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Search Engine Marketing – Level Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Search Engine Marketing – Level Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The year 2020 has made lots of marketers scramble to do their business online. Global traffic is growing at a pace. According to Statista, more than 4.66 billion users are using the internet actively. That is why businesses adopt digital behaviour and rush to develop a website to market their products/services.

But, how to know whether you’re doing it right? Or how to improve traffic to your website? Availing search engine marketing (SEM) to your development strategy plays a crucial role.

As we all know, marketing is an ever-evolving broad term. Updating the technology and strategies as per the industry is not enough. You must have a clear understanding of business goals. Search engine marketing helps businesses to understand the perspective behind website development without any extra cost. Once the goal is clear, you showcase a website in a more informative and attractive way. The better you offer, the more potential customers drive into the website.

As a marketer, you need to be quick and precise to adopt new marketing strategies. To embark on search engine marketing, comprehend the concept altogether to stay competitive in the marketplace. This blog covers a deep insight into search engine marketing to spread awareness among businesses.  

Search engine marketing is a digital marketing strategy that includes managing a brand or website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM helps you reach your target audience primed to make a buying decision at that exact moment. 

The goal of search engine marketing is to promote a website’s visibility or ranking using paid advertisements. These ads include Cost-per-click (CPC) model, contextual advertising, and organic search rankings. Thus, if someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay. It increases the maximum opportunity for business enhancement. 

Search engine marketing is a broad concept that is a blend of both SEO and PPC. Both play an essential role when it comes to organizing successful SEM campaigns. 

SEO (search engine optimisation) helps businesses get organic traffic on websites at the top of the funnel. It enables you to achieve a higher ranking on search engines. This strategy works wonders for startups by implementing things like on-site optimisation, website speed and navigation, URL optimisation, internal linking, and much more to rank better on Google. 

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PPC (pay-per-click) is the process of paying for the ads to get visibility on SERPs. It is a highly cost-effective way to drive leads and increase sales at the bottom of the funnel. Here, it would be best to bid to appear on Google when people search to buy any product or service. Whenever a user clicks on the ad, you pay for each click.  

Combining both tools enables businesses to stay at the top of SERPs by keyword planning, link building, and incorporating them into their web page content or blogs. It improves the website’s relevancy and search volume. Digital marketing experts keep an eye on the ever-evolving algorithms and keep transforming their strategy to maintain the search engine ranking.

Some marketers prefer to implement SEO and PPC separately but when asked which one is good out of the two they often get confused. Actually, SEO and PPC are the two sides of the same coin. To understand this better, you must read our blog, SEO vs PPC: Which Should I Choose For Business Success?

The Base of Search Engine Marketing: Keywords

To create a great SEM strategy, keywords are the superheroes. As users enter keywords into search engines to find what they’re looking for, there’s no doubt that keywords form the basis of search engine marketing as a powerful strategy. Paid ads work well if keywords are well optimised and used in ads. 

Search Engine Marketing Keywords

Here are some of the factors (based on keywords) to implement in your strategy to turn your business useful.

Keyword Intent

Keyword intent refers to the purpose of a user performing searches. Keyword intent is the most critical concept when it comes to keyword research. It helps you meet the users’ needs better and match your varied content (landing, services, or ads) as per user intentions. Thus, keyword analysis by intent should be a priority when it comes to search for referrals.

To start with, picking the right focused keyword wisely to bid is crucial. For this, here’s what you need to brainstorm,

  • Understand your business well by questioning yourself – what is your brand all about, what service/product it offers, who is your target audience, how it will benefit them, and much more.
  • Analyse the competitor’s website like what keywords are they using to promote their content or advertisement.
  • Research what queries people are searching the most about your product or service.

Note: Whether you want to bid on keywords with just buying intent or bid on keywords based on all stages of the buyer’s journey, it entirely depends on your budget. 

Keyword Volume & Competition

While doing keyword research, relevant high-volume and low-competition keywords are a sweet spot to hunt. However, this isn’t that simple to work. Keyword volume and competition play a crucial role in both SEO and PPC bidding strategy. 

Thus, it’s essential to balance the search volume (keyword demand) and the competition (keyword measurement). The more people will search on your targeted keywords, the better results you will get from your ad. High volume keywords are more competitive and costly, but they are business-oriented to drive traffic.

Keyword Cost

Keyword cost also plays a significant part in pay-per-click. Running a Google Ads campaign helps SEO rankings & allows businesses to connect with a broader audience online. Higher bids with better quality ads win the best placement. With this in mind, high competition keywords end up being costly. 

Hence, to dodge over costing, you should have a strong understanding of the quality score. Better quality leads to high performance resulting in better CPC (cost per click). Google will prefer your ads on top search results only if their quality score is good. 

Thus, what you need to remember while considering quality score- 

  • Click-through-rate (CTR) of your ad
  • Landing page quality and relevancy
  • The keyword as well as the content relevancy in the ad
  • Your historical Google Ads account performance

Account & Campaign Structure

Organising the Google ads account is vital. Hypothetically, you could combine all your keywords and show one display ad for all. But, acquiring a handful of keywords can cost you a lot on your budget. It leads to a lower down your quality score, as discussed above. In this manner, there are a few levels for Google Ads campaign organisation: 

  • Ad Group, where a set of keywords assembles by topic
  • Display advertisement is a copy of the keywords you select. 
  • Query-based keywords you’re bidding on.
  • Campaigns for managing ad groups.

You’ll have the option to figure out what works or not to make you aware of the performance and your cash spending at each level. 

Creating a Search Ad Copy

Once the focused keyword is selected, then comes the actual work of brainstorming how to entice the target audience. After all, it’s the audience (users) to make all those clicks. Here you need to do a bit of convincing to deliver a good ad campaign copy to get the most ROI from it. Ad copy creates the first impression when users do a search and get your ad on top. But, they will click if it is attractive and engaging. Remember, a bad ad copy can lose a visitor, and you might break a relationship. Ensure your ad copy is relevant to the keyword you’re targeting. 

The Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

To enlighten you on the importance of search engine marketing, check out the fantastic benefits you can leverage SEM strategy in your process.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Higher Conversion Rates

SEM is used to describe Google paid search ads. This process is best as a short-term strategy bringing high-speed visibility to your products or services. Compared to SEO, paid search ads provide quick results as they let you reach your target customers instantly, resulting in a higher conversion rate. For example, half of the audience that comes to a retailer’s website from paid ads will probably make a buy instead of those who come from an organic link.

Boost Brand Awareness

SEM does not just transform audiences who know your brand; it can likewise support brand awareness. Google Search Ads enable marketers to uncover their brand name in the advertisement’s features, URL, description, or extension links. It reveals that these paid search ads contribute to high brand awareness as they are always visible on top of Google search engine results.

Target Location-Based Audience

Search engine marketing enables you to target individuals as per the location. You can set up advertisements in various languages and select where you need them to show up. You can indicate the city, the country, the age group, and even a definite region anywhere in the world.

Manage Ad Activities

Paid search ads are manageable without any pain. Since Google ads enable you to set up a schedule for each of your marketing campaigns, you can run or stop your ads whenever you want. It is likewise simple to set up a budget and recognise the performance speed of your advertising efforts. It can help you increase your ads and generate more traffic to your business without any problem. 

Pay Only Per Action

When a business generates paid search ads, they appear free on Google. Thus, you can get free publicity and brand recognition on search engines. You only pay when the visitor clicks on your ad and directed to your landing page.

Search engine marketing looks very interesting with all these benefits that one can’t leave just like that. Moving forward, now it’s time to discover how search engine marketing works.

How does Search Engine Marketing Work for Business?

Leveraging the search engine marketing strategy for promoting business online is a daunting task. It needs investments. Many individuals hesitate to spend money on search engine advertisements. The biggest thing they care about is the results. No one wants to see blank sheets after spending thousands of bucks on any marketing campaign.

Are you facing a similar issue? Then it would be best if you check out the following points.  

Build a Reputation

New to the online marketplace means you have to face lots of competition. Here, you must deal with some well-established businesses that are promoting effective digital marketing strategies. It is crucial to create a buzz for your brand and start building your identity.

It is the only way by which you can earn some reputation and establish yourself as a reputed brand in the industry. By running the search engine marketing campaigns, you are capable of bringing exposure to your brand.

Maintain Consistency 

Bringing traffic to the website for once is not enough. The website owners need to maintain consistency by which they can generate leads regularly. Along with it, they have to focus on re-visiting the users as well. It can be possible if you have a good identity in the market. In case no one knows about your business, products, services, and brand, it becomes difficult to maintain consistency.

Once you bring hype to your business name in the market, people start visiting your website with their consent. Along with it, search engine marketing is useful in getting immediate results as well. It can help you generate traffic to the website within a short time. 

Large Coverage Area 

When it comes to promoting business and spreading awareness, then everyone has to check out multiple factors. The coverage area is one of these. All companies are trying to cover the maximum area they can as per their reach and capabilities of providing services. In case someone tries to rely on traditional methods for such a task, they have to spend lots of funds, time, and effort.

However, the option of search engine marketing allows businesses to cover the maximum possible area they can. To make such a thing possible, you have to hire SEM professionals only. The SEM experts have some unique strategies by which they can work on achieving your business goals quickly. 

Tracking and Analytics 

Search engine marketing is not the practice where you cannot track anything. In case you are investing funds in preparing and running the search engine ads, you can also follow the performance. Consequently, you can get useful stats regarding the ad’s performance, understand how it performs, and helps you generate business quickly. 

Test-Friendly Features 

Before running a final ad on the internet, everyone wants to check it to figure out if it is effective or not. Here, all individuals want to get complete information about the advertisement and its effectiveness. When you are working on an effective search engine marketing strategy, you have the testing option. Testing helps you in understanding, you are working on the right advertising campaign or not.

How to Build an Impressive Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

Many online business owners have an interest in running search engine marketing campaigns. Mainly they want to boost traffic on the website and generate leads in a short time. It can be possible with the help of an effective search engine marketing strategy only. In case you don’t have a good plan, you may fail in achieving the objectives. 

Set Up a SMART Goal

Planning is a must when it comes to achieving the goals of your business. Focus on setting up the goals before running the SEM campaign. You need to follow a SMART formula to manage and keep things on track.

Set Up a SMART Goal

S – To be specific about your goal to accomplish. Here you clarify all the 5 W’s and 1 H.

M – Once you decide the goals, what metrics will you use to measure the progress.

A – Set goals that are achievable, or whatever goals you have set up, make sure you achieve them.

R – Focus on the goals that are relevant to your business for a better alignment.

T – It’s easy to set goals, but only a few can follow or accomplish them. Therefore, you need to be time-bound to achieve your target.

Keyword Research 

Focus on keyword research as they are essential for search ads and relevant results. If you proceed with the wrong selection of the keywords, then you may not get a good quality score. It can drive irrelevant traffic to the website that can increase the bounce rate. 

Ad Optimizing 

While preparing the advertisement campaign, you should focus on proper optimisation. It is the only way by which you can keep displaying your search ad to the right audience.

Here, you have to focus on multiple factors, such as – 

  • Audience targeting strategies 
  • Bidding strategies 
  • Keyword list expansion 
  • Negative keywords 
  • Search ad account structure 

In case you don’t maintain all these things correctly, then your ad may run with some loopholes. As a result, the chances of the irrelevant audience and traffic increase quickly. 

Having a Good Landing Page 

To divert your traffic from a search ad, you have to design the right landing page. While creating the landing page, you need to add accurate information and keep it impressive. Along with it, you have to focus on the user experience and user-friendly interface as well. If you add a landing page with all these features, you can quickly get the leads converted into your customers. 

Final Words 

When it comes to increasing the visibility and brand awareness of your company, business, or website; SEO Company Australia is a smart way to choose. is a smart way to choose. You need to ensure that you understand your website’s customers and prospective visitors to your website before you set out to create a strong SEM strategy. It will give you a fair idea about the relevant keywords to use for your business, which plays a significant role in improving the keyword research and quality score.

Are you looking to optimise your content? Then, it is good to go through our blog covering a complete guide of SEM, where you can figure out why it is vital for your online business and its working.

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