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The Importance of SMART Goals for Your Website Success


The Importance of SMART Goals for Your Website Success

As digital transformation is reshaping markets, having an impressive website is changing the online perception of businesses. The better your website is built, the more clearly it will showcase your products & services to the customers. In this way, customers will have a better idea of what your business stands for. In addition, it manages the increase in leads & sales with a great user experience.

But, wait! It’s not that easy.  

You might have seen people spending their lives working hard. But, their hard work won’t count until and unless you have a goal. Similarly, to get an effective website, you need to set some website goals. 

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score. – Bill Copeland

Goals can help you in understanding what you have to achieve and how it can be achieved. When it comes to setting up SMART goals for your business website-

  • You can clarify your ideas.
  • Focus on the efforts you’re putting into.
  • Utilize your time & resources productively.
  • Enhance your odds of accomplishing what you need from your business.

In this article, we’ll explore what SMART goals are, and we’ll look at how you can use them in different website departments to achieve success.

What are SMART Goals?

A specific set of goals should be achieved after developing the website. These sets of smart objectives are known as SMART goals. SMART is an abbreviation that stands for – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. In this way, a SMART goal includes all of these criteria to help focus your endeavours and enhance the chances of accomplishing your business objective. Let’s study them more clearly-


Goals should be specific, clear and easy to understand. You need to plan without aiming to start/complete the project. To achieve your bigger purpose, you need to be more focused & defined by making smaller goals move step by step. 

The teams need to coordinate well with each other or client to have a clear idea. You or your team need to brainstorm on – 

  • What – what is the objective of your business/ project/ task
  • Who – who is liable for every development or design activity
  • Where – recognize the location where the development is taking place 
  • Which – identifying the prerequisites and the necessities for the task to happen 
  • Why – you need to accomplish this 

These 5 W’s help to achieve actionable KPI metrics like CTRs, conversion rate, bounce rate, like/share/reposts, audience reach, and much more.


Now that you’ve set a goal, it must be measurable. A goal without a measurable result is just like playing in any sports competition without a scorecard. You can’t get results without understanding what they look like, which is why SMART goals should also be measurable. 

Numbers with exact data are significant to track your goals. With the help of tools like Google analytics or CRM, you can track qualified leads, conversion rate, & every activity in real-time. Here’s what you need to ask yourself to make a goal measurable –

  • What is my indicator of progress?
  • How much does the development cost?
  • How much time will it take to finish the process?
  • How will I know if the development process or any task is completed or not?
  • How do I know if I have reached my goal or half way?


Goals should be feasible, which will help you sort out approaches to accomplish & work upon them. Objectives that are too easy to achieve won’t be sufficient to set a competition for other people.  

However, on the other hand, too aspiring goals can be disappointing and create a nagging feeling that you’re a failure & overload you emotionally. Hence, your SMART objectives should be challenging yet achievable. Here is what you need to ask yourself: 

How can we achieve the goal? 

Have others done it effectively previously? 

Do I have the assets and abilities to accomplish the goal? If not, what am I missing?  


Another thing you need to consider while setting goals is, they should be relevant and relatable to the brand. We all need support and help achieve our goals, but it’s essential to hold command over them. Set goals based on the current situation and realities of the business or the world’s climate.  

You must brainstorm on few things to make sure your goals drive customers to come to your website –

  • Are the goals practical, within budget & reach?
  • Is it the perfect time for executing the goals? 
  • Do the goals coordinate with the efforts of your business and the client’s needs? 
  • Can you accomplish the goals? 


For a flawless goal-setting process, there must be a time foundation. Time-bound means that there is an assigned time frame to achieve the goal. SMART goals must work within time limits because you might keep pushing your goal off to the next day or time.  

However, it makes it much more manageable when evaluating whether the goal has been accomplished. It can likewise reduce the small risks that come in the way to achieve goals. So, ask yourself: 

Does my goal have a cutoff time? 

By when would you like to accomplish your objective? 

Will I be able to achieve a 20% increase in revenue by the end of this quarter?

Use of SMART Goals in Different Website Departments 

Smart goals in different website

A website correlates to different types of business processes. All types of operations are managed by different departments or experts. One by one, we will discuss SMART goals for various website departments.


The marketing team focuses on the promotions and advertisements of the website. They want to grow the business by representing the website perfectly. The experts are always trying to boost brand awareness and establish it as the best brand. The standard website marketing goals are:

  • Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first objective of all marketers and strategies. Generating lots of leads presents, the department is working effectively and implementing the best techniques. It can be possible by impressing the website visitors and offering the services effectively. If your monthly leads increase by 20% compared to previous months, you are going in the right direction to achieve objectives. 

  • Conversion Rate Improvements 

Generating leads doesn’t mean the work of the marketing department is done. You need to put efforts to convert high leads into conversion rates. In case your website is not providing lots of conversions, then it isn’t very worthy. You can set up a conversion rate improvement goal of 5% improvement every month on average. 

  • Awareness 

Spreading awareness regarding your services and products is an important part. If the targeted audience is not aware of your brand, you may not be able to generate leads or attract traffic. Therefore, awareness increment goals can be set for getting a profit of 10%. 


If you are running an eCommerce website, then you have to set up sales goals. A website works as the best communication source for the company’s sales team and interacts with the audience. Therefore, communication is an essential factor for the sales team. The website’s sales examples are: 

  • Generate Sales 

All online stores are trying to increase sales by building an extensive customer base as fast as possible. You can consider sales generation as lead generation. For setting up goals, you can view the sales increment by 20% every month. 

  • Sales Conversion 

It also functions as to the higher conversion rate goal of marketing. Sometimes, the visitors place the order, but due to some reasons, they cancel it. Here, it is counted in the sales rate but not in sales conversion. Sale conversion means the customer finally becomes a consumer or takes product delivery and pay consideration. Its ideal goal should be a 5% increase monthly. It is achievable by getting quality traffic to the website. 

  • Better Sales Support 

For providing a better experience to the customers, the businesses have to offer good sales support. It is also the sales team’s responsibility to support the visitors adequately by which they can make a decision ideally and place the order without any confusion. Online sales support can improve by highlighting some testimonials on the website and sharing correct details to clear complete confusion. You can achieve such a goal by increasing the closing rate by 5%. 


If you cannot impress the customers with services and products, you will not succeed. All businesses need to satisfy the customers as much as they can. It can result in repeat customers. You should try to provide a better user experience for the website. Your goals should be:

  • Customer Satisfaction Rate 

It is the fundamental goal for all types of websites. If other websites do not impress the visitors or satisfy their needs, it increases their bounce rate. A higher bounce rate is appalling for search engine ranking metrics. Therefore, you should always aim to improve the customer satisfaction rate by 10% every month. You can measure such a rate by running surveys and requesting customer feedback. 

  • Decrease Time 

If a visitor is spending lots of time on your website, there may be some issues. You should set up a goal of reducing potential customer time on your website and ending up with them by placing an order. In simple terms, you have to reduce the average time taken by a visitor to complete a task. 


The IT department always has to focus on the technical aspects of the website. They need to keep the website technically perfect by which the website functions smoothly and provides the best experience to the visitors. 

  •    Less Website Management Cost

When it comes to website management, everyone must focus on multiple things – like website maintenance, regular updates, etc. An IT department should set a goal of reducing maintenance costs by 10%. You can make it possible by deploying the best content management system. If you are running a website with outdated technology, it can become a reason for higher website management costs. 

Final Words

So that is it! We have explained to you what SMART goals are in detail & how to set them up based on different website departments to gain traffic, enhance KPI metrics, & increase ROI. All you need is to convey the Smart goals to all your department holders to implement them & make your website rise and shine.

Do you need a marketing strategy for your next website project? Or, struggling to set up these goals based on different website departments? Worry not! Leave all your tensions to us. We at Webomaze have the best digital marketing and IT support team with great expertise. Our experts will create the roadmap of your website goal targets and promise to achieve them all, turning your dream into reality.

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