations.
  • You need to conduct interviews, social listing, surveys, create feedback questionnaires for customers. 
  • The third step is to create a VOC strategy to assess your business goals & future actions.
  • Implement the VOC strategy you made to convert your ideas into reality, improve your insight data and the relevant area of the business.

Organisations that execute a VOC strategy can produce 10x more revenue. Isn’t it great? Are you too looking for such results? Well, you need to dig deep to understand customers. The best way to sell your product is to attract or engage your customers directly. And, to do so, all you need is to use the customer’s voice in the content or language.

Integrating a Live Chat Widget & Chatbot

Live Chat Widget and Chatbot

Live chat is considered the most preferred channel to communicate with customers. It is an ideal approach to manage offering 24*7 customer support in a customised way. Integrating a live chat widget in your website or sales page allows customers to interact with the brand & get solutions to their queries. The more the customers are satisfied with your product/service, the better your sales process becomes. 

79% of buyers look for a real-time chat as they don’t want to wait much. It results in a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour & a 40% increase in conversion rate.

With live chat, customers connect easily with the representatives to get instant solutions to their queries & help in making buying decisions. With this, businesses can transform visitors into potential customers leading to conversions. Leading companies have integrated chatbots to their live chat and make their experience satisfying from the very moment the customer steps in by sending a message like – “Hi, How may I help?, Do you need any support? We’re here, etc. 

Here are a few ways how live chat can assist businesses to boost online sales; 

Converting website visitors into leads: By executing live chat helps organisations to drive traffic into leads & optimise ROI. Live chat delivers real-time support to customers to help their sales process go smoothly & generates more revenue. You can gather details of your customers through a chatbot and use it for sales & marketing purposes.

Decrease in the sales process: Live chat handles the customer issues by delivering faster solutions. It reduces the long sales process by making the average website transform into a mobile-first design. It creates proactive sales campaigns that approach customers who browse your products and services.

Direct sales to the right team: Chatbots also help direct visitors to sales conversions to the right team for further follow-up. In short, it improves the resolution time and enhances the sales conversion.

Reduces bounce rate: As we all know, due to the slow checkout process, the rate of cart abandonment increased & forced customers to leave the page. Chatbot helps send reminders to customers of an unfinished purchase. Moreover, they can use your historical data and cut down future interactions with your customers in a more personalised way. It, further, results in making your visitors or customers stay a little longer, reducing the bounce rate.

Diversify Content to Reach Audience

Diversify Content to Reach Audience

When establishing yourself in the digital marketing world, you must know content plays a crucial role in SEO Australia. Content helps organisations encourage their target audience to trust the brand and reach out whenever needed. Most brands effectively use content marketing strategies and take their businesses to the next level. With engaging blog posts and unique sales pages, brands across all industries turn visitors into subscribers leading to conversions.

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day.

But, how can you create excellent content driving sales? Well, for that, you need to develop user-generated content by understanding what users are looking for and what problems are they facing.

Here are the ways of diversifying your content to attract your target audience;

Use Podcast: Podcast is one of the popular content marketing strategies offering various opportunities for businesses. It builds brand rapport among audiences by conveying what your audience is looking for in the form of audio/video files. And the audience can consume it from anywhere and anytime.

Converting blog posts into a video: Creating videos is an engaging way to drive a maximum number of potential customers. People appreciate watching videos as it conveys information more quickly and easily. At the same time, you can create a website appearing more attractive to search engines by turning your blog posts into videos. 

Hosting an online event: It is another form of diversifying your content to promote interaction between customers and the brand, no matter wherever their location is. Online events include webinars, summits, live conferences, online workshops, live streams delivering value to the business.  

Add high-quality images: As a marketer, you must know that ideas play a crucial role in content strategy. Without images, blog posts are in vain. Make sure the images correctly describe the products or content of your website to drive organic traffic.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we all know the digital marketing world is growing at a break-neck speed. And, seeing the pandemic conditions, every business craves utilising excellent ways or strategies to boost online sales for overall business growth. To establish an online business, generating traffic isn’t the goal. But, developing organic traffic with a high conversion rate is what every digital marketer aims to generate ROI.

But trust me, transforming your website into a revenue-generating tool is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires time and effort to brainstorm and invest in the right strategy to execute. There are many ways to enhance online sales at minimal cost, out of which, a few of them we have mentioned above. All you need is to execute them as per your business objective and the requirement.

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