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  • With expertise reigning for more than 7 years, Webomaze local SEO is profound in the art of boosting your local leads, online business listing and organic traffic. 
  • We have a hand-picked team of digital marketing experts for managing local, national and international SEO campaigns. 
  • Our SEO service and SEO solutions are thoroughly customized and curated to upscale your local SEO businesses
  • We provide our clients with easy-to-comprehend, and integrated analytical SEO reports frequently. 
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    Case Study #1 - E-Commerce SEO for Marketplace Website

    Case study 1

    Problem: Low organic search of the website.

    Goal: Increase organic traffic for the website.


    • Optimised website for user experience.
    • Created powerful backlinks.
    • Optimised Technical SEO.


    • 129.85% jump in organic traffic in just four months.
    • 8,011K impressions on the website in just 6 months.
    • 1,578K clicks on the website in just 6 months.

    Case Study #2 - SEO for Financial Company

    Case study 2

    Problem: Stagnant organic search traffic growth of the website.

    Goal: Increase the website traffic, rank the keywords in the local area, and then rank nationally.


    • Optimised website for an amazing user experience.
    • Acquired powerful backlinks.
    • Updated and optimised website content.


    • 77.51% jump in organic traffic in just four months.
    • 15.2K clicks and 237K impressions in just four months.
    • 30 keywords on which website is ranking on the 1st page in the USA.

    Still Not Sure? Here's What Our Client Say About Us:

    Webomaze provided effective project management capabilities with a skillful, flexible, and responsive team that has an impressive work ethic.

    Nonprofit Organization, Associate Founder

    Webomaze helped the client successfully launch various new offerings. They are flexible with adapting many communication tools to make the process easier for the client.

    Team Lead, Media Company

    Webomaze’s efforts improved the client’s online presence and increased the podcast’s subscribers. Their proactive, collaborative, and communicative approach resulted in a smooth partnership.

    Head of Marketing, Self-Help Podcast

    Webomaze Local SEO Campaign - Improves Search Engine Rankings for Your Local Business

    You are an ace in your business category, but that cannot leverage you into being the jack of all trades. So, while you direct your efforts in multiplying the productivity, let your outsourced/hired local SEO agency do its task.

    Local SEO specialists like Webomaze Pty Ltd think global but act locally. All for the benefit of your local Melbourne business. With a team of local SEO specialists in its boutique, Webomaze Pty Ltd ensures an upraise in the rank of business listing, Google search results, and hot leads and boosts conversions.

    Becoming a famous brand in your hometown is the first step; you can achieve the objective with local SEO. We provide complete solutions to all types of local business and SEO-related requirements.

    “The bar for local SEO has been raised. It’s harder now because so many businesses are now doing the basics to rank. You need to rise above the basics.”

    – Casey Meraz, an industry-recognized law firm marketer, author, trainer and speaker.

    You're losing money by not using Local SEO Services Melbourne

    It’s not a scary note but an advisory one. We at Webomaze Pty Ltd excel at delivering specially curated and thoroughly customized SEO services to the local Melbourne businesses. So, before we dive deep to understand our local SEO services, here is a short snippet on how local SEO strategy can make you the shark in your vicinity.

    • Local SEO helps in spreading business awareness to the local audience.
    • Local SEO superintends the online reputation management of your business.
    • The business experiences flourishing profits because of its local link-building practices.
    • It’s a boon if you have business in the hospitality industry, law firms, medical practices, and even local services.
    • Apart from the nature mentioned earlier of businesses, the private sellers, online-only services, and e-commerce services also reap a lot of credits through the local SEO services.

    Local SEO is not about employing generic digital marketing practices or SEO strategies. Instead, it’s a niche in itself. Therefore, the pillars of a local SEO strategy are:

    • location targeting
    • targeted solutions
    • location-specific businesses (Melbourne businesses)
    • local area target market

    As a result, on implementation of the power-packed local SEO campaign, any local business experiences:

    • top position web presence
    • more sales
    • organic traffic
    • business leads
    • referral traffic
    • immediate results

    Webomaze is proud to serve as the local SEO wizard for all the local SEO needs of your Local SEO Company in Melbourne

    The local SEO services Melbourne are a prudent set of measures to help you monopolise the local search results about your business. Your brand, irrespective of its years of existence and nature of business, experienced a better reputation in the vicinity. You may consider it as the digital form of local advertising.

    With a defined geographical area as its local market, the local SEO experts function with local intent for their business proprietor. The entire team extensively uses location-specific keywords and content to advantage the client’s business.

    Remember, only a great local SEO company can structure your dream company into a dream business. All it takes is a highly professional approach of experts like local SEO Webomazians to deliver a fabulous job with the name in the list of local pack box.

    If you have a local business in Melbourne, pat yourself on the back.

    Because you are now part of the most confident and the fastest-growing small business community in the country.

    But with every slice of popularity comes great responsibility. So, now that your company in Melbourne is amongst over 16,000 local businesses, you need a spotlight on yourself. For this, vintage advertising methodologies aren’t sufficient, and your business MUST opt for a local SEO company and its local SEO services.

    Also, because Melbourne hosts millions of international visitors annually, your business needs to have local SEO-optimized content for mobile search. As a result, you grab the individual’s eyeballs in his “near me searches”.

    How not knowing local SEO makes you a Rookie:

    Significance of Local SEO Services

    Local SEO is the most effective means to uplift the goodwill and revenues of the localised business. With limited SEO knowledge, even the best small business company in Melbourne cannot reach the heights it is worth. Some believe that to experience the best online presence, they need to compromise with big holes in their pocket. But the fact is altogether different.

    Here are a few statistical insights to speak aloud this fact in numbers:
    • 46% of the Google searches are with local intent.
    • 97% of individuals use an online platform to look for any business in the vicinity.
    • Approximately one-third of all local searches transform into actual purchases.
    • 70% of consumers build a more vital trust in a store with an online presence.
    • 2020-2022 say 136% increase in local searches on mobile.
    • Online reviews of businesses influence 88% of potential leads.
    • 86% of customers use Google maps to identify any nearby business.

    With limited SEO knowledge, even the best small business company in Melbourne cannot reach the heights it is worth. Some believe that to experience the best online presence, they need to compromise with big holes in their pocket. But the fact is altogether different.

    If you have a small-medium business with local customers or visitors in your target market, concentrate on local SEO practices instead of spending heavily on large-scale SEO practices. Local SEO is the subset of the big picture SEO and is also an inexpensive way of promoting the business.

    • Local SEO attracts better quality customer reviews which, after that, lead to the formation of local communities that support local stores.
    • Mobile optimised local SEO practices further increase the reach and popularity amongst localities and tourists.
    • Yes, your business ranks amongst the top three search results on Google’s 3-pack box.
    • Your business enjoys a competitive advantage.
    • Local SEO practices take a bit extra time to show their results. But, it does balance this out by giving results with long-lasting rankings.
    • Local SEO practices are much cheaper than traditional advertising and promotion.

    No! They are not the same!

    SEO v/s Local SEO

    At Webomaze Pty Ltd, we understand the deep-down difference between local SEO and traditional or generic or organic SEO. And this is why we have a unique team of Webomazians with expertise and experience in local SEO.

    Here is a quick overview of the difference between the two:

    Search engine optimisation is about improving the website’s virtual presence, and it helps pull in quality traffic to the website. All this happens on a massive scale. On the other hand, local SEO has geographical area constraints, and therefore local SEO optimises the webpage or your business’s online presence with local intent. It betters the reach and traffic of your business amongst localities and visitors.

    Unlike generic SEO, local SEO keywords have words and phrases like nearby or name of place attached to them. Example: Laundry near me, elderly home care Melbourne, airport shuttle service nearby, famous florist store Melbourne, pet-friendly places in Melbourne, nearby cake and bakery outlet, etc.

    Relevance, distance and prominence are the three prime local SEO ranking factors.

    Relevance- As the name suggests, relevance refers to how closely the individual’s search matches the information about your local business online.

    Distance- Distance measures the closeness between your local business’s search result and the individual’s location. If your business is the nearest to the searcher’s location, the chances of it appearing in the online result are maximum.

    Prominence- Prominence is the popularity of your local business offline. If your’s is a famous florist shop, famous museum or famous barber outlet, then the chances of its appearance on “near me searches” is more.

    Local SEO is therefore beneficial primarily to businesses with a physical presence across multiple locations. Unlike generic SEO, which aims at making the brand popular across borders.

    Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and GMB (Google My Business) insights are excellent tools to help you identify local traffic.

    We at Webomaze consider these local search ranking factors to make our clients hold a place in Google's Local Pack

    These local SEO ranking factors are the signals that determine if your business is experiencing an uprise or not. So, have a quick look;

    • Category of Google My Business profile.
    • The use of local keywords on Google business profile title. Local keywords enhance the popularity amongst local people.
    • The use of photos on the business profiles. Pictures illustrate the nature of business and add goodwill to its image.
    • Claim your business name on other online directories too.
    • Reviews and testimonials of customers who last visited the store are of immense worth in determining the business’s future revenues.
    • It is a dual advantage if the thoughts are there with relevant local keywords and the store’s location.
    • A Facebook Business Page with all the relevant details of the business, like name, working hours, services, etc., furthers the sale.
    • Ensure NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency on all the virtual platforms.
    • The local SEO content should also be mobile responsive.
    • Few additional markups to the business profile include hours, address, menu, phone number, etc.
    • Meta titles and meta descriptions should not be misleading at all.
    • Location and local keywords should be the part of meta title and meta description.
    • If your business has a webpage, keep updating it with locally optimised content.
    • We prefer using the location name along with the keyword for better responsiveness.
    • Local, high-quality link-building practice is a valuable measure for local search engine optimisation.
    • Make use of links that are diversified yet relevant.
    • Local links from community blogs, local news, local blogs, etc., further strengthen the local SEO ranking of the business.
    • If possible, use the inbound link with the city name, locality name and the keyword for a big-time hit.
    • Ensure the proximity to the searcher.

    Folk Remedies For Improving Your Small Businesses Using Only Local SEO Melbourne:

    Local SEO Audit

    Our services include proper website audits as per the requirements of local optimisation. It helps our professionals identify areas where we need to focus more.

    Our local SEO experts use multiple updated and upgraded tools for an extensive local audit. These tools measure website speed, user experience, navigation, content siloes, etc. Finally, Webomazians get a hold of all the hidden issues and opportunities within the website. Our local SEO audit report is customised easily to comprehend information with analytical insights and words of expertise.

    Build Strategy


    A good strategy is required to drive the best results for small-medium business SEO Melbourne. Our professionals know how to build such a strategy perfectly.

    The team at Webomaze do a fantastic job of formulating a strategy focusing on Google Map Pack Listing. The primary aim is to get the client’s name on Google My Business and many more online directories. Our local SEO campaigns are of many advantages to local business proprietors aiming at a local customer base.

    Competitor Research

    We work by considering proper competitor research to prepare a perfect local strategy to dominate search results and competitors easily for success.

    If you have a business in Melbourne, you have a lot of competition in the market. If not all, many of your competitors already practice local SEO campaigns. For this reason, when you partner with Webomaze Pty Ltd as your local SEO company, we also conduct the local SEO audit of the competitor’s content. This way, we get an overview of the keywords that fetch profits for the competitor’s local business.

    Keyword Research

    The primary goal of keyword research is to find out what your audience is looking for and what it takes to rank for those keywords.

    Regarding effective Google local SEO, keyword research plays an important role. Our professionals consider deep research for finding proper and relevant keywords. We keep ourselves aware of all the slang jargon used in the routine life of Melbourne people to use it to benefit our client’s business. To help you hit the first page of Google searches, we dive deep and get the relevant keywords not yet tapped by the competitors.

    Tracking & Analysis

    You will get tracking and analysis services to figure out the SEO results. Likewise, our local SEO services will be helpful in the growth of your local business.

    Tracking helps you get details about visitors visiting the page and make changes on the website accordingly. To ensure that local SEO campaigns reach their full potential, we at Webomaze keep track of backlink acquisition, content marketing, keyword research, and more. This is why we are the best local SEO agency in Melbourne.

    Content Strategy

    Our local SEO Australia services are featured with the content strategy. It will help optimise the website’s content with keywords and get ranked in search results quickly.

    Our local SEO content strategy is such that we are ace at curating rich structured content with long-tail keywords and numerous local SEO benefits glued to it. So be it your blogs, articles or guest posts, we make your business ranking grow positively. In short, our content adds value to your website.

    Build an Empire with Local SEO Melbourne

    You can attract local customers by promoting your business online with relevant local SEO services. For better growth and productivity, Melbourne’s local SEO company can be an optimum pick for you. The team of professional digital marketers will feature your business in the top-most results of the Google SERP and other Local Mobile Searches.

    By communicating the relevance of your web pages, you can encourage different search engines to rank your website above your competitors. All you need is to work on a robust local SEO strategy that can lead to more intelligent and satisfactory results in a limited time.

    By getting in touch with the professionals regarding Local SEO in Melbourne, you can target local customers based on the local geographic area. Moreover, the local SEO specialist will focus better on technicalities like Location Targeting, Google AdWords Campaigns, Google Analytics, Facebook, Google’s Local Pack, Google Plus, and more.

    You need to connect with the best SEO agencies to grow your brand using local voice searches and social media marketing. You can expect immediate results in a better online presence by enhancing the user experience. Boost conversions and avail maximum profit by using High-Value Keywords.

    To stay alive in the competition, you need to appear in the geographic queries on Google. Google values accurate information regarding your name, address, phone number (NAP), and more if you want a better online presence for local searches. All of this will impact your business to a greater extent by uplifting the level of web presence and leaving a lasting impression on your clients and SEO partners.

    Spread Local Awareness

    Become A Brand

    What makes Webomaze - The Most Preferred Local SEO Agency in Melbourne

    Webomaze is equally popular amongst local businesses of varied sizes and industries. The expertise of Webomazians thus helps brands create a niche for themselves and top the result of local searches. Being local to the area of Melbourne fuels our team with local dialect and understanding. We have a firm hold on the local keywords to promote local customers in the targeted local community.

    With a firm hold on managing local backlinks, online reviews, localized content, NAP citations, on-page signals and Google My Business, Webomaze is a trustworthy name in the category of local SEO Melbourne. According to the research, people use location search terms at once out of five searches. Local SEO is an effective and efficient way to rank location-based focus phrases. Webomaze Pty Ltd, a local SEO company, has excellent experience in handling local businesses and providing fruitful results in a reasonable time.


    We provide services by following proper reporting standards. You will get weekly and monthly reports regarding work done on the project and ranking updates.

    Mobile Optimisation

    Targeting mobile traffic is highly important for success in an online business. Our experts are highly skilled in performing mobile optimization-related tasks. We will target relevant customers who are interested in your products and services.

    All Solutions

    By hiring our search engine optimization services, you will get complete solutions. Our team of local SEO Australia professionals dedicatedly work by creating new and quality links for rank boosting.

    GMB Optimisation

    In local SEO, Google My Business is the most significant source for local citations or listings. We know how to optimize GMB and create a good listing.

    Unique Strategies

    Our professionals have vast experience and knowledge, and they create the best and unique strategies for success in local SEO.


    Our local SEO company has years of experience in the same and believes in offering the 100 per cent satisfying results you desire. With our experience, we learn lots of things.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Local SEO?

    In the simplest form, local SEO is an SEO strategy to maximise businesses’ online presence and reach in the local search results. It aims to improve the business’s Google ranking by bringing the name into the top three results of the local pack box.

    What Is 'Local Map Pack'?

    Local Map Pack refers to the top three results on the first page of the Google search engine when an individual conducts a local location-specific search.

    Whenever the Google algorithm identifies that the individual’s intent is a local w.r.t search, it promptly displays the best results in the form of a Local Map Pack.

    What Is Google My Business?

    Google My Business is the tool that helps manage the business profile on Google. Proper profiling with details like map location, images, reviews, contact details, ratings, and more help reach the goals more quickly. For this, the business doesn’t need to have a website.

    Incorporating relevant keywords on the My Business Profile page betters the SEO score of the business.

    What Businesses In Melbourne Benefit From The Use Of Local SEO?

    Most importantly, your business should cater to local customers if you plan to use local SEO. As part of the digital marketing strategy, the local SEO agency maximises the business’s virtual presence to online customers. So any small-scale business-like, essential medical services, law firms, bars and restaurants, plumbers, pet services, etc., can leverage the benefits provided by the local SEO agency.

    How Do You Research What Keywords Locals Are Using?

    Webomaze uses highly trusted tools to research what locals are searching for. These keywords form part of our link-building strategy, thus improving the referral traffic to the business.

    How Long Does It Take To Get Local SEO Results?

    There is no specific guaranteed timeline to get results, and the duration can range from 3-12 months. But the time duration for local SEO campaigns is much shorter than generic or widespread SEO campaigns.

    What Is Your Approach To Local Melbourne Content Creation?

    We follow a highly structured local content creation approach. An adequately structured layout highlights the keywords to be used, the content type to be curated and the time of publishing the respective content.

    Is Link Building For Local SEO Melbourne Different?

    Link building for local SEO is majorly about building links with Melbourne location-specific sites. This practice drives local traffic to the website and helps build better local searches on the Google search engine.

    We also emphasise the quality and quantity of citations to ensure maximum online exposure of the brand name during local searches.

    Are Keywords For Local SEO Different?

    Yes, you can find some differences in local search engine optimisation keywords. The experts use simple search terms for standard or global search engine optimisation. In the case of local SEO, you can see some changes. These keywords or search terms are mainly associated with two types of tags at the end: location or “near me”. These are useful in specifying keywords for local searches and considering optimisation accordingly.

    How Can Local SEO Melbourne Services Benefit My Business?

    Local SEO services provide a lot of benefits when it comes to business success. The following are some major ones.

    • Boost up visibility in local search engine results & Google maps.
    • Increase in the number of leads and more sales.
    • Quality traffic on relevant search terms.
    • Positive reviews on Google Maps lead to business trust & credibility among locals.

    If you want to experience all these benefits in the business, you can hire us for local SEO Melbourne. Our experts will optimise your GMB profile and create an impressive local listing for ranking and dominating the local searches. All of this will attract customers to another level.

    How Can I Reach Audience Through Local SEO?

    When it comes to local searches, then local listings and online maps play a significant role. Our professionals will create an attractive local listing profile and optimise it best. Profile optimisation and regular practices are beneficial in improvement in Google rankings. All these things help increase your local reach and get more local traffic with higher chances of conversions. By kicking off the better PPC Melbourne strategies, you can achieve your goals at a rapid rate.

    How To Create A Good Local Search Listing?

    An excellent local search listing can be created by focusing on multiple factors. Here, we are going to list some.

    • Proper business details of the great company.
    • Address of physical store and its opening & closing, if any.
    • Testimonials.
    • Optimisation of local listings.
    • Regular updates to keep the audience engaged and stay connected.

    All these things help make lots of something valuable. Our local SEO experts know how to create content per the interest of the local audience and impress them by generating leads & conversions.

    Do You Have Experience In SEO Regarding My Business Industry?

    Our digital marketing agency has experience in providing SEO services. Another important factor is related to the industries, and we serve all types of business industries. Be it a small law firm, a local restaurant, a florist shop, etc. Our professionals are capable of proceeding with industry-specific listings and all other tasks. You do not need to worry about all these factors before hiring our services.

    Reaching us out is never a problem!