Here's how we Helped a Plastic Surgeon's Cosmetic Enhancement Clinic Reach #1 Rankings and Grow Organic Traffic by 1243% to increase revenue by 87%

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In this Case Study, I will show you how we grew a Plastic Surgeon's website's organic search traffic by 1243% in less than a year and how that increased website traffic resulted in an 87% jump in revenue.

The client in this case study is a Plastic Surgeon and owns a Boutique Cosmetic Enhancement Clinic, which is one of the most competitive markets in Melbourne.

In fact, some Cosmetic Enhancement clinics in Melbourne are paying more than $10,000 per month for SEO.

Because of this industry's competitiveness, our client was tired of watching their competitors reap the benefits of being ranked at the top of the search engines and getting all the leads.

So they came to us because they were tired of coming in second. Our process-driven SEO strategies simply work as we're focused on what matters most to YOUR Business, YOUR Bottom Line.

Why Our SEO Process Works So Well

Our SEO System is broken down into FOUR phases:

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    Keyword Research

    We make sure you show up for money keywords because they are the ones that turn into your clients.

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    We create compelling content that engages with your potential customers.

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    User Experience

    We enhance User Experience of your website to increase conversion rate.

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    We beat your competition with powerful SEO backlinks that actually works in 2022.

Our clients love us!

Purva Gulyani

Dietitian in Melbourne


They were very self-oriented, which I really liked about them. The Webomaze team executed timely deliverables. They were personable, approachable, and clear about their process

Nick Argall, Founder

Hybrid Simulations, Melbourne


I've been very pleased with my engagement with Webomaze so far. Their team is clearly committed to treating me well as a customer, and their questions have helped me to develop marketing strategy for the business as a whole, not just the website.


Adult Counselling Therapy Clinic in Brisbane


Website is increasing and we are getting more enquiries.
You have made progress with ranking our site over the last month. We are seeing results and happy with the service and excellent communication

Sales & Marketing Manager

Assett Management Company in Melbourne


Their communication and output in SEO work have been quite good. We're starting to rank better and we have more searches and clicks coming through the site. We meet with our main point of contact every couple of weeks, and they provide a report on the SEO work.

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