The Why and How: Importance of SEO for Startups


The Why and How: Importance of SEO for Startups

Since every business is now on the verge of digital transformation, it’s challenging for startups to make business skyrocket. Remember, your competitors already have websites that might be running well. So, how will you survive in this ever-evolving digital world? Obviously, by creating robust digital marketing strategies. And, one such strategy is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. 

Search Engine Optimisation is a turning stone for building the brand awareness of every startup. Leveraging the right SEO technology offers various advantages, including improved searchability, higher SERPs, and targeted marketing to connect with the audience.

Want to know why and how your business can be Google’s favourite by doing SEO, right? Keep reading the blog till the end.

Let’s Begin with a Strong Foundation

Many times startups fail to run a well-built website as they have less knowledge about how to avail of digital experienced marketing services. To be on the list of leading companies, you need to make your base strong.  And, for that, it’s essential to consider SEO strategy at the planning stage.  

The sooner you implement SEO, the better results you achieve. 

Melbourne based startups that consider SEO Melbourne from the initial stage are more likely to accelerate the monthly growth. The main objective of SEO is to not just drive traffic but organic traffic to the website from search engines. 

No doubt, businesses are leveraging the SEO strategy, but not in the right way due to a lack of understanding. Marketers who face challenges adopting SEO consider it dead, but SEO is very much active & alive. Your technical approach should be correct.

Why is SEO Crucial for Startups?

Here are a few points which will explain why SEO is crucial for your startup business – 

seo crucial for startups

Google Loves You

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” — Wendy Piersall.

SEO has undergone massive changes over the years and come a long way. Now, SEO is a buzzword in the internet world. 

Google, at present, holds 91.75% of the total worldwide search engine market share.

SEO optimises your website to produce more traffic and improve SERP ranking, making it a credible & reliable platform for the users. Google loves refreshing its algorithm on time. And to stay on top, you need to evolve your digital marketing strategies by upgrading SEO techniques.

More Visible to Your Audience

Running a startup business means people are unaware of your website, and the one who is searching you already knows your web address. If you want your target audience to recognise you as a brand, you have to invest in the paid advertisement, or you should start up with product page SEO, which will help you rank high in search results. Once search engine optimisation yields results, you can easily make it to the top ten websites. Further, it improves your website visibility, and visitors will be able to check and discover your website.

The number of visitors you will receive will depend on your business type, the keyword you rank for, and the SERP position where the higher ranking is equal to higher visibility. Your website visibility will grow more as you move upward in the ranking ladder; more and more people will pick you up searching over other websites.

Audience Starts Trusting You

When a website starts ranking high for a keyword, users and audience start trusting your brand. Audiences believe that when your website ranks higher in SERPs, it is more credible. Google now favours those websites which demonstrate higher in EAT – expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Therefore, when the audience spots the website at the top of the search engine results pages (SERP) while searching for the content, it will enhance brand trust. It indicates they will be more eager to check your website when they see your brand on the web or in SERP. 

Long-term Targeted traffic

Once your website ranks in the top ten and Google decides that your website is worth it, you can easily rely on the steady flow of organic traffic. The organic traffic can last for some months or even for a few years. The traffic will not go anywhere, unlike the traffic which you get from the paid advertising campaigns. It is one of the main reasons for all startup companies for search engine optimisation over other acquisitions.

One more important reason to choose SEO is the quality of traffic that it brings. Ranking higher for a keyword will get more traffic, which can easily convert visitors into buyers. You only need to provide the audience with what they are looking for. 

The audience comes to the search engine with some search intent; it can either be making a buying decision or getting the problem solved. If your website can fulfil the users’ requirements, you will get more qualified leads to be on top of the funnel (TOFU), leading to more recurrent customers.

Attract Local Business Visitors

76% of people visit a business within the day of searching for them on a smartphone. 

It means startups need to rank higher so that the users can spot you. Startups that do their businesses locally require attracting more visitors for their business than a website; they can efficiently leverage SERPs. Research is an essential component that customers prefer to do online. 

To make Google know about your business, you should start by creating a Google My Business profile. The profile will have all the essential information that your audience may need, such as your contact details, reviews from the customers, office timings, photos of the store, and links to your website. It is vital to fill in all the elements that can motivate the audience to visit your website.

For instance, adding photos of your restaurant’s menu or the list of your clinic’s services can significantly change the visitor list.  A complete profile with positive users’ reviews can help you to rank higher in the local searches. 

Never Drain Your Budget

Many new businesses are battling with a limited financial plan, or you can say a limited marketing budget. Opting for search engine optimisation is a great way to save your budget to invest more in your product and website development. 

The critical reason to do search engine optimisation is to spend your money wisely. SEO is mainly associated with hiring an SEO specialist and getting the essential tools for the work. Attracting users with paid advertisements can cost much more. 

SEO can be accessible or affordable when done right. All you need is to avail of SEO tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. With Google Analytics, it’s feasible to perceive what users are doing on your website or platform. Google Search Console shows an organiser precisely what users researched and how visitors landed to your website or pages. Broken links or 404s, which are considered bad SEO practices, can likewise be recognised.

Persona-Based Data

To meet customer intent, one should understand the needs of the customers. But this is not the case with the startups as they need to get acquainted with the audience. SEO uncovers essential data. The more SEO research a startup does, the more data they have about what potential customers are searching for. 

Keyword research is one of the essential SEO strategies which can help the startup to get some insights. It will also help you to learn what customers are looking for on Google. You only need to do meaningful keyword research

Also, leverage the Google analytics tool to track the valuable information, including the age, gender, and location of the audience who have visited your website. For startups and companies who don’t want to spend on large ad campaigns, Search engine optimisation is the most excellent way to build your brand. 

Opt for the best SEO company to deliver you the best results in less time.

How SEO Helps Your Startup to Do It Right?

Let’s check out these five effective SEO strategies showing how your business will expand its website traffic, generate ROI, and convert visitors into leads & sales.  

seo process

Research Keyword

Search engine optimisation is all about keywords. Everything you search on any of the web crawlers is a keyword. It is the process of researching and identifying the words or phrases people enter to search for detailed information. Even while doing searches, the suggestions that Google presents are also keywords. Therefore, focusing the right keywords in the right place for your business can make or break your brand reputation. 

Mobile-First Design

With SEO, less is more. Search engines value websites that are well-built and are compatible with mobile devices. Businesses with mobile-friendly websites deliver exact and quick data with mobile-responsive design. The better the user experience design is, the faster Google will index your website. Therefore, startups must focus on building a WordPress website that has a mobile-first design. 

High-Quality Content

As we said above, less is more; the quality is more important than the quantity. Low-quality content never ranks in Google, and you won’t ever comprehend the value of SEO. Quality content is always relevant and valuable to the users as it serves diverse needs like bringing prospects, generating leads, closing sales, offering customer support, and much more. 

With high-quality content, you leverage full SEO benefits that motivate your visitors to stay longer with less churn rate. It even improves the traffic and creates engagement with featured snippets to rank you on search engines.


The page with no backlinks means Google won’t notice you at all.

Creating backlinks are simple; however, producing quality backlinks is unquestionably an overwhelming errand. Backlinking, an amazing SEO methodology, is even known as inbound or incoming links that you get from one site to a page on another site. 

Backlinking is a simple method to attract more visitors to your site, leaving a breadcrumb trail from other top locales in your industry. Users can discover their way to your website organically and build brand authority with high organic search engine rankings.

Voice Search

Google research says, more than 50% of teens and 40% of grown-ups use voice search at any rate once every day, and that is not prone to stop soon. 

For new businesses, it’s exceptionally vital to comprehend user behaviour and streamline their digital strategies accordingly. Voice search is another significant factor to consider in the SEO technique. Compared to typing keywords, voice-search never abrogates, and users are more explicit while searching. 

Consequently, to optimise your keywords for voice search, determine the phrases that users use pretty often in the conversations, which are a little longer than the normal one. 

Final Thoughts

It takes around 50 milliseconds, i.e., 0.05 seconds, for users to form an assessment on your site that decides if they like your site or not, regardless of whether they’ll remain or leave. 

Thus, making SEO an essential part of your business course of action can turn the ball in your court. Search engine optimisation is a budget-friendly strategy and will remain a significant source of targeted traffic. SEO isn’t just about acquiring organic traffic. However, it is about understanding and confiding in your audience. We have referenced in this blog how SEO is a crucial and powerful tool for every online business, and it doesn’t influence your budget.

Running a successful startup is a big dream for each new entrepreneur. At Webomaze, we identify user behaviour and prepare the right strategy with the right targeted campaigns. It further helps startups to gain brand equity, awareness, and traction. Our SEO experts work in full coordination with the team and the clients, along with Google’s progressive policies and rules. It unquestionably lifts your business to an unexpected level. 

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